Affordable Living Room Sets

Affordable Living Room Sets

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Searching for a new cheap living room set can be stressful once you begin looking at large retailers’ prices. It can be enough to turn you away and delay your purchase.

That’s why you should visit 1Stop Bedrooms and take a look at their wide selection of low-cost living room sets. You’ll notice sales of up to 75% off the already marked-down prices.

How are they able to offer discounts this deep? Well, it’s because they only deal with the manufacturers.

Dealing Directly With the Manufacturers

This means they don’t use third parties to get the furniture to you. They don’t have to pay a warehouse to hold their inventory or delivery and salespeople.

The other overhead expenses that corporate retailers hide in the furniture costs are not passed on to you. Instead, 1Stop passes the savings they receive on, and that includes free shipping on all orders.

On top of that, you are given a low cost and price-match guarantee on your purchase. There is a confidence that competitors will not beat their prices.

If you find a competitor with an identical set at a lower cost, call customer service with the needed information to adjust the price of your order.

And don’t worry about paying upfront for the entire set. You can finance your order for up to thirty-six months with low manageable payments.

Now that you know where to find your new furniture, what is your style? Is it classic or modern? Chic or glam? Deciding on a style can feel like a chore if you don’t know the different phrases used in interior design.

Thankfully, expert designers on staff can walk you through the different options and recommend a living room set that will meet your functional and style needs.

The designers don’t receive a commission fee, so any suggestions they make are driven by their need to ensure you are satisfied with your overall experience and purchase.

This measure keeps the integrity of the customer service interaction pure by making the client’s need the only priority.

The website makes it convenient to stay within budget by giving you the option to search by different price points and customize your own.

Whatever budget you’ve allotted for your design, you’ll be able to find a quality living room set that you’ll love for years to come.

So, know that you know where to find affordable living room sets, it’s time to start shopping. Decide what piece will be the main focus of the space and work the rest of the furniture around that reference point.

Most Living Rooms Serve Multifunctional Purposes

So think about all of the activities that will take place in the room and select furniture accordingly.

If you’re watching tv in there, a tv stand will be an obvious choice around which to arrange the seating.

If media is not the theme, but relaxation is the room’s purpose, you want to choose a coffee table or ottoman before configuring the seating.

Smaller living rooms need additional storage to keep the space organized. A sectional with storage compartments is a great complement to the design.

Coffee and End Tables With Storage Options

These are other places to stow away reading material or tools for hobbies like sketching or knitting.

Adding strategically placed mirrors to the design can also help limited spaces feel larger. Another tip is to use a tonal color palette instead of contrasting colors that break the room into sections.

Sticking to monochromatic blues and greens gives the space a cohesiveness that allows it to flow and brings it together as one space.

If you have a spacious living room, sectioning off parts adds depth to the space. You can use rugs to designate areas for sitting and reading. The lighting you also choose assists with defining sections.

It would help if you used accent lighting to draw attention to art. Floor lamps provide accent lighting and help to segment the space.

When you’re entertaining visitors in the space, you want to be sure to give them something to start a discussion. The pieces you choose can be terrific ice breakers and spark conversations between guests.

Also, filling in a roomy space can be intimidating because you don’t want to clutter the area with too much furniture. Decorative can solve that minor problem. Find a theme that you or your family agree on, and work that into the room’s personality.

If your family loves vacationing at the beach, you can find coastal accessories to fit their tastes. If you love to travel, transportation can be the theme. Use art pieces of early planes, cars, bridges, etc.

Animal lovers can find paintings and sculptures to incorporate into the design.

You want a living room that tells people something about you, so don’t hold back when it’s time to choose décor to update your look.

The professionals are waiting to help you pull your ideas together and design a cheap living room that charms guests and pleases your family. So reach out to one of them today and create a space everyone will love.


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