The Numerous Advantages Of Bariatric Surgery That Go Beyond Weight Reduction

The Numerous Advantages Of Bariatric Surgery That Go Beyond Weight Reduction

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Over the years, you might have tried a variety of things to get down to a healthy weight. You have watched what you ate, exercised, and done what feels like every possible fad from all those magazines that promise that THIS is the plan to give you the beach body that you have always wanted. What else can you do?

Finally, you might be considering having bariatric surgery to help you shed the pounds that you need to be healthy. But those are not the only advantages that you may have from undergoing this procedure.

You Could Extend Your Life

Being heavy does put a strain on your whole body, which could wind up reducing your lifespan by a good margin. Once you have your surgery, you will be able to get back to working out and being active. To help keep your energy levels up and support your weight loss, you may want to take some of the leading testosterone supplements with supervision from your doctor. When you’re down to the weight that you want to be, it’ll greatly improve your chances of living many more years than if you stayed at your unhealthy weight. Studies have shown that your risk of dying early drops by 40%. It’s not an ironclad guarantee, but you are tipping the odds more in your favor by doing this.

You Could Stop Having Type 2 Diabetes

One thing about being heavy is that you could find yourself developing Type 2 Diabetes as time goes on. It can be genetic, too. If you do have it, you could find yourself with a very reduced lifespan. Having bariatric surgery can help bring you back from that brink and add those years back to your life.

Since you will likely shed those pounds post-surgery, you could find yourself not needing to take insulin shots since your body could begin producing it again naturally. This is only for Type 2 diabetes, though. If you have Type 1, you will still have to monitor your blood sugar and make sure that you have your shots when you need them.

You Could Stop Your Sleep Apnea

One big risk of being overweight is sleep apnea. It’s when you stop breathing at certain times during the night and you gasp for air. It can contribute to a lot of things, including not getting enough rest and even higher blood pressure, among others. . The extra weight can contribute to this and you will find yourself tired all day.

When you get the surgery, you may find that the sleep apnea goes away as you shed those pounds. That way, you can have a higher quality of sleep and not wind up needing to use a CPAP machine to ensure that you get a constant flow of air every night.

You Could Lower Your Blood Pressure

Weight gain is a big part of higher blood pressure. While it is true that some people, even skinny ones, can be predisposed to have high blood pressure, the heavier the person, the better the chance that their blood pressure readings will not be favorable. This could lead to things like having strokes. Having bariatric surgery can then help you reverse that trend.

When you have high blood pressure, you might have to take medication that can keep the numbers within a healthy range. Once you have the surgery, you could then wind up being able to stop taking that medication, which is also something that could save you a lot of money in prescription costs in the long run.

You Could Reduce Your Joint Pain

When you are heavy, that winds up putting a lot of strain on your joints. While it might not affect you immediately, over the course of time, your joints could show wear and tear. Walking around could be hard on your knees and ankles. Even the act of standing could be aggravating.

This could all change once you have your surgery. The weight that was causing those problems will be gone. As a result, you will find yourself enjoying doing things like going for walks or going up or down stairs without worrying about joint pain. This is another great benefit – and you could also improve your cardiovascular system, since you will be able to walk around more in general.

This could improve your heart health. Being heavy is hard on the heart. The weight loss could make things much easier for it to continue to pump that life-sustaining blood.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to having this surgery. Talk with your doctor about whether you are a candidate. Keep in mind that in some versions of this, it is not reversible, so you need to be 100% positive that you want to do it. You need to be completely dedicated to this, otherwise you could face some serious consequences and possibly need emergency surgery if something goes wrong.

If you meet the criteria and you follow everything post-surgery, you could enjoy a tremendous quality of life that you wouldn’t have before the surgery. Also, since you will be eating less, you can save money on food. This may not be for everyone, but if it works for you and you are happy, then that will be the best benefit of all.