Best Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Status – 100+ Amazing Status and Phrases Collection

Best Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Status – 100+ Amazing Status and Phrases Collection

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Have you ever run out of words when posting on your social networks? It is very likely that when you have some time with several profiles in progress you do not know what to write at the foot of your photos or what to put in your biographies.

Keep in mind that the need to update your profile on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is not the same. Refreshing your profiles can make your followers a little crazy. That’s why I advise you to get your attention in your biography and use this glossary of phrases for your posts and status.


As it is not the same to be, in this article I leave nothing more and nothing less than 100 status and phrases for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You already know that behind every social network there is a person and we do not always get up in the same mood.

So including motivational phrases, funny status, short sentences, beautiful phrases or statuses of love will brighten the day to your followers and generate engagement you expect.

All the phrases and status that we will see in this article can be very useful for WhatsApp profile photos or Instagram photo captions or in your posts on other social networks.

Remember that it is very important to optimize your profile picture for the different social networks you use, so I hope that the article will serve you and be of great use to you.

Including motivating phrases, funny status or phrases of love in your social networks will not only generate engagement but humanize your brand.

Phrases for Instagram | Status for Instagram


Before starting with the Phrases for Instagram I’ll explain a bit how the Instagram algorithm works.

With Instagram, we are always with the language out since the constant updating of its algorithm makes us feel the need to innovate in our profiles.

Currently, it has the 5 algorithms that determine the priority of our visibility to the user, 2 of them implemented a few months ago and that bring us head, right?

  • Algorithm HT Follow
  • Algorithm Places
  • EdgeRank Algorithm
  • HT Search Algorithm
  • Algorithm Stories Relevance

Each of them prioritizes the posts based on user behaviour, the order of the photos and videos in the feed will have more or less relevance as we are more or less interested in the interaction we have with the posts and the time in which we publish.

Importance of Instagram biographies

There is a maxim and it is to optimize the biographies of our profiles, on Instagram we usually leave this section empty because we believe that the weight is in the posts we publish.

Do not forget that it does not matter if you are a company or a private individual, you must have your biography optimized and attractive since it is the first thing that your potential followers see.

With a good biography, we can get new followers, enhance our personal brand and get more traffic to our website.

What should you keep in mind?

  • Try to have a smart or funny username.
  • Of course, calls to action (CTA) for the user to go to your website, for example.
  • Using emoji always gives the informal and fun touch that this social network demands.
  • Place the appropriate hashtag to be found.
  • Make outstanding stories and personalize them with covers to categorize them.

How many characters can you use in each section of your Instagram profile?

  • Profile name: 29 characters
  • Biography: 150 characters
  • Descriptions and Comments: 240 characters (to avoid being cut)
  • Hashtag: 30 maximum (although avoid putting so many, 5 is a good number)

We are already here with the list of the 100 phrases that have the most hook so you can use them both in your biography and in the description of your photos and story. Ready to enjoy?

Funny and original status quoteInstagramtagram biography

Using funny and original status on Instagram reinforces your more human and relaxed “I”. Using a friendly and funny tone generates closeness in your audience.

In addition, you will be reinforcing your community and you will generate an atmosphere of trust. This should always be your maxim, closeness and honesty.

  • “My body wakes up at 6:00 am, my brain at 9:00 am and my good mood at 12:00 pm” Anonymous
  • “I know, I should lose weight. But I hate to lose” Mafalda
  • “I have ambidirectional problems, I do not know how to turn left” Zoolander happy
  • “I just realized that the OK is a doll lying down” candid man
  • “I’m not bipolar! They make me angry when I’m happy. ” Anonymous
  • “Sometimes I forget my mistakes. What was your name?!”
  • “Do you know the difference between a pizza and your opinion? I ordered the pizza “
  • “People like you fall very well, by the stairs, for example”
  • “I have really enjoyed this play, especially at rest”

Motivating status or lines for Instagram photos

Motivational phrases have taken more weight for a while now and probably because we live in a more competitive society than ever.

Making your followers feel that you are also there to motivate and encourage them on their way is really positive. Not only will they be able to see that you also have moments of descent but that they can reflect on you as an example of overcoming and constant struggle. I hope you like these motivating status or motivational phrases.

  • “In the end, you have to trust something: your instinct, destiny, life, karma, whatever” Steve Jobs
  • “The reward of our work is not what we get, but what we become” Paulo Coelho
  • “The most powerful art of life is to make pain a talisman that heals” Frida Kahlo
  • “If the opportunity does not call, build a door” Milton Berle
  • “Accept responsibility for your life. Realize that you are the one who will get where you want to go. Nobody else ” Les Brown
  • “The only way to do a good job is to love what you do. If you have not found it, keep looking. Do not settle ” Steve Jobs
  • “Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing” Helen Keller
  • “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Zu
  • ” Remember that you are as good as the best thing you have done in your life” Billy Wilder

Movie love status for Instagram comments

“How beautiful is love, more than ever in spring!” Being in love is the most beautiful thing a human being can feel, but not only love of neighbour, but oneself.

The status of love helps us to see the positive side of life, because it has it, even if we have times that are darker than a black hole, we have to make the effort to relativize it and move on.

Here is the beautiful love status for your Instagram account.

  • “Without you, today’s emotions would be no more than the dead skin of yesterday”
  • “I do not remember forgetting you”
  • “I miss you more than I can stand” Origin
  • “They say that when you know the love of your life, time stops … And it’s true. What they do not say is that, when it gets back on track, it moves even more quickly, to make up for lost time. ” Big Fish
  • “The best kind of love is that which awakens the soul and makes us aspire to more, it lights our hearts and brings peace of mind. That is what you have given me and what I expected to give you always. “
  • “I love you without knowing how, why or even where” Patch Adams
  • “I do not want to need you because I can not have you” The Bridges of Madison
  • “You make me want to be a better person”

Life Status for Instagram Posts

And what is life? For each one of us, it will be different, according to our experiences, our way of acting and be reacting to different circumstances mould us in time.

The Internet has made it easier for us to share our lives and experiences with the rest of the world and Instagram has achieved it in a much more personal way. This social network is one of the closest and facilitates, for those who want to have a more intimate profile, share with their followers their day to day and their tastes.

  • “In the end, what matters is not the years of life, but the life of the years” Abraham Lincoln
  • “It is proper to censure to accredit the opinions that attack” Voltaire
  • “What you do for you vanishes when you die. What you do for the rest, make up your legacy ” Kalu Ndukwe Kalu
  • “Before convincing the intellect, it is essential to touch and predispose the heart” B. Pascal
  • “Life is not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to be lived” Anonymous
  • “The little I have learned is worthless compared to what I do not know and I do not despair in learning” Descartes
  • “Before speaking, think, but before thinking, read” Frances Ann Lebowitz
  • “Great thoughts appeared when walking” Friedrich Nietzsche
  • “Life is not about collecting the fruits you harvest each day, but about the seeds you sow.” Anonymous
  • “I like my mistakes. I do not want to give up the delicious freedom to make mistakes ” Groucho Marx

Phrases for Facebook | Status for Facebook


Facebook would be the father of Instagram, and by extension, is governed by one of the same algorithms as Instagram. This algorithm is EdgeRank.

Surely you will know that one of the latest updates to course more than a headache. The new ones could seriously affect the organic reach of the Fan page.

In the latest statements, Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook has to be a social network where users spend more and more time but better spent. That is, there is significant content, rewarding the publications of family and friends and less corporate pages.

Well, we start with the status for Facebook that you can use as statuses for your photos.

What can you do to make the Facebook algorithm fall in love?

  • Getting your users to like without asking. Find the content that generates more engagement, publish it at the best time and use short phrases with surprising images.
  • Create content in video format.
  • Publish more than one image.
  • Generates quality content that invites participation.

And without further ado, here is a compilation of phrases and statuses for Facebook to publish on your profile and FanPage.

Short or One line Status for Facebook

As I said at the beginning, every day we get up in a different mood but you should not lose sight of the fact that the description of your biography should also be a cover letter for your potential clients or followers.

So nothing better than using one of these phrases and status for Facebook that I have chosen for you and update your Facebook status to complete your profile perfectly.

  • “The greatest mystery in the world is that it is understandable” Albert Einstein
  • “Whoever has patience will get what they want” Benjamin Franklin
  • “It’s always early to give up” Norman Vicent Peale
  • “Age is something that does not matter unless you’re a cheese” Luis Buñuel
  • “A day without laughing is a lost day” Charles Chaplin
  • “Who is happy will make others happy too” Anna Frank
  • “To travel far, there is no better ship than a book” Emily Dickinson
  • “Whoever searches for the truth runs the risk of finding it” Isabel Allende
  • “Be you and try to be happy, but above all be you” Charles Chaplin

Pretty status for Facebook photos

As you read in the introduction to this part of the post, Facebook will reward the significant post publishings of family and friends. So write down these beautiful phrases that I leave to comment on the Facebook photos of your loved ones.

  • “Life is like jazz, better if improvised” George Gershwin
  • “Do not put your life in danger, you are all you have” Janis Joplin
  • “The stars are there, you just have to look at them” Kurt Cobain
  • “Love does not need to be understood, it needs to be demonstrated” Bob Marley
  • “Wherever you go, regardless of the weather, always carry your own sun. Attitude is everything ” D’Angelo
  • “Great minds discuss ideas. Medium minds discuss events. Small minds argue with people ” Eleanor Roosevelt
  • “Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our consolation when we occasionally fail ” Brad Henry
  • “First they ignore. Then they laugh at you. After they attack. Next, you win ” Mahatma Gandhi
  • “Do not forget that maybe you are the beacon in someone’s tempest” Anonymous

Phrases and original status for Facebook

For the same reason as the previous point, let the interpersonal relationships that form on Facebook be creative and sparkling. We are going to another list to give an original touch to your profile and Facebook Fan page.

  • “My woman and I were happy during 20 years. Then, we met ” Rodney Rangerfield
  • “Laugh and the world will laugh with you. Snore and you will sleep alone ” Anthony Burgess
  • “Laziness is just the habit of resting before you get tired” Jules Renard
  • “I hate that they speak when I interrupt” Anonymous
  • “I never forget a face but with his, I’ll make an exception” Groucho Marx
  • “I think if life gives you lemons, you should make lemon water … And try to find someone in life who has given you Vodka and have a party” Ron White
  • “I can resist anything but temptation” Óscar Wilde
  • “Tunnel of sugar and egg to heat stroke in his caramel mirror … that of all the life has been called flan” Leo Harlem
  • “Laziness is the mother of all vices, and as a mother … You have to respect her” Anonymous
  • “Do you want to marry me ?, I’m a man! Well, nobody is perfect ” Billy Wilder
  • “It is better to be quiet and seems foolish than to speak and to clear the doubt definitively” Groucho Marx

Motivation status for Facebook cover

Renewing your cover photo on Facebook denotes that you appreciate your followers and friends. Providing a different image every so often renews your appearance and humanizes your brand and if you also write a phrase of personal motivation or motivational phrase in them, you will be able to fall in love.

Changing your cover image on Facebook will not only improve your visibility in the feed, but you can also highlight offers and promotions that you have in progress, upcoming events or even insert a call to action.

  • “The measure of what we are is what we do with what we have” Vincent Lombardi
  • “A hero is not braver than anyone else, he is only brave five minutes more” Ralph Emerson
  • “Remember that you can not fail to be yourself” Wayner Dyer
  • “Your great opportunity may be right where you are now” Napoleon Hill
  • “The power of imagination makes us infinite” John Muir
  • “Put everything you are in the least you do” Fernando Pessoa
  • “Enthusiasm moves the world” Arthur Balfour
  • “Give him light and the darkness will disappear by itself” Erasmus of Rotterdam
  • “Open your arms to change, but do not leave your values aside” Dalai Lama
  • “Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and humanity the ship” Augusto Hare

Phrases for Twitter | States for Twitter


Called as a microblogging service it provides its followers with information to the second. It is a social platform where you can be aware of everything that happens in the world.

And like any social network, it will depend on the responsible use you give it. While it is true that blackbirds fly over this social network and say that it is used less and less, it is still very powerful to be able to get in touch with both individuals and companies through terms or hashtag.

Well, we start with the status of Twitter now …

Where can I use the Twitter status in my profile?

  • In the cover photo, you can place a short phrase where to give visibility to your website or next event.
  • In your biography, you can describe yourself in an original way in 160 characters. Use hashtags so that followers of your niche can find you.
  • The tweets themselves wherein 280 characters you can share information and comment on posts.

Short status to reflect on Twitter

  • “Be brave. Take risks Nothing can replace the experience ” Paulo Coelho
  • “Do not let the day end without having grown a little” Walt Whitman
  • “Doubt is the beginning of wisdom” Aristotle
  • “It takes a lifetime to learn to live” Seneca
  • “Life is what happens while we make plans” Anonymous
  • “Beauty is power; a smile is a sword ” John Ray
  • “Be real in everything you do” Anonymous
  • “When you feel like you’re going to give up, think about why you started” Anonymous

Best Phrases and Status for Twitter

  • “If you do not like something, change it. If you can not change it, change your attitude ” Maya Angelou
  • “The only person you need in your life is the one who shows you that he needs you in his life” Óscar Wilde
  •  “Life can only be understood when viewed backwards, but it must be lived looking forward” Soren Kierkegaard
  •  “Our best age is the one we have now. Not a second more, not a second less ” Walter Riso
  • “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible” Frank Zappa
  •  “We are the time we dedicate to our dreams” Paulo Neo
  • “You learn something every day if you pay attention” Ray Leblond
  • “Time is the best author. Always find the perfect ending ” Charles Chaplin

Original and funny quotes for Twitter

  • “Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth ” Anonymous
  • “To me, the only one that dominates me is the dream” Anonymous
  • “Let life ruffle you!” Mafalda
  • “I’m not lazy, I’m in energy-saving mode” Anonymous
  • “A day without sun is, you know, the night” Steve Martin
  • “You have to work eight hours and sleep eight hours, but not the same” Woody Allen
  • “Of course I understand, even a five-year-old understands it. Bring me a child, please! ” Groucho Marx
  • “Dear mathematics, please, grow and solve the problems for me. I’m tired of solving them for you ” Anonymous
  • “I must confess that I was born at a very early age” Grouxo Marx


In short, we must bear in mind that what we publish in our social profiles must be a whole, that is, we must follow a line and be consistent with our brand or image that we want to project.

The status and statements that we use on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have to go in line with the photo we publish and must give a sense to it, they have to complete the image.

We have made a great tour of these 3 social networks watching; status for Facebook, phrases for Instagram and quotes for Twitter that I hope you can use to improve your engagement in social networks.

And of course, do not forget to use the right hashtags for your community to find you more easily, use emojis or icons that draw attention and of course, do not forget to respond to the comments of your followers.

Did you like these statuses for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Let us know your thoughts on the same in the below comment box.