What happened to my PC? 5 common Computer Problems you can solve without help

What happened to my PC? 5 common Computer Problems you can solve without help

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It is inevitable that, over time, our computer presents some problems, both hardware and software. However, they often have an easy solution if you know what to do. 

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Let us look at a these few common issues and how to fix them ourselves in a simple way. Here are  5 common computer problems you can solve without help.


5 Common Computer Problems you can solve without help

These are the 5 common computer problems we face and solutions to fix them yourself without any help.

I ran out of Hard Disk space

In this digital world, sooner or later, our hard drive will be filled with our photos, movies, etc. This is how we can clean it of all that residual garbage that stays with the time.

  • Delete Temporary Files

In many cases, our operating system and applications do not properly erase temporary files. Files that come from installations and uninstallations, Windows updates, Internet browsing, etc.

We can delete all those unnecessary files in a safe way with CCleaner, a free cleaner that will facilitate the task and, in addition, it will do it in a safe way, without any risk of eliminating anything that we should not.


CCleaner will also tell us which files are having more space on our different hard disks to decide if we have to move (or delete) them.

  • Change the Hard Drive

Sometimes, the only possible solution is to expand the memory capacity of the computer. It is very simple and it will take a little time to do this task. Let us consult the manual of our computer to know where it is located and to change it correctly without any risks.


If your system is a desktop, then we can add another hard drive that we have with no more complications.

If your system is a laptop, then we should change the old disk to the new one, but migrating the operating system and all the programs, cloning the contents, etc. We have to do everything step by step without any complications. If you do not have knowledge in that kindly follow the manual of that task.

It is not as complicated as it seems and so we can definitely solve the problem of space in our computer.

My computer is very slow

Although it can occur for several reasons, it is most likely that our computer is slowed by programs that work in the background, the number of tasks that are performed at a time,  RAM capacity, etc. The more programs run simultaneously, the more RAM will be consumed.

Login to Laptop/PC with Fingerprint using Windows Hello

  • Manage The RAM

Therefore, the first thing we must do is to close all the programs that we have open and that we do not need. To check which programs are open and consuming more RAM we must follow the following steps:

  1. Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys.
  2. There select ‘ Task Manager ‘.
  3. In the window that appears on your screen choose the ‘Processes’ tab, if it is not selected.
  4. We will click on the column ‘ Memory ‘ and will sort the processes according to the amount of RAM that is consuming.

This way we will be able to control the programs that are slowing down our computer. We advise against closing applications if we are not sure exactly what they are. If you are in doubt to close that particular application or not, it is best to search the name on the Internet for information and not close an essential process for the operation of the system.

  • Expand the RAM Memory

This type of memory comes in modules that are of printed circuit boards with soldered memory chips. Its replacement is very simple since the computers have a very well indicated space and all we have to do is to hold these modules with a tab prepared for it.


However, choosing the right RAM is somewhat more complex:

  • We have to know how much RAM does the computer supports. To do this, we must find out the model and chipset of the motherboard, something that we can know through the manual of the computer or the manufacturer’s page.
  • The next step is to find out what type of RAM our computer uses: DDR4, DDR3, etc. Again, the manufacturer’s website is indispensable.
  • Finally, it should be noted that we must buy two equal modules. It is better to buy two of 4 GB than one of 8, although we occupy two slots. Anyway, as we say, if we buy a pair (or more), they are equal modules.

My WiFi goes slower than it should


Due in large part to the fact that we have several devices connected to our WiFi network (smartphones, tablets, laptops, Smart TV, etc.), it is normal that the connection is not as fast as it should be.

However, we can follow a series of tips to try to minimise these problems. 

First, we must choose the best place to place our WiFi router, usually in the central part of the house and locate as high as possible (on a shelf, for example).

Then we’ll choose a channel that is not saturated with connections. By default, all routers are ready to connect to a few frequencies. Using software like WiFi Analyzer we will get to know the state of the channels around us and we will choose accordingly.

Search for help on the Internet

You can be sure that there is someone who has exactly what happened to you with the computer and has already solved it. The only problem is that the Internet is unreachable and we can take quite a while to find the right solution. We must start searching the website of the manufacturer or developer of the hardware or software that we want to repair, where we will probably find the solution. If not, we will go to forums of the program/piece in question.

The last resort is to search in some search engine (Google, Bing, etc.). We must be as precise as possible to go along with the thousands of pages that will appear, but, little by little, we will filter until we find the solution.

And finally, Reset

Some problems are due to some process that has been hung and is solved by simply turning the computer ON and OFF. Usually, this process helps more than you can imagine. 

These are the 5 common Computer problems that many of us are faced and still facing. I hope this article helps you to solve your computer problems easily. If you have any other problems with your computer or if you have any queries in any of the above problems, let us know in the below comments. We will get back to you to solve your queries as soon as possible.
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