9 Awesome iOS 10 Features Everyone Is Going To Love

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Apple has finally unveiled iOS 10, the company’s latest mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad. Packed with a number of compelling features, Apple has been steadily rolling out iterative betas to both developers and the public over the past few weeks.

There are plenty of new features, app updates, fresh functionalities, for users to enjoy. Here, we have compiled a list highlighting some of the cooler new features.

9 Awesome iOS 10 Features

1. Finally, you can remove many of the default apps from Apple.

You can remove stock iOS apps - Awesome iOS 10 Features Everyone Is Going To Love

Yes, you can finally delete many of the iOS stock apps. For years, iOS users have lamented the fact that Apple’s built-in iOS could not be deleted. With iOS 10, Apple has finally decided to end years of prolonged frustration by enabling us to get rid of those potentially unwanted apps that we never use. Of course, not all stock apps are deletable; some of them like Safari, Messages, and Settings, are tied too deeply to iOS, so they’re sticking around.

The pre-installed apps, which you will be able to be deleted are — Calendar, Contacts, Find My Friends, iBooks, iCloud Drive, Maps, News, Podcasts, Stocks, Videos, Watch app, Compass, FaceTime, Home, iTunes Store, Mail, Music, Notes, Reminders, Tips, Voice Memos, and Weather.

However, you can always reinstall any stock app that you remove via the App Store.

2. Storage optimization

Never run out of storage - Awesome iOS 10 Features Everyone Is Going To Love

If you tend to run out of space on your phone, the new feature called ‘storage optimization’ lets users instruct their device to automatically remove music that hasn’t been played in a while. You can set different options for when the device should delete music — with choices between 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB of storage left, and once that mark is hit, music will start being deleted.

With the iPhone 7, Apple will finally get rid of the entry-level 16GB model and provides a basic storage of 32 GB.

3. Live Filters for Live Photos

Live Filters for Live Photos - Awesome iOS 10 Features Everyone Is Going To Love

Originally introduced in iOS 9, Live Photos is a great feature that allows users to take living and breathing photographs – especially for the users with kids or pets. However, with iOS 9, Live Photos can’t be used with the photo filters that come built into Apple’s camera app. But,

Apple will be adding a new feature in iOS 10 that allows users to take advantage of Apple’s photo filters and the Live Photos feature at the same time.

4. New bedtime and wake feature

New bedtime and wake feature - Awesome iOS 10 Features Everyone Is Going To Love

Apple updated its Clock app with a number of new features in iOS 10, including a tab called bedtime. The new Bedtime tab helps you to make sure you are getting the amount of sleep you want and keeps track of it over time. It lets you set yourself a time to sleep, and then sends notifications telling you that it’s time to go to sleep. Coupled with its built-in “wake” feature, which can wake you up at a specific time each day, this new feature will replace your daily alarm clock.

5. Notes collaboration

Notes collaboration - Awesome iOS 10 Features Everyone Is Going To Love

It could prove certainly useful for those that use notes often. This new feature enables the user to share Notes to others, who will be able to edit those notes, essentially creating a note that can be used for collaborative work. This allows everyone to edit the note and see the changes in real-time.

6. You can share your current location more easily

Share your current location with friends more easily

If a friend or family member is coming to meet you, you might want to send your current location so they can quickly and easily get to exactly where you are. With the revamped Messages app in iOS 10, it’s now easier than ever to share your current location.

Specifically, the messages app is now contexted aware and will prompt users to share their location in response to certain questions. For example, if someone asks “Where are you?”, the ability to share one’s “Current Location” automatically pops up as an option.

7. Split View in Safari

Split View in Safari - Awesome iOS 10 Features Everyone Is Going To Love

While you’re using Safari on your iPad, you can tap and hold on the screen and choose ‘Open in Split View’ from the resulting menu to get two different web pages side by side. Each works completely independent of the other, with its own address bar and tabs.

8. Instantly view whatever you’re browsing on your computer right on your iPhone

You can instantly view whatever you're browsing on your computer right on your iPhone

Say you’re browsing a website on your computer but you have to head out of the house urgently. You might copy the link and put it in your note-taking app or text message. But not anymore! Now, you can instantly pull up what’s displayed right now on Safari and take it to go. This is definitely one of the most useful features.

9. Your phone will now automatically tell you exactly where you parked your car

Your phone will now automatically tell you exactly where you parked your car.

Ever happened that you walked around the parking lot searching for the car you just parked at a place some time ago?  iOS 10 solves this problem by remembering where you parked your car, automatically. It will remember your car’s location anytime you stop at a place other than your home.

Are you excited and ready to upgrade to iOS 10 coming September?