200 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac You Must Know

200 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac You Must Know

Excel Shortcuts

If you want to be an expert in Microsoft Excel, then this is the perfect article for you.

In this article, you will find more than 200 Excel keyboard shortcuts that will serve to speed up the use of Excel and increase your proficiency in the program along with it.

Familiarizing yourself with the use of Microsoft Excel is essential for a large number of jobs and functions since it allows you to perform automatic mathematical operations, conversion of data into graphs, analysis and forecasting, schedules, or inventory management, among many other applications.

Undoubtedly, compared to the other Microsoft alternatives such as Word or PowerPoint, Excel stands out for its high complexity, which is equivalent to having to invest a high number of hours to learn how to manage between cells and columns and know some of its main commands and essential functions.

To learn how to use Excel as an expert you have numerous resources at your disposal like website articles, YouTube videos, etc. 

Helping you with the material, interactive forums or video tutorials you can start to take advantage of this software, but beyond theory, you must practice hard to be able to automate the main functions of Excel

So, what are you waiting for? Let us get into the shortcuts now.

200 Plus Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Excel

There are more than 200 Excel keyboard shortcuts you should know to master it. See all those shortcuts now.

  • CTRL + direction key: Scroll to the end of the current data region
  • HOME:  Go to the beginning of a row
  • CTRL + HOME: Go to the beginning of a spreadsheet
  • CTRL + END: Go to the last cell of the spreadsheet.
  • AV PAGE: Scroll down one screen
  • RE PAGE: Scroll up one screen
  • ALT + AV PAGE: Move a screen to the right
  • ALT + RE PAGE: Move a screen to the left
  • CTRL + AV PAGE: Go to next book sheet
  • CTRL + RE PAGE:  Go to the previous sheet of the book
  • CTRL + F6 or CTRL + TAB: Go to next book or next window
  • CTRL + SHIFT + F6 or CTRL + SHIFT + TAB: Go to the previous book or window
  • F6: Move to the next panel of a book that has been split
  • SHIFT + F6: Move to the previous panel of a book that has been split
  • CTRL + BACKSPACE: Scroll to view the active cell
  • F5:  Display the Go To dialog box
  • SHIFT + F5: Display the Find dialog box
  • SHIFT + F4: Repeat the last Find action (same as Find Next)
  • TAB: Move Between Unlocked Cells on a Protected Worksheet
  • END: Enable or disable End mode
  • END + direction key: Move a block of data within a row or column
  • END + START: Go to the last cell of the spreadsheet.
  • END + ENTER: Go to the last cell to the right of the current row that is not blank.
  • CTRL + P or CTRL + SHIFT + F12: Display the Print dialog box
  • SHIFT + F11 or ALT + SHIFT + F1: Insert a new spreadsheet
  • F11 or ALT + F1: Create a chart that uses the current range
  • ALT + F8: Displaying the Macro Dialog Box

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  • ALT + F11:  Show / Hide the Visual Basic Editor
  • CTRL + F11: Insert a Microsoft Excel 4.0 Macro Sheet
  • CTRL + AV PAGE: Go to next book sheet
  • CTRL + RE PAGE: Go to the previous sheet of the book
  • SHIFT + CTRL + PAGE UP: Select the current sheet and the next sheet of the book
  • SHIFT + CTRL + RE PAGE: Select the current sheet and the previous sheet of the book
  • ENTER: Complete a cell entry and scroll down in the selection
  • ALT + ENTER: Start a new line in the same cell
  • CTRL + ENTER: Fill in the selected cell range with the current entry
  • SHIFT + ENTER: Complete a cell entry and scroll down in the selection
  • TAB Complete a cell entry and go to the right in the selection
  • SHIFT + TAB: Complete a cell entry and go to the left in the selection
  • ESC: Cancel a cell entry
  • DELETE: Delete the character to the right of the insertion point or remove the selection
  • CTRL + DELETE: Delete text to the end of the line
  • F4 or CTRL + Y; Repeat the last action
  • SHIFT + F2: Modify a cell comment
  • CTRL + SHIFT + F3: Create names from row and column labels
  • CTRL + J: Fill Down

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  • CTRL + D: Fill to the right
  • CTRL + F3: Define a name
  • CTRL + SHIFT + A: Insert the argument names and parentheses of a function, after typing a function name in a formula
  • CTRL + ALT + K: Insert a hyperlink
  • ENTER (in a hyperlinked cell): Enable a hyperlink
  • F2: Modify the active cell and place the insertion point at the end of the line
  • F3: Pasting a Name Defined in a Formula
  • SHIFT + F3: Pasting a Function in a Formula
  • F9: Calculate all sheets of all open workbooks
  • CTRL + ALT + F9: Calculate All Sheets in the Active Book
  • SHIFT + F9: Calculate the active sheet
  • = (equal sign): Start a formula
  • ALT + = (equal sign): Inserting a AutoSum formula
  • CTRL +; (semicolon) : Enter the date
  • CTRL + SHIFT + : (colon) Enter the time
  • CTRL + SHIFT + “(quotation marks): Copy the value of the cell above the active cell in the cell or in the formula bar
  • CTRL + `(single left quotation mark) : Toggle between displaying values or formulas in cells
  • CTRL + ‘(apostrophe): Copy a formula from the cell above the active cell in the cell or in the formula bar

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  • ALT + DOWN ARROW : Display AutoComplete list
  • ALT + ‘(apostrophe): Display the Style dialog box
  • CTRL + 1:  Display the Format Cells dialog box
  • CTRL + E: Apply General Number Format
  • CTRL + SHIFT + $:  Apply the Currency format to two decimal places. Negative numbers appear in red.

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  • CTRL + SHIFT +%: Apply Percentage Format Without Decimals
  • CTRL + SHIFT + ^: Apply the Exponential numerical format with two decimal places
  • CTRL + SHIFT + #: Apply the format Date with day, month and year
  • CTRL + SHIFT + @: Apply the format Hora with the hour and minutes and indicate am or pm
  • CTRL + SHIFT + !: Apply the format Number with two decimals, separator of thousands and minus sign (-) for negative values
  • CTRL + SHIFT + &: Apply a border
  • CTRL + SHIFT + _: Remove Contours
  • CTRL + N:  Apply or Remove Bold Format
  • CTRL + K: Apply or remove italic formatting
  • CTRL + S: Apply or Remove Underline Formatting
  • CTRL + 5: Apply or Remove Strikethrough Format
  • CTRL + 9: Hide Rows
  • CTRL + SHIFT + ((opening parenthesis):  Show rows
  • CTRL + 0 : Hide columns
  • CTRL + SHIFT +) : Show columns
  • CTRL + SHIFT + *:  Select the current region around the active cell
  • SHIFT + direction key : Enlarge selection one row or column
  • CTRL + SHIFT + direction key: Enlarge the selection to the last non-blank cell in the same column as the active cell
  • SHIFT + HOME: Zoom into the beginning of the row
  • CTRL + SHIFT + HOME: Enlarge the selection to the beginning of the spreadsheet
  • CTRL + SHIFT + END: Enlarge the selection to the last cell used in the datasheet
  • CTRL + SPACEBAR:  Select entire column
  • SHIFT + SPACEBAR: Select the entire row
  • CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR: Select the entire spreadsheet
  • SHIFT + BACKSPACE:  Select only the active cell when multiple cells are selected
  • SHIFT + PAGE UP: Enlarge the selection one screen down
  • SHIFT + PAGE UP: Enlarge the selection one screen up
  • CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR: With a selected object, select all the cells on a sheet
  • CTRL + 6: Toggle between hiding objects, displaying them, or displaying object markers
  • CTRL + 7: Show or hide the Standard toolbar
  • F8: Activate the enlargement of a selection using the arrow keys
  • SHIFT + F8: Add another range of cells to the selection; or use the arrow keys to move to the beginning of the range you want to add, and then press F8 and the arrow keys to select the next range
  • DESP LOCK, SHIFT + HOME: Zoom into the cell in the upper left corner of the window
  • DESP LOCK, SHIFT + END: Enlarge the selection to the top right cell of the window

I hope this article will help you to excel your knowledge in Excel worksheets. If you are facing issues while using any of the shortcuts, let us know in the comment box below. We will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.

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How much % (for 100%) do you use Microsoft Excel in your daily life?


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