13 Hidden iPhone Gestures that You May not Know

13 Hidden iPhone Gestures that You May not Know

With the passage of time, Apple has been introducing new its features and facilities in its products, mainly in iPhone and iPad. Most of us are unaware of the gestures that we can use with our iPhone just like we do not know the hidden tricks of SIRI. Today, we are going to share those 13 hidden iPhone gestures that you may not know yet. 

Below we will list some of the tactile hidden gestures in the mobile software that are found on the iPhone. Check out the list below.


13 Hidden iPhone Gestures

Here goes the list of 13 iPhone hidden Gestures.

App Switcher

Those with an iPhone 6 or later can use the 3D Touch function on the left side of the iPhone to switch between applications. You can also use this feature on your iPad but by sliding four fingers on the screen.


If you want to delete a single number in the Calculator app, just slide your finger left or right over the number field. 

Mobile data

In iOS 11, Apple will allow you to customize the Control Center to add the mobile data function, although from the iOS 10 it is possible to use a quick access using the 3D Touch in the Settings.


The easiest way to discard a photo, card or section in iOS is by sliding your finger down, a gesture that you can also use in WhatsApp.

Quick scrolling

By double clicking on the status bar, you upload up to the top of the Safari web pages, and by clicking on the space between icons in the bottom bar of Photos, you can completely lower to the end.

Calendar Events

To move a timed event, you do not need to access it to press the Edit button. In the Calendar application view, keep your finger on the event and move it wherever you want.


With 3D Touch, you can expand all the photos and videos of Instagram. Then move your finger to one side to explore the rest of the photos.

Flash Intensity

Using the 3D Touch function in the Control Center, you can adjust the level of intensity of the Flash of your iPhone.

Capital letters

To write an uppercase letter, hold down the Shift key while moving your finger to the desired letter.


Here you can use several gestures such as click on the Back option to see the history list, Click on Favorites to add to the reading list, Press the action button to close all the tabs, Press the Refresh button to access the Desktop version.

Select multiple photos

The easiest way to select multiple photos and videos at the same time in the Photos app is by pressing Select and swiping your finger from left to right among all the photos you want to select.


In iOS 10.2 later versions go to any application and activate the Notifications Center. If you do it slowly, you will see the Spotlight bar for quick searches.


Tap and hold on the iOS keyboard to make it a trackpad, hold it, move it to the left or right to move the cursor.

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This is all about the 13 iPhone hidden gestures. If you have any queries regarding any of the gestures, let us know through the comment section below. We will get back to you to solve your questions as soon as possible.
If you would like to add any other gestures to this list, write them in the comment section. We will review it and include in our article in the next update.


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