How to Login to Router Admin Page 192.168.l.l or

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Do you actually know what does mean? Most of the people who use Routers and Wi-Fi, however, don’t know what does that mean. Every device, whether it is a PC or a smartphone or tablet which has internet access possess some kind of protocol called “Internet Protocol” and the devices that are owning an IP address are uniquely identified using this IP Address or Internet Protocol Address.

Steps on How To Login to Router Admin Page: 192.168.l.l or

Likewise, an IP address is allocated to all variety of Wi-Fi routers, to access the router’s settings page and the address is in general. Initially, Linksys company has introduced this IP address as the login page of routers. Later, their concepts were adopted by most of the leading manufacturers.
You might be wondering why this IP address 192.168.l.l is not visible to the public on the Internet. The reason behind this is, this IP address is private so that, the computer connected to that special routers can only access the address. People who are extreme to the router craze, can’t connect to that specific IP address. Another factor that you need to know about router IP 192.168.l.l is that, it need not to be the actual admin page, can be changed to any other IP if needed. That’s is the actual reason, whenever you try to access in public Wi-Fi connection, you won’t be allowed to access the router’s admin page.

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Access to Router Admin Page

As mentioned before, Linksys company introduced this IP as the default gateway to the admin page following that, it is adapted by various other companies. Anyhow, some manufacturers have default IP other than this 192.168.l.l. So you need to check the router pack or bottom of your router in order to find the default IP address.

Some of the popular brands like Linksys, Tp-link, Mercury, Digicel, etc have this as default IP. If this IP address doesn’t work, please try or Here is a detailed guide to log in to Wi-Fi Router page so that you’ll be able to get easy access to the router admin page.

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Step to Login to Router Admin Page using

Check out the step-by-step procedure which is given in a detailed way to log in to router admin page using the IP address:
Step1: Initially, connect your PC or mobile with the Internet. You can either connect it with LAN ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi.
Step2: Once you get connected, just go to IP address using any of the browser on your device like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Note: Don’t try it as www.,, 192.168.l.l etc.

Step3: If everything goes well, you will get a page where you need to enter the admin username and password. By default, almost all routers have username and password as admin. So, just give a try. You can check your router pack to get the default admin username and password.
This is the page using which, you can handle everything associated to your Router. Some important stuff like Wi-Fi passwords, connected device monitoring, Modem configuration, etc can be managed through this page.

Reasons Why I can’t access ?

Most of the users often say that they are not able to access the IP address. Seldom, it bestows some sort of error messages. Here are some of the potential reasons including the solutions.

1. Invalid Username and password

Authorization Failed
You might have sometimes come across a warning like invalid username and password. Just make sure that you had entered the correct username and password combination. If you don’t remember that, you could get the username and password from the router pack itself.

2. Your Default IP may be different

This is the main cause why you are unable to access For many routers, the IP address may be different. Try to check your router pack to find out your IP address. In most circumstance, you can locate it by checking the router physically. Two other common IP address for modem routers are or Even then, if you are unable to access, check google for the default IP of your router model.

3. Someone Changed my Credentials

This situation is familiar to those people who run Internet Cafes, running it without having a Wi-Fi password, School, College Internet etc. For instance, your Wi-Fi is not password protected then, there would be a chance for everyone to get access to the Wi-Fi. The default gateway will be and admin is the username and admin are the passwords. So, there might be a chance that those who connect with your wi-fi can change your credential details by providing the above default details. There is a possibility that they could change the default IP address, the admin, admin password, and any other kind of stuff related to your router.
So if you are facing any of the above-mentioned situations, then the one and only possible solution are to reset your router. You should know how to configure it back once you made a reset.

Google Suggest 192.168.l.l instead of

Open Google and type 192.168, then you get a suggestion as 192.168.l.l as the first option instead of This is because most people search for 192.16.l.l instead of Actually, people don’t know the difference and they use the google suggestion. This is the reason why 192.168.l.l is more popular than You can’t access router page by simply by typing 192.168.l.l. Just follow the simple steps mentioned above if you are unable to login to your Router admin page.