Biggest New Gmail Updates Here’s How to Activate It

Biggest New Gmail Updates Here’s How to Activate It

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Gmail has launched one of its biggest updates since the last time I changed the service in 2012. In this article, I am going to tell you all the news of the latest Gmail update, designed to improve your productivity, and how you can activate it in your email account now.

The Biggest New Gmail Updates: Ways on How You Can Activate It in 2021

Gmail is already a key tool for employee productivity, especially if you know how to get the most out of it, but with the latest update, they seem to have improved the experience even more.


This is the first update that Gmail has launched since 2012, and brings us the most important news. Unlike the last time, the design has not changed much. If the current structure is popular with users, why change it and force them to adapt to the new style?

” Business users do not like a new version of Gmail to appear without warning, ” said Jacob Bank, product manager for Gmail and Inbox, according to Fast Company.

Instead, they have focused on the service’s own functions, expanding the wide range of possibilities that Gmail offers us. It is integrated into G suite, along with other apps such as Google Docs, so they could create a product for paid businesses with more features – there will always be the free version supported by the ads.

List of New Gmail Updates

Here are the all the biggest updates offered by Gmail now.

Emails that disappear

You can program an email to disappear after a certain period of time. It is the first email service that facilitates this possibility, increasing the privacy and confidentiality of the user. It will also work with cross emails between Gmail users and other platforms, only instead of appearing as a normal mail, they will have to use a link to access the message. Awesome isn’t it? How many of you were waiting for this feature?

Deactivate the resend function

Another measure to increase confidentiality: the agent may decide if he/she wants to allow the mail to be forwarded or not.

Verification in two steps for private emails

If you have a very private content you can activate the verification in two steps; the receiver will have to enter a message that he will receive via SMS to open the email.

Most obvious anti-phishing notifications

Gmail will make sure to inform you when a message is suspicious, increasing the size of the message that warns you of the same and will appear at the top of the email itself.

Reminders of unread emails

If Gmail detects that there is a message that could be important in your inbox it will place it at the top of the list and inform you of how many days have passed since you received it. It can also inform you that you have not responded to an email that could be relevant. Yes, this function is optional.

Perform functions without opening the mail

You can download a file, mute a message or add an event to the calendar without opening the mail.

Special notifications for important messages

Optionally you can ask Gmail to notify you in a special way when an email arrives from someone important, which will determine according to the frequency of exchange of messages you have with that person, among others.

Cancel subscriptions more easily

It is quite easy to cancel your email subscriptions in Gmail, but now the platform will arise when you notice that you never open emails from that recipient.

The automatic response arrives in the browser

The automatic response using AI will be available for both mobile and browser.

More features offline

Now you can perform more features in Gmail without a connection than before and you will not need to add a Chrome extension.

More direct access to other Google apps

On the right, you will find quick access to apps like Google Calendar or Google Tasks. You can also add some third-party services that use Google’s add-on technology.

How to activate the latest Gmail update

The latest Gmail update will not yet be activated by default, but it is now available. You can activate it by clicking on the configuration symbol in the top right of your inbox and in ‘Test the new Gmail’.


These are the ultimate new Gmail updates. These new updates really so good to use and very much helpful when coming to safety and security. Thanks to the Gmail team who considered our necessities and brought a good output today. I hope we will be able to see lot more ultimate updates in the future.

So, if you want to try these new Gmail updates then do activate now and try it out yourself and share your experiences with us in the below comment box.

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What do you think about these new Gmail updates? Do you want any other updates to be provided by Gmail? 

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