Five Benefits of Selling Your Old Phone

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Do you feel the need to upgrade your phone every once in a while? Doesn’t holding a new phone with a slick design and the next-gen features always feel so very gratifying? If yes, then you are one of us.

But that joy soon evaporates when you open your drawer, and there lie your older phones gathering dust around them. With a heave of sigh, you think you shouldn’t have bought a newer one.

But have you ever considered the other option? Why not just cash them in at and earn a few bucks while they are still working?

While trying to get rid of our old phones, we mostly look for potential buyers in our family and friends. Data shows more than 97% of Americans own a phone.

But, with budget smartphones flooding the market, few people would buy a second-hand phone, albeit at a reduced price.

Worry not; there are other ways to sell your smartphone or exchange it with a newer one. If you still have some inhibitions about selling your very first phone, these five reasons will surely convince you otherwise-

Instant Cash

The most obvious reason for selling your smartphones is the monetary benefit. You probably paid somewhere between 700$-1000$ dollar for your phone last year.

If it is still in working condition, it will fetch you quite an amount of money. Many companies are willing to buy your old phone online.

Depending on your brand, model number, and your phone-status, you can get an estimated price range for your phone. It will take hardly a few minutes of your time to complete the evaluation.

Environmental Reason

Americans throw away 151.8 million phones a year, which roughly translates to throwing away 416,000 cell phones every day.

Let that sink in. The main reason behind this is most cellphone makers don’t make original parts or custom tools available at any store.

Eventually, they end up in landfills. Smartphones emit toxic materials like- mercury, arsenic, and zinc, which cause environmental pollution.

Nowadays, many companies and start-ups are venturing into the recycling business. However, due to lack of publicity, only 11% of E-waste comprises mobile phones.

Materials like cobalt, plastic, nickel used in wiring and circuits are valuable to heavy industries. They are recovered and put into future use, saving the planet from land and water pollution.

A Newer Phone

Google Pixel users recently received the Android 12 update with a new look and newer features. With so many updates released one after another, our old phones start looking ancient in no time.

We all feel tempted to get our hand on the newest Pixel or the latest iPhone. So, when buying the latest model in the market, why not sell the older one and make extra cash.

If you sell it before your warranty expires, you will get a handsome amount that you can put in your new purchase.

Selling in Developing Countries

Although most Americans prefer buying a new phone over a second-hand one, it is not the same for other countries especially, in developing nations.

If your phone is not severely damaged, most probably, it will find its way into South Asian markets.

Online companies have an international reach and ship through borders. So, if you sell your phone online, not only will it benefit you but also your potential buyer overseas.

Save Your Precious Time

Selling a phone directly to a buyer or a retail store is quite a lengthy process. You have to negotiate with them about the price, maybe have to visit more than one store.

These take a lot of time. Instead, if you decide to sell your smartphone online, you can sell it in an instant.

There are buyback websites where you need to choose your model number and answer a set of questions regarding your phone’s condition.

With that, you will get a standard value for your model and an actual value for your phone. If you are satisfied with the evaluation, you can sell it and receive the cash online.


Before selling a phone, you must wipe all your data. Also, look for companies that have an overseas reach, as this ensures more security.

So, you can see there is more than one reason to sell your phone and make use of it while it’s still good. So, why not treat yourself with a new phone this Halloween!


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