Apps To Save Money And Improve Your Finances *Android

Apps To Save Money And Improve Your Finances *Android

Today I am going to introduce 10 Android apps which are used to save money and improve your finances. These are a great way to avoid over spending at the same time improve our finances. With them we can make a more precise control of the monthly bills for electricity, water, telephone, Internet, etc., so that we can always know where we are spending our money.

10 Apps to Save Money

1. Moneywise

With this application users can keep track of all your daily expenses and your income. It is an application for managing finances and is compatible with different currencies and also creates budget. Also highlighted by:
  • Manage costs and revenues
  • Rates Charts
  • Filter by categories and tags
  • Ability to export data to CSV to work in Excel
  • Backup email or DropBox
  • Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly view
  • Password protection

2. Finance – Expense Manager

This application is very simple in terms of user because interface is concerned, however, offers features and functions that allow you to manage money easily. Among them highlights include:
  • Multiple accounts in different currencies
  • Exchange rate
  • Ability to create budgets
  • Ability to attach pictures to transactions
  • Backup information
  • Filtering categories and reports
  • Scheduled frequent transactions

3. Monofey – Expense Manager

This is another application to save money using our Android phone that works in a very simple but effective way. We just have to enter our monthly or weekly income and then specify the time costs. Along with this application also allows:
  • Add notes
  • Display graphics costs
  • Change the categories
  • Specify the currency of your country
  • Synchronize data with Dropbox Account
  • Backup
  • Password protection

4. Tracker Spending

In this case it is  focused on monitoring of expenditure across different sections that allow the user to know exactly where you are spending your money application. Its main features include:

  • Expense Tracking
  • Budgeting
  • Recurring transactions by date
  • Ability to export data to a CSV file
  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Ability to edit the categories of expenditure and income
  • Expense reports with graphs

5. Money Control

With this application the user can keep track of all your transactions on a daily basis so that you always know the relationship between your expenses and your income. Moreover it is possible:

  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Add bills with income or expense
  • View reports with interactive charts
  • Lock pattern
  • Calculator
  • Reports of income and expenditure
  • Backup
  • Support for voice input

6. CoinKeeper

This is also one of the best apps to save money and control costs that are at home or in the office, thanks to the creation of budgets, accounts and financial goals. Among the highlights include:




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  • Budget Auto Mode
  • Multiple accounts in different currencies
  • Easy recording of transactions
  • Information about overspending
  • Ability to create custom categories
  • Reminders about upcoming bills or transactions
  • Password protection
  • Statistics with graphs of expenses and income

7. Daily Money

With this application we can manage our money from the phone after expenses, income, assets or liabilities that we introduce in the application. Besides this, the application also allows:
  • Create multiple books in different currencies
  • Create accounts hierarchy and Custom
  • Calculate the money balance
  • Display pie charts and time tables
  • Ability to save data in CSV
  • Password protection

8. Toshl Finance

This is an application for personal finances that unlike previous required to create a user account to use it. Once done, the app offers:
  • Choose your main currency
  • Reminder to enter expenses
  • Ability to create monthly budgets for all expenditures
  • Currency Converter
  • Ability to export data to CSV file

9. Accounting Records

As its name implies, this is an application that allows to take the accounting of all income daily, weekly or monthly expenses. Additional features include:
  • Control of payment for credit cards
  • Ability to schedule transfers
  • Integrated Calculator
  • Budget allocation
  • Different categories of expenditure
  • Password protection

10. Daily Expenses

We end this list of applications to save money on Android with this app that allows us to organize expenses and income, and cash register transactions and get detailed reports of the total. Besides this and adjust the budget accordingly:

  • You can modify or delete records entered
  • Sort the expense and revenue categories
  • Schedule frequent records
  • Protect information with password
  • Backup
  • Widget screen with the monthly summary
  • Currency and date format

I hope everyone got to know some new things here and I wish everyone to make use of such apps for good growth in our life.



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