How I made 46 Adsense Approvals In A Month and named as Adsense Goddess | A Case Study By Lasya K

Get Google AdSense approval with simple steps. AdSense approval and best tips tricks are listed in this article. A person accepts to do blogging with just two reasons. One is Passion and Second one is to make money online. There are a number of ways to make money with blog or website. But, the main […]

Here Are The 5 Best Sites To Order Pizza Online!

Basically, we are foodies (food lovers). Most of us like Pizza a lot. Especially, during weekends we love to have a pizza. But most of the times we were unable to go to a pizza store due to many reasons like lack of time, rain, traffic etc. Though we have the opportunity to order the […]

Best Wi-Fi Password Cracker Software for Windows

Wi-Fi Password Cracker Software for Windows: An internet connection has become a basic and important necessity in our modern lives. With the increasing use of Internet and handy devices like smartphone and tablet and other smart gadgets that make use of internet almost all the things are now available online in digital form. Today, we […]

How to Import And Export Passwords In Chrome Browser

Import And Export Passwords In Chrome Browser: Needless to say, passwords are a really crucial asset. And all of us prefer to save the passwords in browser. It makes things easy if we are someone who always forgets our password. But, it also happens that when trying to log in with another PC or browser, […]

Here’s The Reason Behind The Explosion Of Phone Batteries And Preventive Measures!

Recently, the most smartphone selling encountered a huge loss due to one of their product “Samsung Galaxy Note 7”. The company asked the 2.5 million customers return their phones and it also paid them the full amount. This arose due to the explosion of batteries in the Samsung galaxy note 7. The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission […]

WhatsApp New Update: Allow Voicemail Service, Will Read Messages To You, Can Click Selfies In The Dark

It seems the Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been on a roll to keep its reach intact. Whatsapp, the world’s most popular chat app seems to have done some real good in their new update. And these new features will definitely make Whatsapp using more easy and convenient. WhatsApp is surprising their users with latest updates like Allowing […]

How to Improve Wi-Fi Signal Strength on your Smartphone

Watching people deeply indulge in their cell phones is a common phenomenon these days. In contemporary society, cell phone is a “Whole New World” for a modern individual. Smartphones have everything for everyone as it fascinates Gaming addicts, Talkoholics, Music Crazies, Internet enthusiasts, and Aspiring photographers. The most significant aspect of Smartphone is that you […]

How To Start Secret Conversation On Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s new feature of messenger called a “Secret conversation” provide the end to end encryption, which means the messages are intended just for you and the other person—not anyone else, including the facebook. However, unlike WhatsApp, the end-to-end encryption setting will not be default and users can choose to turn it on. Hack Facebook with […]

How To Steal Login Credentials From A Locked Windows/Mac OS X

If we plug in a device that masks as a USB Ethernet adapter and has a computer on the other end, can we capture credentials from a system, even when locked out (yes, logged in, just locked)? A Security expert has discovered a unique attack method that can be used to steal the login credentials […]

iOS 10 Update: How to Upgrade To iOS 10 On Your iPhone Right Now

Most of the iOS users are eagerly waiting for the iOS 10 update. So, are you an Apple user and waiting to update your iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod to iOS 10. Then you are the perfect place where you can update or upgrade your iPhone, Mac, iPad or iPod from iOS 9 to iOS 10 […]

9 Awesome iOS 10 Features Everyone Is Going To Love

Apple has finally unveiled iOS 10, the company’s latest mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad. Packed with a number of compelling features, Apple has been steadily rolling out iterative betas to both developers and the public over the past few weeks. There are plenty of new features, app updates, fresh functionalities, for users […]