Advance YouTube SEO guide to Make money from YT channel

Advance YouTube SEO guide to Make money from YT channel

Youtube, that huge store of videos that has become practically a new way of watching television. If you took the desire to find a video on the Internet, it is inevitable that a search engine will direct you on YouTube. Because it is a giant reign in its field. So, necessarily, all persons seeking videos, go through this platform. This leaves us a little idea of the space occupied by YouTube on the web. But behind this site is a discrete business that generates a sizeable turnover, but we can not say exactly.
What is fascinating with YouTube is that anyone can participate in this business. In other words, everyone can make money with YouTube. In addition, if you wanted to get an idea of the money that flows between YouTube and its users, the Stat Sheep website gives us a glimpse reliable.
In this post, I am going to explain you about:

  • How to create a perfect YouTube channel?
  • How to upload video to YouTube channel?
  • How to optimise YouTube video with SEO?
  • How to make huge money with your YouTube channel? 

Let us discuss one by one in detail.

How to create a perfect Youtube channel?

  • Go to the ” My Channel ” button.

Here, you can edit the description in the about section, Choose the Name of the channel, etc. Fill all the sections that are required.

How to Watch/Play YouTube Videos in VLC Media Player – 2 Simple Ways

1. Change Background of the Youtube account:

  • To do this you have to go to your channel. Then click on ” Add channel header “. If you already have a click on the pencil in the upper right corner and then on ” Edit channel header “.
  • Next, you just have to trim the image to your liking.
  • The recommended measures are a