Air Conditioning and Indoor Air Quality in the UK

Air Conditioning and Indoor Air Quality in the UK

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Air conditioning and the quality of indoor air hasn’t been something that people in the UK have thought about in much depth historically. For domestic properties or for an office space, good air conditioning can make such a big difference to your quality of life.

Search for experts in domestic air conditioning installation to ensure that you are getting the very best in modern technology, with a clear flow of air that keeps you comfortable and healthy, the best indoor air quality you can achieve.

The problem of poor air quality

Poor indoor air quality can become a real problem if it is not dealt with. Indoor air pollution can be caused by all manner of things. It can include dust and dirt, gas and air, and can become harmful to breath in over time. Poor indoor air quality in the worst cases have been linked to causing asthma, COPD, and lung cancer amongst other conditions.

How covid has given us pause to rethink indoor air quality

The past few years have been weird for all of us. The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we thought about how we live our lives. For many people they were forced to work from home or work in offices that looked and felt drastically different than they did pre Covid. Now, we all became aware of invisible pollutants and the need to ensure clean, fresh air circulating throughout our properties. Air conditioning units can be used to help clean the air and maintain this fresh movement of air at all times, helping you to improve the quality of air within your home or office.

Can domestic air conditioning help improve air quality?

An air conditioning unit is designed to provide you with a much greater control over the temperature inside your building. In hot weather, air con units will help you to keep things cool inside, whilst they are also used as heating systems during the colder months where necessary. Although an air conditioning system cannot completely remove pollutants, it can make a big difference in improving indoor air quality, and modern air con units are able to remove dust particles and larger pollutants.

Can air conditioning be used post-Covid-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic is not over, so it is fair that you may question the use of air conditioning units to help improve air quality during these times. As long as there is a good, regular flow of air and good levels of consistent ventilation, the risk of Covid-19 becoming present in an air-conditioned home or office is low.

Air conditioning allows all areas of a building to receive a fresh supply of air consistently. Stagnant air can become a problem if it is left to sit there for long periods of time and a good air conditioning system will eradicate this problem.

Good ventilation and air flow helps to improve temperature control and reduce humidity and pollutants. All of this is a great way to improve the overall quality of the air inside and help to reduce or remove instances of mould and humidity.

By humidifying or dehumidifying you can take control of the air quality in your home. A constant flow of clean, fresh air and adequate ventilation goes a long way to helping you create the most comfortable environment to live and work in. We all want to feel as comfortable as possible, especially when it’s too hot outside.

A functioning domestic air conditioning system is the best way to ensure this level of comfort at all times, to the point where you won’t even think about it anymore, it will just be naturally comfortable.

It is also important to service and maintain your air conditioning system on a regular basis. Cleaning the air con units will help to keep the air clean and pollutant free. It also helps to reduce moisture build up which can lead to mould, and in turn the release of toxic vapours in the worst-case scenarios if there is no cleaning or servicing.

If you are creating a home office, or you are considering ways to make your office space on commercial premises more comfortable with air conditioning installation, always consider the choice of an expert team in aircon installation.

Choosing to work with specialists in the field will ensure that you always have the best choice of air conditioning system to fit the space that you have available, the budget you have, and to ensure that you are as comfortable and healthy as possible at all times. With the best air conditioning systems, you can improve the quality of indoor air and help your lungs to remain healthy.