How I made 46 Adsense Approvals In A Month and named as Adsense Goddess | A Case Study By Lasya K

Get AdSense approval with simple steps and also genuine methods. AdSense approval and tips tricks are listed in this article. A person accepts to do blogging with just two reasons. One is Passion and Second one is to make money online. There are a number of ways to make money with blog or website. But, […]

Best 5 Wireless headphones priced below Rs 10,000 in India

Wireless headphones priced below Rs 10,000 in India: The majority of electronic devices today are designed to be mobile. You are constantly on the go, and your tech should be able to keep up with you. Smartphones and laptops are getting smaller, lighter and more hands-free day-by-day. But recently, from the past few years headphones […]

Best 20 Professional Video Creating/Editing programs on Windows/Mac/Linux

It is very important to learn how to use good tools for creating and editing the professional videos, as this content is a tremendously useful element in our marketing strategy. Today, I am going to introduce 20 best professional video creating and editing programs on Windows/Mac/Linux. In this article, I wanted to make a double […]

How to Make Free Voice calls from PC/Laptop to Mobile/Landline : 5 Best apps

Free Voice calls from PC/Laptop to Mobile/Landline: Oops!!…I don’t have the balance right now! …Hmmm…Can’t call you! …A common dialog, when you are running out of balance on the phone. Don’t worry…you can still have a chance of making a call from Internet, without any charge. Scroll down to see the best list of 5 […]

Top 5 Best Selfie Apps For Android & iOS

Best Selfie Apps For Android & iOS: In today’s hyper-competitive world, everyone is competing for the same thing – at one time or another, participated in a wildly hip, fun, technological craze that has everyone saying one, two, three – SELFIE! Yeah! yeah!!, I get it. Everybody loves taking selfies. Selfie is defined by Oxford Dictionaries […]

Advanced Gmail 2-Step Verification Settings for better Security by Google

Advanced Gmail 2-step Verification settings: Google has supported two-factor authentication for more than five years now, but the search giant is making it a little easier to use this week. Two-factor authentication (or 2-step verification as google calls it) is an effective way to secure online accounts, but many users avoid enabling the feature just […]

How to Play iPhone Videos on TV – Simple Methods

Play Video from iPhone to TV: Do you want to turn on your iPhone into a mobile theater system? Then take a Look at this. iPhones are great, but sometimes you don’t want to settle for showing off your photos or watching videos on a small mobile while you’re sitting in front of a big […]

Researcher finds a way to Delete and Modify Facebook Messages Sent to Other Users

Delete and Modify Sent Messages in Facebook: Have you ever grieved on sending a wrong message to a person just in a hurry on Facebook Messenger? Or you ever daydreamed of having a way to modify your sent messages? Indeed simply, what if Facebook lets you delete the messages from the receiver’s end. It would […]

How to Hack Facebook Account with just a Phone Number

Phone number Facebook Hack: How to hack a Facebook Account? That’s the burning answer everyone wants to know on the Internet today. It’s difficult to find — how to hack Facebook account easily, but a security researcher’s team from Positive Technologies have just proven that as long as someone has a phone number of the […]

3 Best ways to Detect Virus in Windows PC / Laptop

Best ways to Detect Virus in Windows PC / Laptop: Is your personal computer running slower than usual? Are you getting lots of pop-ups as you browse about Windows? Or have you seen other weird problems crop up? If so, your PC might be infected with a virus, spyware, or any other malware–although you have […]

2016 Best Tips to Multiply Google AdSense Revenue

Hello, readers! I am back with another Google AdSense article. Today I want to talk about some techniques and easy practices you can implement today on your blogs or websites. By, implementing these techniques will greatly increase your profits with Google Adsense without much effort. These tips can be applied by beginners and pro’s who […]