Best Countries to Take Asylum

Best Countries to Take Asylum

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The current refugee crisis caused by civil unrest in the Middle East and Africa has led to the evacuation of more than 4.1 million people from Syria alone since 2011.

Although most refugees in the region initially fled to neighbouring countries (there were more than a quarter of the adjusted population of Lebanon and Syria), most are primarily interested in establishing refugee status in Europe.

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Although the European Union’s Dublin Convention states that refugees must apply for asylum in their home country upon entering the union, most northerners have a higher economic status and thus have a good opportunity to seek asylum.

Recent immigration has also created many political and social controversies in Europe. Photos of the fence for Slovenia on the Hungarian-Austrian border and the humiliation of a Hungarian female photographer fleeing with her son are a testament to the right-wing’s continued tendency to support her through the growing movement.

We’ve compiled a list of the top four countries that are well known for their asylum policies. With more refugees arriving in Europe last month than last year, the urgent question for these individuals is where and when to stay.

1. Germany

The massive influx of refugees seeking asylum in Germany at the end of 2015 has been discussed for months. Many believe the influx came as widespread rumors spread in Germany that refugees would face physical and financial security if they contacted the EU leader.

Angela Merkel has made headlines for her strong position in favor of processing large numbers of refugees. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maazire described the influx of people as “a challenge, but not beyond our control”. Germany now is expected to have the highest asylum applications in Europe i.e 1.5 million asylum applications this year alone. 40,000 asylum applications were accepted last year which is much higher than any other country in Europe.

2. Sweden

Sweden is very well known as a safe haven for asylum seekers taking into account the total number of asylum applications received about the national population. Sweden has historically welcomed refugees from around the world, first fleeing the dictatorship in Chile in the 1970s.

In 2013, the Swedish Migration Board granted permanent residence to Syrian refugees as legal citizens of Sweden. In Sweden, the rights granted to refugees as a result of this permanent status – the ability to quickly work, choose a place to live, and be reunited with their families – are vital and vital to their quality of life.

3. The United States of America

With their military and political stance on the Syrian conflicts, the U.S. only promised safe asylum for only 10,000 refugees. Yet a closer look at its program paints a clear picture of US refugee policy. From a historical perspective, with the number of applications received by the United Nations Refugee Agency, the USA has allowed the most number of refugees and has provided permanent residence to more people than any country.

The same thing happened to some 70,000 refugees around the world last year, most of whom live in an unknown country. The United States might not be a good place to live for Syrian refugees but there are a great number of refugees from other countries that are living a good life in the USA.

4. Brazil

Although a survey thoroughly reviews the 1951 Convention on the Status of Refugees, as well as policies that restrict actual access for refugees under the National Human Rights Act, the 2013 Refugee Survey relied heavily on security/material security, legal assess, freedom to reside, and move and right to work and provide for the family.

Brazil has left many countries behind by satisfying all these needs of refugees Also, due to their well-planned policies on entry, refugees can avoid dangerous routes for entry. Brazil, whose small refugee program may not work well (although asylum applications increased from 560 in 2010 to 12,000 in 2014), is doing very well in its refugee resettlement programs.

If you are looking to seek Asylum, the above 4 countries could be your best choice for that matter as they have the most lenient policies regarding immigrants.