8 Helpful Tips to Get Your Amazon Affiliate Approval

8 Helpful Tips to Get Your Amazon Affiliate Approval

Amazon Affiliate Program

How do you get approved as an Amazon Affiliate? Is it hard to become one?

If you want to make money with the Amazon Affiliate program, you need to get approval to be part of it.

Read on, and I will share some helpful tips to help you get approved as soon as possible and without hiccups.

This article will provide you with 8 guaranteed steps that you must follow to become an Amazon Affiliate and earn money. Read on!


What are Amazon Affiliates?

Amazon Affiliates is the Amazon affiliate program through which you can sell its vast catalog’s online products as an intermediary and earn a commission of up to 10% (depending on the product) for each sale you make.

This is one of the best ways to get a passive income since you make the sale, Amazon takes care of everything else, and you do not have to worry about anything after placing an order.




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For this, you will have a personalized affiliate ID, which will help you generate unique links and allow Amazon to identify that this sale corresponds to you.

8 Helpful Tips to Get Your Amazon Affiliate Approval

To start working as an Amazon affiliate and earn income, you must have a website or mobile application, create an account with the program, and generate traffic.

Joining the program is free, but before you can start using affiliate links, you’ll need Amazon to approve your account. This usually happens within 12-24 hours if everything is in order.

Before making your application, you must take certain conditions into account to ensure your application acceptance, which will help you participate in the program without problems.

Here is a checklist of 8 steps that you must achieve for Amazon to approve your account immediately. This will prevent you from running the risk of being shut down later on.

1. Be of legal age

Accepting the Operative Agreement of the Affiliate Program is essential to creating an account and implies that you have the legal capacity to accept the contract.

This means that to be an Amazon affiliate, you must be of legal age and not be subject to any legal incapacitation.

2. Comply with the content policy

Having a finished website with content does not guarantee direct admission to the Amazon affiliate program.

It would be best if you considered the content policy since there are specific topics that Amazon deems “inappropriate” and, therefore, prohibited.

Among the contents that Amazon considers “inappropriate” are those that:

  • Encourage or contain sexually explicit materials (pornography).
  • Contain violence or violent materials.
  • Encourage or include defamatory or slanderous materials.
  • Promote discrimination (sex, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation).
  • Encourage or carry out illegal activities.
  • Violate intellectual property rights.

Note: The next few steps are a little longer but vital to your approval:

3. Write quality text and have enough content

Although this may vary depending on the case, your website should have published a minimum of 15-20 articles before making your request to the Amazon affiliate program.

Amazon will value that these articles are original and well written, oriented to the users’ interest, without spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

Amazon highly values the writing of reviews of specific products that include references to the user experience, beyond just a mere description of their features.

For example: how the product helps solve a particular problem, what benefits it has, how easy it is to use, what makes it useful and unique, etc.

This involves including arguments that may justify the product’s recommendation, prompting the user to buy it.

4. Correctly include your ID in the affiliate links

It may seem like common sense, but being careless with this is something that happens more than you might think. In these cases, Amazon ignores requests for approval.

Amazon will only pay you the commissions generated from links that are correctly formatted. To do this, always ensure that you are logged in with your affiliate account when you search for products on Amazon to include the links on your website.

To obtain the corresponding affiliate link and verify that it includes your affiliate ID and tracking ID, use the upper bar that you will find at the top. That link that you have generated is the one that you have to insert in your website so that Amazon can follow up and identify that the sale corresponds to you.

You can also get a short link, but the full link will allow you to check that your ID is correctly included, preceded by the word “tag.” This way, when someone clicks on your link and lands on Amazon to make the purchase, the URL will include your affiliate ID.

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5. Do not use the Amazon brand

Amazon is stringent on this point. You can not use any of Amazon’s brands to advertise or promote beyond the items allowed in the contract.

As soon as Amazon detects this, it will close your account. Then, they will disqualify you immediately from the affiliate program.

  • You can not include any of Amazon’s trademarks in your domain name. This also covers the variations of such marks and words spelled the same but are slightly modified.
  • Don’t use any of the registered trademarks or variations such as user name, group name, or any other identification in a social network.
  • Do not take any action that might imply acting on behalf of or collaborating with Amazon (for example, a press release).
  • You can not use the terms of any of your brands as keywords for your search engine campaigns. You can make paid campaigns to bring traffic to your site but cannot use Amazon brands.

6. Privacy Policy, Legal Notice and Cookies

Your website must include a Privacy Policy page or, where appropriate, a Legal Notice page, where you explain to your users how you collect, use, and disclose your data. This includes that third parties (such as Amazon) can directly obtain this information and place cookies in their browsers.

Amazon explicitly states some rules in its Operating Agreement. In its contract with you, you must include your affiliate status in your website and what that implies. An excellent place to include this notification is, for example, in the Legal Notice.

Likewise, and per current legislation, you must include a page with your Cookies Policy, where you explain what types of cookies you use on your website and for what purpose. Users must have the opportunity to accept cookies manually.

Tip: Although it is not mandatory, it is advisable to include other important pages on your website such as the “About Me,” “About Us,” and “Contact Us.”

This way, your users will see that there is “someone” on your website. This will make it easier for you to gain their trust. Remember: trust facilitates sales.

7. Fraudulent traffic and other prohibited practices

Amazon expressly prohibits the artificial generation of clicks or impressions on your website and the illegal creation of sessions on the Amazon site. This can be either through bots, software programs, or something similar.

Likewise, Amazon prohibits inserting affiliate links directly into paid campaigns to attract traffic in emails, ebooks, and PDFs.

In any case, the links you use in these cases should direct users to your website, but never directly to the Amazon site with your unique affiliate link. You can not include your affiliate links in advertising spaces on the same Amazon website, customer review spaces, forums, etc.

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8. Do not buy with your affiliate links

Amazon does not allow you to use your affiliate links to purchase products yourself and get a corresponding commission.

Yes, it is tempting to do so. However, it is a prohibited practice and, therefore, a reason for Amazon to close your account immediately.

If you follow these tips, in 99.99% of cases, you will have your Amazon Affiliate Program account approved without problems. Then, you can start earning money as soon as possible.

So, this is how we can get approval for the Amazon Affiliate program without any problems. I hope this article will help you get your Amazon affiliate account fully approved!

What is your experience? Have you had success with Amazon’s affiliate program?


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