Top 5 Affiliate Programs to Earn Money from Home

Top 5 Affiliate Programs to Earn Money from Home

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Affiliate programs are an excellent way for influencers, bloggers, and other content creators to generate revenue. Affiliate programs help companies promote their products through content creators while also rewarding them for their efforts.

Every affiliate program works slightly differently, but they are all based on the same core concept. Influencers and content creators can sign up for an affiliate program for brands they support. After successfully becoming an affiliate, creators are then given unique links and banners that they can use to promote the particular brand.

In return for promoting a brand on their platform, creators are given a certain percentage of the sale price for all items purchased as a result of their affiliate links and banners. For some influencers and creators, affiliate links make up a significant proportion of their income.

As online content and particularly the influence that online creators have continues to grow, more and more brands are looking to affiliate programs as one of their primary sources of advertising. For example, the CBD industry is a great example of an area where influencers and affiliate links are one of the leading forms of advertising and brand awareness.

For influencers and content creators looking to expand their sources of income, here are five of the best affiliate programs for earning money at home.

1. PureKana’s Affiliate Program

PureKana is one of the leading CBD brands known predominantly for its exceptional CBD oils. The company also sells a wide range of other CBD-related products and supplements. Popular products from PureKana include CBD gummies, CBD bath bombs, and pet-friendly CBD products.

PureKana affiliate programs are a great way to promote the brand and earn some extra money, all without having to leave the house.

How PureKana’s Affiliate Program Works

As a member of PureKanas affiliate program, they provide unique tracking links and banners designed to be easily added to all forms of social media and websites and blogs. These links direct site visitors directly to PureKana’s website and track their activity on the site.

If visitors make a purchase from PureKana’s website within 90 days of clicking on an affiliate link or banner, the affiliate member will receive a commission. PureKana offers a generous commission rate of 25% to affiliates.

PureKana’s affiliate program is especially good for those who have never tried to make money from affiliate links before. PureKana has made the process of becoming an affiliate and incorporating links into social media and websites incredibly easy.

One feature that makes PureKana’s affiliate program stand out is the 90-day tracking feature. Almost all affiliate links use cookies to track purchases made through an influencer’s link. However, these cookies tend to only be for 30 days. By PureKana using 90-day cookies, instead, influencers and creators are likely to earn much more from the commission.

2. Amazon Associate’s Program

Amazon’s associate’s program is the largest affiliate program and, as a result, also the one that provides the most when it comes to resources and tools to help get started. Amazon offers its affiliates tutorials and courses to help them get started and earn money quickly.

How Amazon Associates Program Works

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is super easy and only requires basic information about the social platforms that links will be used on. After being approved for the program, affiliates are free to start linking Amazon products on their social platforms.

The biggest advantage of the Amazon associate’s program is its size. Being the largest online retailer and affiliate program means that Amazon can offer an extremely comprehensive program. All of the tools needed to get started are available to make the process seamless.

Another benefit of Amazon’s program is its almost limitless product range. Normally, working as an affiliate for a particle brand involves promoting products that fit into a niche. As Amazon’s range of products is so diverse, almost every creator and influence will be able to find products that they can promote and link their audience to.

3. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is a subscription-based software that allows users to sell their products in one centralized location.

The Shopify affiliate program has been designed for influencers and educators to help their audience use Shopify’s software to launch their own online business and store. Rather than promoting physical products with the Shopify affiliate program, influencers promote a service and set of online tools instead.

How Shopify’s Affiliate Program Works

To become a Shopify affiliate, a creator must already have an active website with an established audience. The website must also offer original content in the form of either courses, lectures, videos, or blog posts.

Shopify’s affiliate criteria are probably one of the hardest to qualify for but are worth it for those who fit what Shopify is looking for. Shopify provides a reasonable rate of commission and a comprehensive program that is easy to start earning money through.

4. Premium Jane Affiliate Program

Premium Jane is a USA-based CBD brand that offers organic, high-quality CBD products made from 100% USA-grown hemp plants. Premium Jane is predominately known for its ultra-clean extraction methods, resulting in some of the best CBD oils and supplements available online.

The Premium Jane affiliate program allows those passionate about CBD and has an online audience to share their experiences with CBD and the products they have benefited from. Premium Jane offers their affiliates a 10% commission on all purchases that have been made through their affiliate links within 30 days.

How Premium Jane’s Affiliate Program Program Works

To become a member of the Premium Jane affiliate program, influencers simply have to fill out an online form with basic information about what they do online and their audience. After being approved for the program, affiliates are given access to banners and unique tracking links.

Premium Jane takes advantage of the Shareasale platform, which centralizes everything for affiliates and keeps track of all commissions earned through links and banners. Affiliates are paid monthly no matter how much they have earned that month, so there is no need to hit specific targets in order to get paid.

5. Green Roads Partner Program

Green Roads are one of the leading CBD brands and are mostly known for offering accessible and innovative products. The Green Roads affiliate program is designed for influencers to both promote products and raise awareness around CBD and its many benefits.

How Green Roads Partner Program Works

Green Roads do not offer their affiliates a set commission rate; instead, they reward their affiliates for pushing more traffic on the Green Roads website. Commission starts at 3% but can go as high as 30% for affiliates who have a high volume of traffic and are pushing visitors to specific product pages.

As a Green Roads affiliate, there is the potential to earn quite a bit of money. Affiliates can earn up to 30% depending on the products they provide links to.

However, while Green Roads offers a high commission rate to their most successful affiliates, 30%, most affiliates will start at the much lower rate of 5%. It is not exactly clear how Green Roads calculate the commission rate, which can be frustrating for affiliates trying to maximize their profits.