9 Guaranteed Tips to Get Google Adsense Approved FAST – I Share My Secrets

Google AdSense approval
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Are you having problems getting your website approved by Google Adsense?

I’m going to show you how I managed to get 46 Adsense approvals successfully completed inside of 30-days.  In fact, my clients even started calling me the Google Adsense Goddess (I like to think of myself as an excellent supplier).

The reason why I am sharing my secrets is to help you gain some perspective on how to get approved by Adsense, which can be sometimes laborious and tedious, so, I’m hoping that my experiences I detail in this article will help you.

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Before we get into the details, I found this video which can also help – listen to the first 60-seconds.

9 Guaranteed Tips to Get Google Adsense Approved FAST – I Share my Secrets

Since the beginning, I still haven’t faced almost any problems. I have made approvals in both sectors, Hosted to Genuine and direct genuine AdSense. I have studied every single point of Adsense policies and learned what NOT to do from people who are constantly getting disapproved by Google. These two things have led me to my 46 successful AdSense approvals in one month. Now, I’m writing out to you all so that hopefully you can enjoy the same level of success.
Now, I will detail my process when applying for Adsense approvals.

The main thing you need to remember before applying and gaining a quick Adsense approval:

AdSense can be applied for whether you have a long-term blog or niche blog. No matter which it is, just follow my advice detailed below. The main things required for Adsense Approval are explained one-by-one.
For the best results, read carefully and don’t skip any ideas when following a tip: they’re all equally important and should ensure a quick Adsense approval—at least in the grand scheme of things. It won’t be immediate, but these tips should drastically reduce wait times and room for errors.

1. See that your custom domain is at least 45 days old.

Your custom domain or blog should be at least 45 days old to get started on applying. So, that’s the first criteria to take into account. Even if your domain isn’t this old yet, don’t let that deter you from reading the rest of the tips! It might be close, and that way the second it’s old enough you can know exactly what to do from there.

2. The template should be responsive.

The pertinent blog’s template is also very important, as it plays a crucial role in Adsense approvals. The best thing to do is apply a theme which has already been approved for Adsense. Edit the template clearly and see that every icon is working perfectly. Check if the template’s links are correct in HTML. So, this will greatly increase your chances of approval.

3. Make sure that your blog consists of at least 10 to 15+ posts.

To get AdSense approval, we have to have written 10+ posts in our blog with good (and genuine) content. Never copy content from other sites. Never omit Alt+text. Every minor thing matters here. I always examine each and every aspect of a blog before applying for AdSense.

4. No copied content.

See that no single line is copied from other blogs. And don’t provide any links in your blogs like results URLs, tickets of matches URLs, etc. as Google considers them as copied. If it is mandatory to provide a URL in your blog, then the best method is to provide that link in a text manner and then add a prompt for the user to copy and paste the URL to follow it.

5. Optimize the About Us and Contact Us pages.

The minor things play a major role when it comes to Adsense approval. The About Us is one of the most important pages and should be filled with the correct and required information. About Us must be filled with at least 4 lines or more, and information should be provided about the authors as well as the content that you are providing on your blog.
Contact Us is also an important page. Here, you have to check whether the form is working correctly or not. If not, change it before applying and make sure it works.

6. Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions.

This is super important. Sometimes, Adsense gets approved simply by changing these three forms. I have experienced this in many cases, and in almost all of them, I’ve had to change these three forms.
The Disclaimer and Privacy Policy are mandatory to each and every blog. There is some unique content for these two forms. If you contain and maintain these forms, Adsense approval should be easy. For example, you can consider our blog www.alltop9.com. You can look at our Disclaimer and Privacy policy in our blog and change it according to your blog name, place, and date. There are only two well-known websites that provide us with this type of content, and I use them myself.
The Terms and Conditions are not mandatory, but there is no loss for publishing this page. It’s best to have this page on our blogs. For the general idea of it, you can check Alltop9.com‘s Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

7. Apply only if it makes sense.

If the blog is Tech, Health, Niche, Earnings, All Top or some other, just follow up to now what I have mentioned above. But, if the blog is about binary trade, you need to add a binary trade-related privacy policy and some changes should be done.
I suggest you not to apply Adsense for religion-related blogs or education sites which contain a number of links. In my experience, these blogs will get rejected by Google.

8. How do I apply?

If you have applied for Adsense once, then when you apply again you’ll see that the address and phone number should not match. Generally, it takes a maximum of 4 to 5 days for AdSense approval. As of now, some Adsense policies have changed so we sometimes need to wait longer.
The IP address and Payee Name doesn’t matter when applying for Adsense. When you submit your form, Google will review it. Once they have accepted your form, you will be able to log into your Adsense account. Then, it shows a red dialogue box at the top reading, “Your application for the website is under review. For approval, place a Blank ad code in your website.” Here, all you need to do is create a 300X250 ad unit and get a code, place it on your website on the bottom-right of the home page.
Until your application is reviewed by Google, you will see only blank space in that box. Once your application is reviewed and if it is successful, then you will be able to see a real ad displaying on your website. That’s it! Your website has been approved for Adsense. For full approval of Adsense, there is a PIN verification. We will explain this in a later article, but it is not necessary for this one.


Since I have experience in Adsense approvals, I can easily change a blog to adhere to Adsense’s policies. Doing this can get you approved super easily. It may be difficult at first, but with time and experience, you will become a pro. So, I suggest you read Adsense’s policies first—then proceed to get good results.
If you have a blog that needs to be changed to meet some of the policy requirements, my best advice is not to hesitate! Get on it fast, but do a good, thorough job when changing aspects of your blog. Change can make or break an online business, so make sure that you’re doing everything to both meet Google Adsense’s requirements and the desires of your audience.
Remember, your audience comes first in the updates, as without audience loyalty you won’t be making much money from Adsense in the first place. Tread lightly when planning an overhaul of your website.

Final Words:

Everyone calls me an Adsense Goddess for my extensive experience with the network.  I am super excited to share this article with everyone! In all my writings, this is my first article of more than 1000 words. I hope this article will help you to some extent. After all, these are the changes I make for every blog in their pursuit of Adsense approvals. Any other minor changes will be detailed in future articles.

So, I conclude this here. If you have any doubts regarding Adsense approval or other issues, you can contact me here: Lasya K Elzibeth (Adsense Goddess). I am happy to help with topics such as:

  • What is an AdSense?
  • Where do I apply for AdSense?
  • How can I get approval for AdSense?
  • How do I secure AdSense and keep it for a long time?
  • Tips and tricks for AdSense.

Here are some resources you can check out to get a fuller understanding in the form of a walkthrough. I’d especially recommend checking out the first one. If you know the step-by-step procedure to apply correctly, you can drastically reduce waiting times for approval. It’s always super important to know the ropes before you jump right in!


In this article, I shared my long-held secrets about how to get Google Adsense approvals as fast as possible. So, make sure you don’t skip a step when applying, all your content is top-notch, and you have a good organization.

With these simple steps, you can get your AdSense account approved easily, and fast. Bookmark this article for more AdSense related articles and updates.

In the meantime, thank you for reading, and I hope my tips have helped you get approved. Let us know in the comments what worked for your online business!