15 Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 (SEO, Social Media and Blogging)

15 Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 (SEO, Social Media and Blogging)

Here are the latest Digital Marketing trends in 2017 which help us to improve our blog/website performance and increases your earnings.

Knowing the latest trends in digital marketing can help us to use actions or strategies applied to our business to help us gain greater visibility on the Internet and capture more leads, customers and sales.

What are the new trends in Digital Marketing?

I have decided to segment these 15 new trends into 3 categories; they are

In this way, you can find the trends you are looking for in a simple way without having to read the whole article.

5 SEO Trends in 2017

1. High Visibility Snippets

Something that you have to take full advantage in 2017 in the search results are Rich Snippets, because in this type of searches when it matches your important term the search engine is giving a great prominence and visibility as you can see in the previous image, Even without your search result being the Top1, since in this case occupies the Top 3 and yet the search engine shows it above the Top 1 with incredible visibility.

And notice how this result Google gives you the ability to comment and value this result. So this 2017 you already know, to make the most of this Rich Snippets !!!

2. Maximum optimisation of the mobile version of your website

It is no longer enough to just have a website with a responsive design and adapted to the mobile devices, we have to fully enter to optimise the experience of these mobile users, who will surely continue to grow and we must be enough Prepared.

Start by running Google’s mobile optimisation test and follow all Google recommendations to optimise the mobile user experience.

3. Technical SEO

Technical SEO will continue to be one of the most important aspects to take into account if we want to position a website, for this we must take the following recommendations;

  1. Optimise page speed.
  2. Delete duplicate content.
  3. Create a good website architecture.
  4. Correct errors 4XX, 5XX.
  5. Analyse which pages Google has and every time the robot passes through your website.
  6. Review and correct errors in your .htaccess, robots.txt and sitemap.xml.

So in 2017 more than ever, it is very important to conduct an SEO audit and eliminate all technical errors.

4. Optimise content design to improve the user experience

Always align your goals to the Google objectives and you will succeed easily. In this case, you have to think that what Google seeks or intends is to offer the best response to users, and logically this is their first premise, then this leads to changes in the algorithm. Give more importance to these signals that are obtained from the visits of the users.
What signals should we take into account in 2017?

  1. Increase the time of permanence in the page.
  2. Reduce rebound time.
  3. Increase CTR.

For this I recommend that you follow these following recommendations:

  • Use a structure of the inverted pyramid content, where the most important place it at the beginning of the content.
  •  It adds elements that help you to retain more time to the users as they are the images, infographics, videos, etc.
  • Use a modular content structure.
  • Add a good call to action to increase the CTR.
  • Write the content that answers the widest range of users.

5. The videos will continue to be a trend in this 2017

The videos will continue to be an SEO trend in 2017, so if you still do not have a Youtube channel, I think you should create it today and start with a strategy where you integrate useful videos to add to your blog articles.
Recommendations when creating the video:

  • If you add an inlet it tries to be short and does not bore the visitor.
  • Depending on the video tutorial, we will have more or less duration, but you can start using videos of 5 minutes.
  • Optimise the title, text and tags of the video, and especially write an extensive and SEO optimized description. Remember that the video can occupy another position and give you more visibility in the Google search engine.
  • What matters most is the value and practicality of the video, and remember that promotional or corporate videos will not help you to retain users.

5 Social Media Trends in 2017

1. Video Streaming Facebook, Periscope and Instagram

I have to say that I am also delighted to use this digital marketing trend in 2017. I started using these apps from last year and these apps are the great sources to get good exposure to our blogs/websites.

2. Social Commerce

A few years ago it would have been a lie that could be sold directly on social networks. But as of now more and more social giants push their platforms so that they can be bought and do business easily from them. Which makes more and more companies take advantage of another channel.
Millennials spend 93% of their time on social networks according to this study, that makes it logical to think that many of today’s and tomorrow’s sales will pass through social networks.

Even Twitter has put the buy button!
However, I have always been an advocate that the end of social networks must be another, it must be an instrument that attracts and retains a community of people.

3. Instrument for employment

Today’s social networks are a fantastic channel with which we can get to know and work our personal brand and create relationships with other professionals and companies, which could help us to get a job or improve the job we currently have, and this is because Companies are very interested in influencers that move a lot of community of followers.
If we told our father a few years ago that we spent several hours a day on social networks in order to get a job, I’m sure he would have scolded us and said something like “stop playing and talk to friends. And go out and find work on the street. ”

4. The increase of advertising in Social Networks

Facebook changed its organic algorithm so that the pages of the companies or professionals had practically no scope, and with that, they had to carry out ad campaigns to obtain acceptable results.
Don’t you think that this advertising is already doing or will be doing in other social networks in 2017?
Facebook has done a good job with this strategy because all or virtually all people are Facebook dependents and “we go through the box” to have some scope, but other social networks may not have the same fate.
I at least try to resist paying for advertising on other social networks.

5. Social communication through messages

Ask yourself this, How many hours do you spend a day talking to another person through messages on social networks? Surely many, and is that next to WhatsApp. Social networks have become one of the favourite tools of personal communication.

5 Blogging Trends in 2017

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

It seems that AMP has come to stay and aims to revolutionise and accelerate the mobile speed of our websites.
The only thing is that it is not very easy to give the change to AMP and we could have some incompatibilities with some plugins or elements of our website.
Have you considered switching to AMP open source technology?

2. The mobile version will index first

Two months ago,  Google announced the official launch of its new indexing and classification system.
It will prioritize mobile indexing and will use the desktop version of the site to evaluate the content and its relevance to the user, so this is to keep it in mind.

3. Voice search

Last year a Google CEO announced that 20% of mobile searches were done by voice, this makes users search longer and more natural than if they were writing, and therefore revolutionises the world of blogging and The SEO.
These searches by voice could double in a short time, so it is more than advisable to use a natural language when writing our content, abandoning that unnatural and repeated way, with the objective to position for a certain keyword, which today we see that every time it works less.

4. Increase the list of subscribers

In all probability, this is one of the most repeated blogging trends in recent years, but it will continue to be one of the keys and most important aspects for all professionals and companies that decide to bet strongly on the creation of a blog.

5. Generate revenue with a Blog

More and more bloggers are looking for the way of monetization with their blogs, and it is not a simple task, I will not fool you, but it is totally possible and achievable.

Top 5 ways to earn money online with blogger account


I hope this list of digital marketing trends will be of great help to gain visibility in 2017, and above all to achieve the objectives that you have set for this year.

Mobile advancement is unstoppable as well as increased voice searches from mobile devices, so now more than ever our website has been highly optimised for mobile devices since it is not enough to have a mobile version of Our website.

Take advantage of the video streaming to make known your brand or business, as they currently have a wide reach and very good acceptance by users.

Would you add some digital marketing bias to the list?

What is the most important marketing trend for you in 2017?


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