7 essential Keyboard Shortcuts to use on our PC or Mac

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We live in a world where if you do not know how to use a computer, you are at a great disadvantage. Not only I mean the time to work. In everyday life knowing how to use a PC is essential for almost anything.

Most of us have a user level more than enough to work on our day to day activities. However, there are so-called “keyboard shortcuts” that can save us a lot of time or even save us from some other problem if we know them.

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The best known of these shortcuts is the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V keys which are the standard actions of cutting and pasting any document, text or image. Today we are going to show you 7 key combinations which are very useful for any situation. It does not matter if you use on your Windows or Mac since we will put both shortcuts.

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts to use on our PC or Mac

1. How to lock your computer quickly

If at any time you have to leave your computer and you do not want anyone to hook in. You can block it momentarily using the following key combination on both Windows and Mac.

  • In Windows: start button (the one with the Windows icon) + L
  • On the Mac: Cmd+Alt+Eject

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2. How to quickly open a tab closed by accident

Surely it has happened to you more than once. You are surfing the internet and both open and close windows you end up closing one that you did not want. With the following key combination, this eventuality will be solved fast.

  • In Windows: Ctrl + Shift + T
  • On the Mac: cmd + Z (if we are using the Safari browser) or ctrl + Shift + T (if we use Google Chrome)

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3. What to do when the computer gets “hung”

Unfortunately, computers are not perfect machines and on more than one occasion they remain “hung” when we least expect it. To close the program that is causing this problem we can use the following keyboard shortcut.

  • In Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  • On the Mac: cmd + alt + Shift + Eject

For these combinations to work we must keep them pressed for at least 3 seconds.

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4. Change Windows quickly

When it comes to browsing it is quite normal that we end up with 20 windows open. Moving between them with the use of the mouse is quite slow and tedious. That is why there is a keyboard shortcut that will change the window every time we click.

  • In Windows: Alt + Tab
  • On Mac: cmd + L

To change the window we must always press the Alt key or cmd and press your partner every time we want to move to the next tab.

5. How to quickly copy a web address

If we are interested in copying the address of the web page that we are viewing to paste another address we can do with the mouse, or with this keyboard shortcut much faster.

  • In Windows: Alt + D (to select the address) and then Ctrl + C (to copy it)
  • On the Mac: cmd + L (to select the address) and then cmd + C (to copy)

6. How to Clean the Hit Screen

If you have the computer screen full of tabs and windows open you can close or minimize them one by one or use the following key combination.

  • In Windows: Start key + D
  • On Mac: fn + F11

7. How to make an entire screen shot or just a part

Sometimes we need an image that we are seeing on the screen but for various reasons, we can not get it. In this case, the screenshot is a very good solution and works as follows.

  • In Windows: Alt + Imp Pant
  • On the Mac: cmd + Shift + 3 (If we want a full-screen capture) cmd + Shift + 4 (if we want to select a part of the screen)

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With these shortcuts, you will save a lot of time when using the computer and surely save you from any trouble.

These are the most important keyboard shortcuts and hacks which we use regularly in our daily life. If you know any other crucial keyboard shortcuts let us know by writing in the comments below.

If you want to know any other shortcuts, let us know and we will update the article with the stuff you asked us.
Which shortcut do you use more?