How to Activate and Place Google AdSense Page Level Ads in Website/Blog

How to Activate and Place Google AdSense Page Level Ads in Website/Blog

Google AdSense released a fresh update regarding mobile ads so called as Page Level Ads. Now-a-days there are lots of Mobile users than desktop/laptop users. So, understanding this condition Google AdSense team came up with this excellent update. Before activating let us know little brief about Page Level Ads. In this article, you will learn things like What are page level ads?, Formats of Page Level Ads, Activation of Page Level Ads, etc.

What are Google Adsense Page Level Ads?

Page Level Ads is a newly introduced feature by Google AdSense team which comprises of anchor/overlay ads and Vignettes. These page level ads are visible only on Mobile optimized websites/blogs. They appear only on mobile version of your website/blog.

Available Page Level Ad Formats

As of now Google AdSense offers only two type of ads. They are Overlay Ads and a Small Banner Ads at the bottom of the website/blog. Have a glance at the following screen short for the better view.

How to Identify our AdSense Account is Eligible for Page Level Ads or not?

If your Google AdSense account is eligible for this new feature, then you will see a notification alert on the top right corner in your Google AdSense account dashboard. Click on the buttion and it will automatically guide you for the further steps on what is page level ads, how to enable or activate them and placing the ads in Website/blogs.

How to Activate Page Level Ads on Google AdSense?

There is no special way to activate the page level ads. I heard that only some users are eligible to use these Page Level Ads on Google AdSense. If you are not eligible for the page level ads, then don’t get disappointed. Just wait for few more days to get the notification on your AdSense dashboard too.
Once you get a notification as shown in the below image, click on Test it out.
Once you have gone through the steps you just have to enable the features that you would like to have on your blog/website and then just place the code before </head> section of your site. That’s all you should see the ads live on the mobile version right away.

  • Sign in to your AdSense account.
  • Visit the My ads tab in your AdSense dashboard
  • In the sidebar, select Content, then click Page-level ads.
  • On the “Page-level ads” page, use the controls to select which ad formats you’d like to show on your site.
  • Click Get code.
  • Copy the ad code and paste it in the tag (or at the top of the body) of each page that you want to show Page level ads. If you’re not sure how to do this, you might want to review our Code implementation guide.

How to Track Page Level Ads Performance?

You can track the performance of your Page-level ads by viewing the Ad behavior report on the Performance reports tab. Page-level ads are shown under the “Anchor/overlays” and “Vignettes” labels in the report.
This is all about the Google AdSense Page Level Ads, Enable and place them in your website or blogs and enjoy the earnings. If you face any issues while placing the code or any other issues let us know in your comments. We will solve as soon as possible to get over the issue.
Happy Blogging!!!




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