5 Apps for Shop Owners

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It is a good feeling to have your own business and one of the best businesses to start on your own is to open a shop. There are several options available when it comes to opening a shop.

It can either be a Kirana, tailor, boutique, car cleaning, stationary, gift shop, and basically anything that you want to but each shop would consist of different licenses and products that you would keep in your shop but few things are going to be just the same like the apps that will help you keep running your store in a smooth manner.

You would need these apps to run a smoother business grow your business and increase your customer base. Following apps would help you with all this and more.


Lio is one of the best applications that have multiple use cases. Lio stands for Life In Order and it helps you with exactly that. Offering you several different templates, Lio is that all-in-one application where you can save all your data.

Whether it is money-related, items list, employees details, customers details, employee timings, debit and credit notes for business, licenses to obtain, or anything, Lio helps you with all that and much more. You can use it in any which way you want based on your business, needs, and requirements.

You can share and collaborate on all files and upload pictures and documents as well. Lio helps you keep track of every aspect of your business so that you have your eye on everything.


Whatsapp needs no introduction. The app has taken over all our lives and has made it very convenient. Now everyone is just a few clicks away. This instant messaging app does not just let you text people but also allows you to call them, leave voice messages, broadcast messages.

Send videos and pictures. Every shop owner can use WhatsApp for promotional purposes. You can send a blast message to all your customers in case of any promotions and offers. You can request them to spread the word about your business.

Whatsapp can also be used for taking orders from your customers and delivering them to their doorsteps or offering them pick-up services for their order.


Digital Payment is something all customers depend upon especially now when the entire world is scared of COVID and wants to avoid physical contact as much as possible. With this Paytm or any other digital Paytm becomes one of the best ways to make payments.

Hence, it becomes important for shop owners to have this application so that payment can become a lot easier and safer for customers as well as you. Paytm lets you receive payments, make payments for all kinds of things like bills.

Paytm can also be used for booking train, bus tickets. The app offers several other features like offers, cashback, and other vouchers to make the use of the app much more exciting.

Want to know more about Lio? Click on https://paytm.com/


Google Pay popularly known as GPay is another popular payment application that has caught people’s fancy over the past few years. It is widely used and offers a great user interface. The application is used to make payments which makes it great for shop owners.

You can receive cash from your customers during in-store shopping or while they are asking for at-home delivery. All you have to do is share your numbers with them or QR code and transactions can be done very easily.

This is a safe and very secure way to make any payment and all your data remains secure here.

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Amazon Seller

Why only sell your goods at a physical store when you can also sell them online? Enter Amazon Seller. Amazon Seller is a platform for all online businesses where they can market as well as sell their products.

To do so, create an account on an amazon seller, create your online store by listing all the products that you want to sell on the platform, and you are done.

With this application, you get to decide the products you want to sell and their cost as well. The app also lets you apply your own marketing tactics along with shipping carriers if any.

This is a safe application as it protects you against fraudulent orders, secures payments made directly to your bank accounts, and also lets you have two shipping options.


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