All You Need to Know About Wow Classic

All You Need to Know About Wow Classic

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Whether you are a kid or an adult, all of us enjoy games from time to time. When a large group gets together, we play board games, card games, or verbal games.

All You Need to Know About Wow Classic

But now, because of covid-19, no one has been able to meet and online games have become our only source. Although, after a certain point you tend to get bored of playing the same games over and over again, have you noticed, how that is not the case with video games? Video games are such widely played games worldwide that even with new games coming up, old ones are never forgotten!

Almost every video game we play has an online and an offline mode. In the online mode, people worldwide get together to play as a team or compete against each other. In the offline mode, it is general robots or in-built computer systems that we compete against.

And these video games have now been made available on mobile phones with lower versions as well because a lot of people cannot play on their PCs or PSPs. Either way, there are a plethora of video games you can play, but there is one that has been catching people’s attention for a long time now!

The game we are talking about is the Classic World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft or WoW was created in 2004. This game is extremely old and consists of several types of characters including humans, dwarves, gnomes, etc.

You can select and customize the character you want and go ahead to battle your enemies in Azeroth. The instructions and tutorial will be provided to you to be able to use the action bar and weapons to beat these evils.

Apart from that, there are other characters in the game that can be helpful or end up creating a greater evil. So you need to be careful and enjoy the World of War(craft).

This game has gone through a large number of changes over the years. The first game was called the 1.12 version and the latest one is the updated version of this one, which is the 1.12.1 version. The game was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and can be played on Microsoft Windows and macOS.

The mobile version is yet to release and thus, the gamers would have to have a laptop to continue with this game. WoW is one of the most in trend games, even after 17 years of its release. This game has gotten almost all the mechanics of the original gameplay but with a few modifications.

WoW has gone through around 7 different versions and each version is getting better. But now, players reminisce about the older version, which was classic and the best one up till now. Thus, the developers made the necessary changes and got back the original WoW under the name of WoW classic.

This game did not consist of any graphics that were low or misunderstood but was the plain and original game that was generated years ago. The company is contemplating coming up with further updates, which shows that a large number of people still enjoy playing this game.

In March 2020 Blizzard delivered a survey to Classic players mapping their interest in a Classic Burning Crusade game. After mostly, positive reactions it was verified in February 2021, and in the last week of May 2021, it became available for download leading up to its release on June 1st. This version of the game was announced in 2017 at BlizzCon and was downloadable to a few gamers who purchased the virtual tickets for trial.

This trial period was available for about 10 days and after the feedback, they were elevated to get the perfect version before the release of the entire game for everyone on June 1st.

The software developers along with excited gamers were hoping for no changes from the classic but that wasn’t exactly possible considering the updated versions of software and programs. Certain bugs and features that didn’t go well with the current classic version were removed and updated to go as close to the original as possible.

The game now has major changes regarding the expansion of the area, along with the number of players that can play in a team. The new players can also skip the classic version by playing till level 58. Paladin players will also receive the same seals regardless of their factions.


1.How do I access WoW Classic?

WoW Classic is available and accessible the same way other versions of the game were but we shall still give a step-by-step method to be able to play.

  • Open the application on your desktop that needs to be installed.
  • Select World Of Warcraft and in the version menu select Classic.
  • You can now log in from the account you wish to or create a new one.
  • After the game is installed, it is open to play.

2. Will I Be Able to Access Content From Previous Games or Even From the Original Version?

There are certain fixes in the latest version of this game, thus, the game won’t be exactly the way patch 1.12 was. But most of it will be similar and the release is taking place in levels, so after a certain amount of time, you will be able to access much more from the original. Unfortunately, the progress or contents from the previous games or versions would not be accessible.

3. How Many Characters Can I Create in Wow Classic?

WoW Classic allows you to create up to 10 characters per realm. You can also access or create 50 characters in total across different and all realms in the game. You will also be restricted to one faction on the PVP realms.

With this, we conclude the discussion of this game. WoW Classic is a great game that gives you the feels of simpler times and the beginnings of video games! The game may have gone higher up in levels but the nostalgic feel that players were hoping for remains. We hope to have supplied all the relevant information regarding your favorite game. Stay tuned for updates!