10 Incredibly useful Google Products that you did not know existed

10 Incredibly useful Google Products that you did not know existed

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Google is mainly known for its search engine, Android and Gmail. But Google is much more than that. Tirelessly create new services and applications that aim to provide us with life, in the most varied areas. Here are 10 incredibly useful Google products, services and applications that you did not know existed.


10 Incredibly Useful Google Products

Here is a list of incredible Google products which are more useful than ever. You can even earn with Google See how?

1. Think with Google


Think with Google website inspires business ideas through success stories and interviews with entrepreneurs and reference creatives. Awesome isn’t it? 

2. Google Sound Search


Google has its own Shazam. That is Google Sound Search, a widget that you can install on the screen of your mobile and it shows you what song is playing. Also, it offers a direct link to Google Play Music to buy it.

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3. Google Arts & Culture


Google Arts & Culture will allow you to culturize yourself quickly, shows all high-resolution photos of the most important works of art in the world’s leading museums. Google Arts & Culture is also available for iOS and Android.

4. Google Trends


Do you want to know what people are interested in all the times? Then this is the right tool for that. Google Trends shows you the most searched words every day.

You can even see how the same term has been more or less searched over time.

5. Build with Chrome


In collaboration with Lego, Google has created Build With Chrome, an online app with which you can create your own LEGO constructions, in a virtual way.

If all this was not enough, at the end of your creation, you will get a list of the LEGO bricks used, as well as the instructions to build it yourself at home with plastic LEGO bricks. This is just an incredible tool from Google.

6. Google Opinion Rewards

Make money to spend on Google Play. Simply respond to quick polls on products or services and you’ll receive credit for the app store with Google Opinion Rewards.

7. Panoramio


Panoramio combines Google Maps with the personal photos of each one. In this way, users can see their photographs above the places in the world where they were actually taken.

8. Google Patents


Google Patents is a patent search engine, which locates all patents related to a certain word, worldwide. Since 1970, Google has passed more than 10 million patents in the United States alone. The best thing is that, not only finding them but also allows you to read the full text of the patent. It’s perfect if you want to register a brand, invention or app.

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9. Androidify


Who does not know the Android mascot by now? With Androidify you can customise your own Android character to look like you and convert it into GIF, image or emoticon to share with all your acquaintances.

10. Google Braille back


This app is for blind people which connect, via Bluetooth and the smartphone with a Braille display. In this way, the content of the mobile is displayed on the Braille screen so that blind people can interact with it.

These 10 tools are really amazing and incredible for its use. I hope these tools from Google will help each and every individual.

If you know any other tool which helps us in making our life better, let us know in the below comments section. We will confirm it and add in our article in the next update.

If you have any queries regarding any of the app’s use, then feel free to ask us in the comments. We will get back to you to solve all your questions as soon as possible.

Which Google tool do you use more?