4 Ways that iOS 12 Protects your Privacy Better Than Ever

4 Ways that iOS 12 Protects your Privacy Better Than Ever

With iOS 12, Apple is taking a number of big steps to protect your privacy better than ever before. CEO Tim Cook emphasizes in an interview why Apple is committed to this.


iOS 12 privacy improved

Apple has been known for years as a company that considers users’ privacy to be of paramount importance. With iOS 12 they show that this is not forgotten. “Privacy is a fundamental human right”, CEO Tim Cook explains in an interview with CNN shortly after the keynote.

“Users can be confident that Apple is on their side,” Cook continues. He thinks that many people are not aware of the ways in which their data are used and that this is an important role for tech companies. With iOS 12, Apple adds the word to the word with the following new features and improvements.

1. Block Like buttons in Safari

One of the ways in which social networks like Facebook secretly monitor your internet behaviour is via the Like button that can be found on numerous websites. For that button to work you have to be logged in, which means that every site with such a button can be used to follow your internet behaviour. In this case, it does not matter whether you click on the button or not, as soon as it is where you can be followed.

Apple takes action with iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave against this sneaky way to keep an eye on users. From this update, every time you try to follow Facebook, you get a notification that asks for permission. If you refuse this, the button will be blocked. The result is that Facebook and Google get a lot harder to serve your ads based on your interests.

2. More adjustments to make your surfing behaviour more anonymous

In addition to blocking such buttons, more adjustments have been made to make your internet behaviour more anonymous, without you having to do anything yourself. So no more information is shared about the plugins you use, which font you have chosen and information about other settings is also withheld. “That way your Mac looks like all other Macs, which makes it harder to follow you”, explains Apples Craig Federighi.

3. Safe login is made easier

Convenience serves man, and the easier it becomes to use a password manager and two-step verification, the more people will do it. With iOS 12, Apple makes it easier to use both security features. For example, SMS codes for two-step verification are now automatically filled in so that you do not have to switch between apps quickly.

In addition, password managers such as LastPass and 1Password have the option to make automatic suggestions if you log in somewhere. That makes it easier for you not to switch between your password manager and your browser.

4. iPhone blocks data from Lightning port after one hour

Recently it appeared that an iPhone can be cracked with special devices. These boxes are connected to the Lightning port and then try to guess your password just as often until they find the right combination.

With iOS 12, Apple puts a stop to these machines with a simple setting: from now on, no more data can be sent or received with a Lightning cable if the iPhone has not been unlocked for an hour or more. In daily use, you probably will not notice this, but it prevents that malicious people can take off your data.

Want to know more about WWDC 2018 and everything else in iOS 12? Then check out our complete new features of iOS 12 here.

If you have any other queries regarding the iOS 12 let us know them in the below comment box and we will get back to you soon to solve all your questions.

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