3 Best Ways to Recover Deleted Photos on the Telegram App

3 Best Ways to Recover Deleted Photos on the Telegram App

Recover Deleted Photos in Telegram

Oh no! You’ve just deleted some of your favorite photos from the Telegram app on your Android. What now?

Well, there’s good news! You can recover deleted Telegram photos without needing to download external software.

It’s important to understand that if the deleted photos were removed directly from the external card, we cannot get those back; however, this is a rare scenario.

In most cases, you can get your photos back with no hassle! Today, I am going to share the easiest ways to recover deleted Telegram photos.

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The 3 best ways to recover deleted Telegram photos on Android

Here, I will share 3 easy ways to recover deleted photos from the Telegram app for Android. However, these methods may or may not work depending on your situation. Normally, photos are still recoverable.

To start, all you’ll need is a file manager for Android that allows us to access the contents of the phone’s external memory. It should mainly allow us to access the folders where images are usually stored.

How to Recover a Deleted File on Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8, and Vista

1. Recover photos from the “Telegram Images” folder:

The first way to recover deleted Telegram photos is to search for “folder Telegram “in your phone’s external memory. Once inside, access the folder named, “Telegram images”. Here, you’ll find the pictures that you have sent and received through the application regardless of whether they’ve been deleted or not.




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2. From the “Pictures” folder:

Another way to recover your deleted images on Telegram works if you’ve previously saved that image in your gallery. As you know, every time you open a photo in Telegram, you have an option called “Save to Gallery”. When you use this option, the photo is visible from your phone’s gallery and will remain so even if you’ve removed the Telegram app. You can find this picture on your microSD card in the folder called, “Pictures / Telegram.”

3. From the “Cache” folder:

Lastly, it’s possible to recover deleted Telegram photos thanks to the temporary cache, where the application usually saves images, videos, and other files you’ve received. In this case, you need to search the external card in your phone’s “Android ” folder; inside you must click on the “Data” folder. Then, look for the “org.telegram” folder. Inside, you’ll have the “Cache” folder and therein you can find your deleted Telegram images.

Anyway friends, let us know which of these three methods has worked for you. If you know any other way(s) to retrieve deleted photos from Telegram, please leave a comment and we can update the list once we test it out. Don’t forget to check out our guide to using the PC Telegram!


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