10 Natural Link Building Strategies in 2016 to get quality links to your website or blog

10 Natural Link Building Strategies in 2016 to get quality links to your website or blog

Natural Link Building Strategies

10 Natural Link Building Strategies in 2016: In this article, I will explain the strategies of natural link building that you can all build backlinks for your blog or website in 2016. These strategies help you to increase domain authority. Building links are one of the SEO factors but many of them used to build artificial and quantity links which affect your rankings in search engine. All these changes have led to the arrival of the Penguin, which establishes a clear distinction between natural and positive links. The links which are artificial are negative for any domain and bring us the loss of organic visibility and even greater penalty.  When we are beginners in SEO and we want to position our web project, building links seems a complex issue and we have a million of questions to the head, but to help some of these questions I will indicate a series of very basic tips to do link building in a very natural way.
I have always wondered what it is possible to make a good SEO only when we generate valuable and quality content, and the answer is it depends. And of course, this is because, though you generate quality content and if you are not able to spread well over the Internet, then it will be very complicated that we can get links from other professional blogs in our sector.

Is it possible to make a good SEO only by creating great content without link building?

According to Rand Fishkin, it tells us that it is possible but only in certain cases or scenarios, but bear in mind that only quality content will not allow us to reach the top of a term with a lot of competition.

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10 very natural Link Building Strategies in 2016

1. Participate in Awards

One of the best link building strategies that will always exist and that is all natural is present some awards and try to appear on the official list, which you gain a link of great strength and relevance since in most awards this link is “dofollow“.

The duration of this link may range from 1 year or indefinitely while there are the awards. No matter how long you have your blog and the chances you have to win these awards, I recommend you to participate in all those awards where the domain has great authority and therefore can be transmitted a great benefit to have a link on that page.

How do I know the authority of a site?

There are plugins and tools that are going to indicate the domain authority of a page but mainly I like 2:


Free plugin for professional and highly recommended for Chrome.




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MOZ Toolbar

The free plugin we can use in Chrome and Firefox that Podem used to analyze the authority of a domain, among other things.

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2. Infographics

An image speaks 1000’s of words. Infographics are most powerful to get natural quality backlinks to our blogs. When you write an article, try to design a simple infographic and exhibit it in your blog.  Infographics are quite good to get quality backlinks from top blogs.

Importance of Infographics


3. Guides, Manuals, ebooks, and Critical spirit Rankings

In my opinion, there are 6 types of content that allow you to boost your link building strategy naturally:

  • Guides or manual: Try to make some spectacular and worth web manuals, guides on the topic you are good at. There are a high number of chances to get quality backlinks from our fellow bloggers.
  • Ebooks: It can be a very powerful way to get quality links as long as the content has a great value and is referenced in other articles.
  • Tools and Resources: It is a classic and a post on tools and resources works great for getting links, the key is to do a full post that complements for the shorter post.
  • Rankings: You’ve probably seen many times ranking of blogs, professionals, etc., and perhaps be a little boring to watch both rankings, but I have to say that is one of the most effective ways to get links quickly.
  • Free courses.
  • Collaborative Post: Invite relevant professionals in our sector to participate in a collaborative post and that can help us to get quality links.

They all have two common characteristics, as it is betting on quality content and its use.

4. Quality Guest Blogging

The guest blogging is a tool that if we use it well, it is one of the best link building tools that we can use. Getting only links from other blogs is not necessary. Getting quality backlinks are very important. There are a few things to consider before doing guest blogging.

  • Choosing the place to do guest blogging: It is important to analyse the site with the tool SEMRush to verify the evolution of their positions in the search engine and rule other than a site penalized. It also analyses the authority of the site.
  • Get authority links: Remember that without authority, it is very difficult to position and attract search engine traffic. So it is very important that you can get links from high authority to promote and improve your search engine positioning.
  • Decide the frequency of collection: Through guest blogging, we can control the dates of publications. I recommend you to do not abuse this strategy because Google could consider it as a strategy of link building and it comes under artificial. To make it natural write a couple of articles a month on other relevant blogs is more than enough, and try to diversify the domains as they value is greater than publishing many times in the same place.

5. Link Building Relational

This is a marketing strategy with which we use to get “dofollow” and “nofollow” links to our articles.

If you want to add real value to your articles and write quality content, you have to mention articles from other professionals in your industry to give greater credibility and quality to your post.

But this is also a relationship marketing strategy because the author will receive a notification in the mail that has linked one of your articles and surely thanks us by diffusion in social networks, and even within his own article using a trackback we can get a link “nofollow”.

So it is always a great idea to mention articles from other professionals and this time could get many “dofollow” links and “nofollow” links and connect with other professionals to help you to improve your marketing strategy social networks.

Contact by social networks to communicate professionals that you mentioned in your post, it always seems to be a good strategy, at least amplification of content through social networks can reach tens of thousands of people in a few hours.

6. Improving your personal brand image

Branding certainly has a lot to do and there is a direct relationship I will try to explain.

A personal brand image is a factor that gives us a quality professional and therefore also conveys quality to our content. To explain and make it more graphic I give you an example because if the person writing the article in a reference in its sector, for example, if a top blogger writes articles it adds more value to that content and many users are interested to read and save those articles for further use. But, a person who is not known to everyone writes an article on any useful niche, though it is quality content, it won’t reach much to the audience. I hope you understand with this example.
Branding is always mattered in the action you perform. Improve it with your creative way. Begin today to work on a strategy Branding SEO and see your web position is amplified to the limit.

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7. Link Building Strategy of quality and not quantity

Since the arrival of Panda 4, some say that to publish articles every day to improve our search engine positioning but this is not true. You should always prevail in publishing high-quality content to position different terms.

8. Friend-Building

How could it be otherwise, create good relationships with other bloggers in your industry can become your most effective strategy for link building, and you can help get links from blogs of great authority and traffic so that these links have value incalculable.

Begin today to create friendly relations with other professionals and in a few months you will see how it begins to work, yes, do not hurry and do not seek a relationship only by self-interest, because if you do surely this relationship has its days numbered.

9. Free Course

A free course can be a fantastic way to which we can get links but the key to being successful is that you design content of great value and quality, and take it equal to or more seriously than if a course fee.

A free course can do thousands of people who want to learn about that subject, but many of them can be bloggers to mention us on their blogs.
Also, teachers will promote and disseminate free training initiative, and believe me when I tell you that many of them will surprise making course materials of great value.

10. Reverse Lookup visual content

It is also important to monitor that all the people who share our infographics to mention with a link to our page. Ideally, everyone applies correct behaviour, but some of them will misuse that can make our content as theirs. For this, we have to use tool Image Raider. This tool allows us to detect how many times they have shared one of our infographics.
I hope these are the 10 Natural Link Building Strategies in 2016 to get quality links to your website or blog which help your blog/website to rank on top of Google search engine. If you have any other best methods to build quality natural backlinks, let me know in your comments below.



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