The 6 Most Common Doubts About Battery Life are Resolved Here

The 6 Most Common Doubts About Battery Life are Resolved Here

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Lithium ions have two major drawbacks: their autonomy and overheating. Nevertheless, they are present in the vast majority of wireless technology devices and it does not look like this is going to change, unless in the short term.

Prompts to Resolve 6 of the Most Common Doubts about Battery Life 

Solid batteries sound more and more like their natural substitutes, especially because they solve these problems that we mentioned, but their manufacture is still too expensive, so they are not yet a serious alternative to traditional ones.


Probably the diffusion of the electric car will help the development of more advanced technologies to guarantee greater autonomy. The success of smartphones has not served to drive them and remains the great subject pending this segment.

At the moment there is nothing left to resort to portable batteries and try to maintain the autonomy of the mobile as long as possible. For this, it is necessary to overturn the myths that still revolve around its load, mainly because the present ones have improved enough to the batteries of a few years, whose problems we believe that they continue until today. If you still have doubts, solve them by reading the article.

Let us see all the 6 most common questions about our Mobile battery life and resolved answers.

Do you have to do a full charge before you start a mobile phone?

No. Old batteries had the so-called “memory effect”, that is, their capacity was affected by previous loads and discharges. For this reason, the manufacturers recommended that we load our devices in full before releasing them.

But the new lithium batteries are much more sophisticated and no longer have to wait until they are exhausted to charge them or make the first charge complete. In fact, it is advisable not to let the battery be below 20% and it is not necessary to wait until it is fully charged in order to use the mobile the first time.

Does the battery life decrease over time?

Yes. This is something that anyone who has a cell phone will have noticed sooner or later. The batteries modern lithium-ion battery are designed to withstand a certain number of “cycles”, i.e., a complete battery drain. A charge cycle means that all the battery power that is 100% has been consumed. For example, one day you can consume half the load and recharge it completely. If you did the same thing the next day, it would count as a single charge cycle instead of two. That is why a cycle can take several days to complete.

Cycles vary between different devices, although the average is between 300 and 500 complete cycles before reaching 70% of its original capacity (in time, this is equivalent to about two years of use).

Does charging the phone for a long time damage the battery?

No (usually). Here we find a response with refinements because it depends on the temperature that the phone picks up while charging. The heat causes the lithium-ion batteries to decrease slightly, reducing their performance and capacity.

Have you ever heard that leaving the mobile charged all night deteriorates the battery because it receives more energy than necessary, but the current models dosage it, so it is not a problem.

Do you have to wait for the battery to drain to recharge it?

No, quite the contrary, because the long charge cycles are worse than the short ones. It is better to consume half, recharge again and consume half the battery (and repeat the cycle), then exhaust it to the end and make full cycles.

How do wireless connections (WiFi, Bluetooth) and airplane mode affect the battery?

Disconnecting WiFi or Bluetooth will not earn you much autonomy even though your battery will thank you. And if you need to connect to the Internet, it is always a better option than doing it with your data (either 3G or 4G connection); Although you already know the risks involved in connecting to a public WiFi. If circumstances force you to disconnect, the best thing you can do to extend the battery is to opt for airplane mode.

Are there any tricks to lengthen the battery?

Yes. You can lower the brightness of the screen, disable the geolocation, do not close applications in the background (because re-booting will consume more battery), disable notifications and automatically update the apps you do not use.

These are the 6 most common battery doubts that everyone of us usually thinks about. Almost all of my question got solved after writing this article. I hope this article will help you to lengthen your Android or iPhone battery life.

If you have any queries regarding any of the question that is above, feel free to start a discussion in the below comment section. We will get back to you to solve all your questions as soon as possible.

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