The 7 Most Used Social Networking Sites in the World

The 7 Most Used Social Networking Sites in the World

At present, the importance of social networks is total and absolute. A few years ago no one could have imagined how networks would change personal, business and commercial relationships. Moreover, now any company has to be present in them if it wants to be visible. And it is that what does not communicate does not exist. Do you know which 7 most used social networks in the world?. 


7 Most Used Social Networks in the World

In this article, we are going to reveal all the 7 most used social networks in the World.

7. QZone

QZone is a Chinese social network that is created in the year 2005 by Tencent company. It is a social network that is direct competition to Facebook since it has great potential for growth. This is due to the possibility of users to create blogs, personal diaries, send photos or listen to music, and share everything with their friends.

This is the first time I am hearing about this social networking site. Quite interesting.

The great difference of QZone is that the virtual space for each user can be customised in such a way that two QZone accounts can be totally different from each other.

It has 638 million active users.




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6. QQ


QQ is a social network of Chinese origin that has all kinds of services (microblogging, online games, virtual pets, online stores, cloud storage, blogs, etc.).

It started as an instant messaging service and today it has 869 million active users and companies like HTC creating specific mobiles for QQ.

5. WeChat


WeChat has received the nickname ‘Chinese WhatsApp’, but it is more than just an instant messaging app. It is a free service that allows you to chat, send photos and multimedia messages, as well as making calls and video calls.

This fashionable social network in China allows you to make transfers, plane tickets, order taxis, manage the bills of light, arrange a medical appointment, buy a movie ticket or order food at home, among others. Now WeChat wants to expand all over the world.

It is available in 20 languages and has 889 million users.

4. Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger allows Facebook users to send messages between them. In addition, this social network allows you to make voice calls and video calls both in individual interactions and in group conversations.

At first, it was another tool within Facebook but Zuckerberg decided to launch it independently in 2011. The move went well because, to this day, it has 1,000 million active users.

3. YouTube


This famous platform video has experienced a large increase in the number of users in recent years. In addition, YouTube is now a space that gives rise to so-called YouTubers and has provoked its own niche market for millions of brands due to the great success that these young people are having. It currently has 1 billion active users.

2. WhatsApp


After being bought by Facebook in 2014, WhatsApp has not stopped growing. Although Telegram is positioned as its great competitor, the fact is that WhatsApp continues to gain in the ranking of applications of instant messaging. To do this, the app is constantly renewing and debuts new functions every now and then, such as the internal browser or group descriptions.

Currently, it has 1.2 billion users.

WhatsApp latest updates:

1. Facebook


Facebook is the most used social network in the world. It’s 1.8 billion users are a clear indication of its enormous popularity. In addition, the platform created by Zuckerberg is the leader of the ranking by countries to be the favourite option in 119 countries. Although there are some exceptions. For example, in Japan, the first place is for Twitter.

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These are the most used social networking sites across the World. Awesome isn’t it? Share your views on the same in the below comment section.
If you have any queries regarding any of the social networking site, let us know through your comments below. We will get back to you to solve all your queries as soon as possible.
Which social networking site do you use most?


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