How I made 46 Adsense Approvals In A Month and named as Adsense Goddess | A Case Study By Lasya K

Get Google AdSense approval with simple steps. AdSense approval and best tips tricks are listed in this article. A person accepts to do blogging with just two reasons. One is Passion and Second one is to make money online. There are a number of ways to make money with blog or website. But, the main […]

Prisma Android App – Download Install Use Tutorial

Prisma for Android – Download Install Use Tutorial: Prisma is one of the best apps which got very viral in less time. Firstly, Prisma app is released for only iPhone and it got success with millions of downloads and users. Whereas, android users are eagerly waiting for the Prisma app because of it effects and […]

Resize and Make Images Larger without Losing Quality

Resize and Make Images Larger without Losing Quality: Have you ever tried resizing an image to make it larger or smaller and found yourself going wrong? Are your images too large and causing memory problems? Sometimes, you may need to resize your pictures to fit in a given space on a variety of different situations, […]

Pokemon Go for iOS/Android – Download Install and Play

Download Pokemon Go for iOS/Android: If you’ve been on the internet — or, um, outside the home these days— you may have noticed people are going crazy about a new trending game called Pokémon Go, which is suddenly taking the world by storm. It may have wonder you, especially if you were born before 1984. 25 Games like […]

Best And Useful Internet hacks you should know

Best And Useful Internet hacks: Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you are familiar with Internet and computers, the domain is too vast that there is always left something to be explored. With the increasing use of Internet, there are many things that you have learned and there is a lot more that is needed […]

[New] How to implement AdSense’s next generation ads: Page-level ads

Implement AdSense’s next generation Page-level ads: Google AdSense released a fresh update regarding AdSense next generation ads called as Page Level Ads with an exciting ad format. Nowadays there are lots of Mobile users than desktop/laptop users. So, understanding this condition Google AdSense team came up with this excellent update. These new Page-level ad formats help us […]

How to Use Two Whatsapp Accounts in One Android Smartphone

Hey, readers! As we all know WhatsApp is the best messaging app source to all. It has nearly reached 800 million users in April 2015 and in September it reached 900 Million users as per Wikipedia. They can interact easily through an android app and the services provided WhatsApp was like amazing. Free messages, Free Calls, […]

Make Graph in Excel – How to tutorial

Make Graph in Excel Sheet: Building charts and graphs are part of most people’s jobs — it’s one of the best ways to visualize data in a clear, easily digestible manner. Graphs, also called as charts, are incredibly useful tools, and Excel makes it quick and easy to add them to your spreadsheets in order to tell […]

Best WhatsApp DP – 150+ Amazing WhatsApp Profile Pics Collection Free Download

WhatsApp is the most trending and widespread Messenger platform that is being used by billions of people across the world. All the users of Whatsapp have the ability to sharing their views, videos and images among the beloved ones. Millions of videos and photos are being shared among the active users through the Whatsapp messenger. […]

Facebook Messenger Rolls out End-to-End Encryption for Secret Conversations

Facebook Messenger End-to-End Encryption: Facebook has started rolling out a new feature for Messenger called as “Secret Conversations,” that will provide end-to-end encryption to lock up messages on the platform. However, unlike WhatsApp, the end-to-end encryption setting will not be default and users can choose to turn it on. How to Secure your WhatsApp Messages Calls […]