15 Ways to Make Money Online by Working From Home in 2021

15 Ways to Make Money Online by Working From Home in 2021

Make Money Online

The days of showing up at a job every day of the month to earn a living are far over.

Nowadays, especially in light of what Covid-19 has done to remote work, the remote working tools like Zoom and Google Meet have taken work from home to a new level.

If you already have a job but want to make extra money online, we found some sites that can help.

The possibility of making money online is no myth; in fact, it has become so commonplace that opportunities are ever-increasing. Today, many people earn a living via the internet, and you, too, can make money without even stepping out of your house.

In previous articles, I’ve given you an idea about how I make money online through blogging, Adsense, and affiliation—the point is, the opportunities are endless.

Many of you might have a problem choosing the best way for yourself when it comes to managing your free time. So, I would like to share 14 reliable ways to make money online. Continue reading to learn more!

15 Ways to Make Money Online by Working From Home in 2021

So, let’s dive into the 15 best ways to work from home.




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1. Affiliation

This is one of the most popular methods to make money online and sustain a passive income. For those who do not know what affiliation is, it’s all about recommending certain products or services through your website, earning a commission from the traffic you bring to that website. Currently, there are a lot of affiliate programs out there.

Before, you must register in the affiliate program. Once you have done this, you must include links to the products in convenient places on your site. Put the links anywhere you like, but keep conversion in mind.

Some of the most used affiliate programs are:

  • Themeforest: Themeforest has resources of all kinds for online businesses such as popular websites, digital marketing, graphic design, video, audio, etc. It pays great commissions. A few of my friends use it, and it works very well for them.
  • Hostings: Most hosting providers have good affiliate systems that allow you to earn good money from home. They usually give high commissions, and may even have recurring commissions.
  • Amazon: This is one of the most used affiliate programs. In fact, there are online stores where everything they sell is listed on Amazon.
  • Flipkart: It is another one of the most used affiliate programs among all the e-commerce sites.

Top 10 Affiliate Programs for Small and Medium-sized Blogs

2. Editor

If you have a blog and are accustomed to writing, you can make money online by doing it from home. How? Thanks to good visibility, refined writing skills, and a good level of traffic, you can get companies to contact you to do sponsored postings about their products or services.

They might also hire you as a copywriter to write on their affiliate blogs. But be careful, there may be people who try to take advantage of your services. Do not accept just any amount, make sure to value your work.

As for sponsored posts or purchasing items with the goal of link building, I recommend Coobis. One of my friends has been using it for a while and has already made about $1,000+. 

Genuine websites which pay for writing articles

3. Advertising

Can you make money online by putting advertisements or ads on your website? Of course, and for example, we can make money by displaying ads on our website or blog when we are receiving a good amount of traffic. I have tried almost every ad network, and my experience with Google AdSense is always the best. Before displaying ads on your website, make sure that your blog earns a considerable volume of traffic as the ad networks need to verify those statistics before working with you. 

Choose wisely when picking an Ad network so that you can earn good amount in a shorter time.

There are many ways to advertise on your website in the form of banners, text with links, etc.

30+ Best Google AdSense Alternatives to Earn Extra Income Online

4. Online Surveys

If you have time, answering surveys online can be a good way to earn money from home. There are companies that launch products and need to do market studies to gain insights about their audience and product quality.

Firms that conduct these surveys are hired in turn by the company that wants to launch their product. These companies pay or give you other benefits for doing the survey.

If you want a recommendation for website that has good surveys where you can earn extra money, try Freebo.

How To Earn Money From ‘Google’ By Answering Quick Surveys

5. Weblink shorteners

Surely you’ve had to watch an ad or wait several seconds before you can access a web page. Those pages are nothing more than shortened links. These types of services allow you to earn money online from home in a very simple way.

First, you have to register in one of these systems, shorten the link you want, and put it on the part of your site where you want users to navigate to. The moment you open that link, you’ll have to wait several seconds (this depends on each program but is usually between 5 and 10 seconds).

Advertisers pay for these programs for placing their ads during those seconds that the user has to wait, and you are paid depending on how many ads have been viewed.

Among the best programs to make money by shortening links is AdFly.

6. Social networks

It is possible to make money from home through social networks. Obviously, the more followers you have, the more money you can offer. Though perhaps you don’t have many followers, you can try it with your present following, as there isn’t a minimum followers requirement.

It’s all about generating extra income by publishing tweets, posts on Facebook, or Instagram photos. The companies use tools as an intermediary and you will receive the order. The moment you do it, your publications will be launched and you will receive the money. Most of these tools require a minimum of income generated to extract the money.

One of my team members uses SocialPubli the most, and in less than a year he has generated about $300+, I recommend it!

7. Link-building

Within the world of SEO and link-building strategies, many companies need to generate quality backlinks from websites of more or less the same sector. Of course, they need to look as natural as possible. There are pages where for example, you can buy links in online media, some with a lot of authority, but you can also be the one to sell those links.

I’ve already mentioned Coobis. This platform is not only used to make content marketing but to generate quality backlinks. With your blog, magazine, or other online medium, you can make money from home this way.

8. Infoproducts

They are in fashion right now. I don’t know when or who invented the name, but it is already known as ‘infoproducts’. This is one of the most used by high-level bloggers to make money online and even live from it—we are no longer talking about earning just a bit of extra income.

I’m not telling you to make a living out of it, but infoproducts can be a good resource for making money working from home. An infoproduct is nothing more than an ebook, some types of resources, mini courses in video, or online courses.

9. Template and other resource designer

If you are a web developer, designer, illustrator, or typography creator, you can earn extra money from home super easily. You can upload your work to websites like Themeforest, Behance, or MyFonts.

For example, in ThemeForest, you can sell dozens of different resources like curriculum templates, WordPress templates, other types of CMS’, logos, fonts, video effects, photographs, videos, PowerPoint templates, Keynotes, etc. The list is neverending.

Ways to Earn Money Online for Web Designers and Web Developers

10. Online Courses

If you are an expert in certain subjects, and you think you can teach anything you know, you can create your own online courses. Here are different ways to create them:

  • Completely autonomous: You create an online course that can be of different formats like videos, podcasts, presentations, live classes, etc. and then through your website, you sell the course content and promote it.

You can always resort to acquaintances for the promotion of your course in exchange for a commission, see affiliates. Keep in mind that the promotion depends on you, so it involves a big effort. The payoff will depend on how well-known you are already, and the trust you build among users. 

  • Using platforms: There are well-known platforms on which you can upload your course, such as Udemy. In both platforms, you can upload your course, usually in the video, and the platforms themselves are responsible for promoting it between their social networks and user databases.

Getting enough students can happen fairly easily. Even so, I recommend you read the conditions, because the income you take home will vary depending on whether the sales of the course you do directly, through the platform, or with your affiliates themselves.

11. Private lessons

Another way to make a living by working from home is to give private lessons, either through a Skype-esque tool or sourcing students. If you like more offline methods, you can go with the second option. Otherwise, there are websites that allow you to give classes live online.

Create your profile as a teacher and indicate what classes, schedules, and levels you can provide. In some of these tools, your schedule appears with the hours you have available to secure more students. Nowadays, these websites are a great alternative for those teachers who do not find a fixed job, or maybe those people who know a lot about a topic and want to put their knowledge to good use.

12. Become a translator

If you can speak another language in addition to yours, you can earn extra income through the Internet by translating texts. That is very easy. You can offer your services of the translator of a content of form online on sites like TextMaster or Fiverr.

The first is a company that allows you to find customers in an easy way. TextMaster passes you orders and you just have to take care of them, and collect what corresponds to you. Fiverr is a kind of Marketplace for freelancers that offers different services to make money online. These include designers, translators, copiers, photographers, programmers, etc. Why don’t you try both?

13. Sell photos

Photography lovers can make money online with ease. You do not have to be a mega-expert on the subject—you just need a professional camera, good ideas, and the desire to sell your photos to websites like iStock, Fotolia, or Shutterstock.

When you send these photos to these platforms and they accept them, you will be compensated based on the amount of photos the platform sells. You probably will not be able to live solely on this, but at least you can earn extra money from your home while combining it with other photography jobs.

Here’s a list of 12 best websites and apps, where you can earn money by selling photos online.

12 Best Apps to Make Money from Photography by Selling Photos

14. Sell DIY items

“Do it yourself,” “Homemade,” or whatever you want to call it. It’s very fashionable to create decorative items, furniture, accessories, etc. at home with your own hands. It may happen that you get on so well that you can make money doing it! Why don’t you try? It is one more way to work from home, and who knows, you may end up running your own online store.

There are various websites that allow you to show and sell your DIY products, whatever they are. Of course, there are websites for everything! Here are some examples:

Here are 20 ideas to earn money online without investment.

Best 20 Ideas To Make Money Online without Investment

These are 14 genuine methods used by many of us to make money online, working from home. If you have any queries regarding any of the ways that are mentioned in this article, let us know in the below comments. We will solve all your queries as soon as possible.

Which method do you use to earn money online by working from home?


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