Get the Most Out of Your iPhone with These 57 Hidden Tricks

Get the Most Out of Your iPhone with These 57 Hidden Tricks

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57 of the Best iOS Hidden Tip and Tricks That Every iOS User Must Know

With nine versions behind it, Apple’s mobile operating system has many features that are not always in sight.
Whether you’re a rookie user or a platforming veteran, you can always learn a new way of doing things on iOS. The trick is to know how to integrate them into our day to day life in a natural way. Because we all know some functionality that we do not use.

iOS Hidden Tricks with 57 Examples

1. Spotlight can be used to make quick calculations without having to enter the Calculator. To do this, write numbers and symbols like “8×5” or “21/7” to see the direct result. 

  • In the below image we have performed few calculations.

2. Similar to the previous one, Spotlight can make of conversion of currencies and measures. To do this, use expressions like “1000 USD to INR” to show you the result. The disadvantage is you have to know the abbreviations of the coins. Also works with metric and imperial units: “200 meters by feet”.

  • In the below image, you can see the 1 USD in Indian Rupees and 1 foot in Inches.

3. Clear RAM: To clear RAM press the on/off button until the power off menu exits. Release it and press the Home button until you return to the main screen. Fact.

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4. Ask Siri to show you photos of a certain date or place with “Seek my pictures from Paris or a week ago” type.

  • In the below image, you can see the instruction “Show my pictures from today” I gave to SIRI and the result that SIRI displayed on the screen. Those images are taken today for this article purpose.

5. Take photos while recording videos with the button to the left of stop recording. This is available for only iPhone 5s and up. This is really an amazing iOS hidden trick, isn’t it?. I always wonder what that button will perform and today I got my answer. 

  • In the below image, you can see the recording image and the picture taken while recording.
  • This feature is helpful during parties, taking videos and pictures at the same time.

6. Turn on quick accessibility features in Settings> General> Accessibility> Quick feature, where you can turn on VoiceOver, invert colours, grayscale, zoom in, use button control and AssistiveTouch.

  • This feature is useful to access anything quickly.

8. Make annotations in PDF files attached with the toolbox button when you are viewing a document that you have been sent. When you touch this button, the document will open in a new reply email to the one who originally sent it to you, where you can annotate, use a magnifying glass, enter text and even put your signature.

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9. On the iPad and with iOS 9 you can move the cursor along the written text by placing two fingers on the virtual keyboard. Double-tap with two fingers to start a selection of text. Very, very useful.

10. Reply to a message: When you receive a message, swipe the notification left and click on view option to respond without entering the app. This was easy, was not it?

11. About menus (only iPhones over 4 inches have Reachability): Touch the Home button twice to download the screen and use the iPhone with one hand. Two touches, do not press the button.

12. A classic, when you finish a sentence give the space bar twice to put a point and followed.

13. To enter symbols that do not appear on the different iOS keyboards, hold down a key and you will see what other symbols it hides in its position. 

I think many of them may know this trick.

14. Create personalised vibrations for your contacts by editing their tab in Contacts. In the section Vibration, you can choose a personalised one that you must create touching the screen to the rhythm that you want. From there you can also play to see what the result is before saving it.

  • You can create the customised vibration for Ringtone or Text tone. This works when you keep your mobile in silent or ring with vibration. You can select for all contacts or use it for a particular contact.

15. Enter numbers in text quickly: One of my favourites, when you are typing, hold the button that changes to the numeric keypad and slides your finger to the number you want. When you release it, you will return to the original keyboard.

16. IOS 9 has a handy functionality for watching videos on a small screen while we do other things. To do this, from a compatible app touches the button in which a rectangle appears inside another rectangle.

17. Return to the beginning of a menu, conversation or the web: Press the top edge of the screen to return to the beginning. Another classic trick for iOS.

18. Customise the messages to not answer calls by touching the “Message” button while they call you. There will be a series of default responses, which you can customise from Settings> Phone> Reply with message, or send a personalised message at that time.

19. You can also activate a reminder so the iPhone reminds you to call that person or phone number later.

20. Take photos with the volume up button: It does not matter if you do it from the iPhone or iPad itself or from the headset.

21. Are you one of those who has a generous data rate? Turn on high-quality music playback when you do not have WiFi from Settings> Music> High quality with mobile data
22. The iPad Air 2 and the new iPad Pro are capable of displaying two apps at the same time. To do this, slide your finger from the right edge of the screen (in landscape mode) to bring up a menu with different compatible apps.
23. Clears the numbers entered on the calculator by sliding the finger to the right. Perfect for not having to start from scratch when you’re wrong.

24. Shaking the phone to undo the last thing we’ve done is also an old trick, but it’s not bad to remember. It serves to undo text or retrieve accidentally deleted emails.
25. When you’re surfing Safari, you can ask Siri to remind you to look something further with the ” Remind me to look at this in half an hour ” command. Okay, I’ll let you know.

26. Activate the flash when receiving notifications or calls from the Settings menu> General> Accessibility> Blinking LED messages.
27. Set the countdown so that instead of making a sound, turn off the music being played. In the Clock> Timer app, go to the At end menu and choose “Stop playback”.

28. Create a ringtone or message with GarageBand for iOS. It will have to be less than 30 seconds and when ready, from the share menu will appear the option to turn it into a tone.
29. The Spotlight search gained many functionalities in iOS 9, including the option to link within the apps prepared for it. If you do not want one of them to appear in your searches, modify it in Settings> General> Spotlight Search.
30. Draw in Notes with the new drawing options by pressing the “+” button, where you will see a pencil, pen or highlighter with which you can scribble in different colours.
31. Also in Notes, you can use a rule that you must move with two fingers to place it where you want. With this, the lines will come out straight when drawing.
32. With the Notes app, you can also make your own simple task list. Press the button with a tick to appear on the screen and type whatever you want there. When you finish, you can mark it as completed by touching it.
33. To view the desktop version of a site, press and hold the reload page button in Safari. A button will appear to choose it.
34. Slides the notifications menu and in the section. Today you will see how much battery is left to your devices
35. Have you closed a tab in Safari by mistake? Access the tab view and hold down the “+” symbol to display all the ones you have closed.
36. Now, with iOS 10 you can know who calls you on the phone despite being an unknown number. You do not have to do anything, just if in Mail there is an email from a contact with a phone number in the signature, your iPhone will warn you that the call is probably from him/her.
37. Select multiple photos in Photos with the Select button and drag your finger to the last photo in the row and down. Very useful when you need to erase many photos from the reel.
38. Save PDFs to iBooks from the share menu. With this, you can consult them without having an internet connection.

39. Set the do not disturb mode to turn on and off at a specific time from Settings> Do Not Disturb. There you can choose when to turn it on or off automatically, as well as configure whether you want calls from your Favourites or that repeat in a three-minute interval. Perfect for emergencies.
40. Access Siri’s tips and touch one of your frequent contacts to get quick options like call, iMessage or FaceTime.
41. Who said that on iOS there is a file system? Well, something similar at least we can get with iCloud Drive, which we can show in our Home from Settings> iCloud> iCloud Drive> Show on the home screen.

42. You can customise the reading view of a page in Safari with the “aA” button. Here you can choose font, size and background colour.
43. Tell Siri that you are otherwise called with the command “From now on, call me in such a way”. It can also lead to funny jokes.
44. On the Stock Exchange, place the iPhone horizontally to see a more detailed graph of the stock. Swipe your finger across the screen to see specific values and dates over time.
45. Modify the sensitivity of 3D Touch in the Settings menu> Accessibility> 3D Touch. It has three positions from which you can define the sensitivity of this functionality.
46. Use Peek & Pop to preview attachments in emails and links to Safari by holding down lightly and squeezing harder if you want to see details.
47. With 3D Touch you can move the cursor if you keep your finger pressed on the keyboard of iOS.
48. Activate multitasking on the iPhone with 3D Touch by sliding your finger from the left edge into the screen.
49. Turn on WiFi support when the network you’re connected to is not too good, do it from Settings> Mobile Data (last button). This option was controversial because it was said that consumed many megs, but now Apple shows how much it actually consumes. And it’s not much.
50. Find a setting with the new search in Settings , hidden at the top.

51. Save an attachment in an email from the Share option in iCloud Drive.
52. Tell Siri to turn off all blow alarms with a single command: “Disable all alarms”.
53. Double-tap the call button on the Phone app keypad to call back the last number you typed.
54. Close multiple apps at the same time in the iPhone’s multitasking view by sliding them up with one finger each.
55. Lock any contacts you want so you do not get calls or text messages. To do this, go to Settings> Phone or iMessage> Blocked contacts. From here you can see who you’ve blocked and add new numbers.
56. Press and hold the “.” To enter ellipsis “…”.
57. It further increases the reliability of Touch ID by inserting the same finger several times. This way, the iPhone will have different fingerprints with which to compare your finger.

These are the best iOS hidden tricks that most of us do not know. I hope this article helps you to make your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch usage easy.
If you have any other tricks which are userful to our iOS users other than the above, write down them in the below article. If you have any queries in any of the trick we mentioned in this article, let us know in your valuable feedback. We will help you as soon as possible.
Soon, I will make a video on these tricks on AllTop9 YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel for instant updates.