Top 3 Best Email Marketing Services of 2022

Top 3 Best Email Marketing Services of 2022

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Email is still the #1 most effective means of digital marketing. Surprisingly perhaps to some, it is still more effective for growing businesses than marketing campaigns across social media platforms.

With emails still being so solid in 2022, it’s as important now as it has been at any other time to choose the right email service.

So let’s take a quick look at 3 of the best email marketing services of 2022.

1. SendinBlue

SendinBlue very quickly became one of the premier marketing services across Europe for business strategies. It’s floated seemingly effortlessly to the surface and is now well-established as one of the leaders of the pack.

If you only look at one email marketing service this year, you should make it this one: for anyone looking to expand their business reach fast this is the email software for you.

Not just software for marketing emails, SendinBlue is much bigger than that – it is a one-stop toolbox for all your marketing wants and needs.

SendinBlue is armed to the teeth with a host of powerful features to enable the nurturing of customers.

This includes marketing on Facebook, the creation of robust and engaging webpages – plus the ability for retargeted ads.

This term means that you will be able to create bespoke advertising based upon the historical webpage interactions of visitors.

Sendinblue’s toolbox is heavy with an impressive variety of editorial tools. An innumerable amount of drag-and-drop features are on hand for simple email building.

The software comes with a large selection of responsive email templates, which you can use as the foundation to build your own professional-looking mail.

For those in the eCommerce bracket, there are plugins available for WooCommerce and Shopify, which will give you the means to create transactional emails such as order updates and account confirmations.

You can also scale your email marketing with the use of marketing automation tools. Autoresponders such as welcome emails all the way through to complex workflows based on individual user behavior. With SendinBlue’s tracker, you can even trigger emails based on how users specifically interact with your website.

Beyond email marketing, SendinBlue also offers SMS marketing abilities and real-time live chat with customers

If your budget is tight – which is more likely than not these days – SendinBlue has an excellent free package available. Paid packaging costs peak at an affordable and competitive price.

SendinBlue costs:

  • Free;
  • Lite: $16.5 per month;
  • Premium: $41.65 per month;
  • Enterprise: prices are discussed and decided on dependent on individual needs.

2. Mailchimp

For good reason, you will find Mailchimp on just about any email marketing list you set your eyes on. For both business newcomers and business veterans, regardless of the size of your business or its needs, Mailchimp is flexible enough to handle your requirements.

If you can think of it, Mailchimp can do it. Cloud-based, the company with the cheeky-looking monkey logo is superb for building highly original-looking custom emails that can make your brand really stand out from the inbox crowd.

By utilizing Mailchimp, you can effortlessly design, generate titles for emails, send, schedule, and track multiple marketing emails. On top of this, the monkey brings with it a handful of robust analytics software.

By using these little monitoring tricks, you can observe campaign data in real-time. The software will give you reports on open rates, click-throughs, subscriptions – as well as unsubscribe rates – plus much more. All of which can add up to a bag full of invaluable insights.

Inside Mailchimp’s toolkit is a treasure chest stuffed with email blueprints, as well as a library of images. Using these as your base, with an intuitive and incredibly simple to use drag-and-drop interface will have you designing eye-catching marketing emails in next to no time at all.

As a master’s degree in visual design and communication teaches us, almost each customer reaction is followed by trade or exchange. Everything you can think of to dress your email as professionally as possible is right there for you.

Not only does Mailchimp offer arguably the best email-only marketing software around, but it also offers what has to be the best free entry-level tier you could hope to find.

Simple to use, with a well-honed set of analytical tools, plus integrational with other platforms, Mailchimp is an all-around email specialist heavyweight.

Mailchimp costs:

  • Free plan: (contacts list is capped at 2000);
  • Essential: $9.99 – $270 monthly;
  • Standard: $14.99 – $540 monthly;
  • Premium: $299 – $1,190 monthly.

3. Drip

Drip is a stand-out platform choice for digital marketers, bloggers, and eCommerce. Drip can be integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce, as well as many other top website creation platforms.

Personalization is easy, as is the adding on of little functions such as sign-up opting in forms and pop-ups, all designed to help your business capture more leads.

Almost invaluable to eCommerce and small business owners, Drip can also send subscribers personalized mail that has been generated based on their behavior on your website.

Its intelligent automation tools such as this give Drip its top-level workflow capabilities.

Previously, Drip had remained solely focused on email marketing, but it has recently added an SMS feature across all of its tiers. This has made Drip an even better option than they already were for eCommerce business owners.

Drip costs:

  • $19 per month: unlimited mail sends, 1 – 5,000 contacts, full email support.

After this, pricing is based on the number of email contacts you have and the number of SMS text messages you send.

A free trial is available for 14 days – and you won’t need a credit card.


To drive sales and bump up revenue, having an email marketing service is essential to any business. As well as getting familiar with all Email Marketing Terms. Picking the right one for you and your company can have a significant impact, so it is not the easiest decision to make

With some companies offering free trials and free versions, there are at least some opportunities to try before you buy. Hopefully, any of the three picks above will work for you. Why not try them out and see!


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