Top Best iPhone 6/6s Screen Protectors 2024

Best screen protectors for iPhone 6S
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Does the iPhone 6/iPhone 6s really need a screen protector? This is a question worth asking while buying any screen protector for your iPhone 6/6s as it essentially comes with Gorilla Glass that is ion-strengthened.

The Best of iPhone 6/6s Screen Protectors 2024: Best Brands and Types

It is scratch-resistant which certainly helps, but only in cases where you are prone to drop the phone by accident. But in some cases, the screen doesn’t handle drops too well, and if you’re unlucky enough to drop your iPhone on its corner or face, you could be left with a completely shattered iPhone (I think we’ve all got a friend with this situation but surprisingly the iPhone still works, right?).

However, it has a limit to which it can survive heavy scratches, eventually. One way to combat the issue is to get a screen protector, which should help to protect your phone from both drops and scratches from keys, money, etc. This is why you are better off with a stronger third-party screen protector for everyday wear and tear.

A screen protector is a must-have accessory for any iPhone 6/6s owner. While the iPhone user does have a durable screen, it’s still possible to scratch the screen. A thin plastic or glass screen protector won’t interfere with screen sensitivity, and it will give you great peace of mind. After all, if you want to get the maximum trade-in value for your phone, you’ll need to keep that screen totally pristine.

In the past, it seemed like the majority of iPhone cases we saw coming out shipped with at least a basic screen protector. However, many iPhone 6 cases today do not ship with a screen protector. This can be really annoying, but it can also be a blessing in disguise. Rather than content yourself with a stock screen protector that came with your case, you can invest in a more premium option.

List of Best iPhone 6/6s Screen guards/ Tempered glass

Today’s screen protectors come in a variety of options, from simple stick-on affairs to more premium tempered glass options.
If you’re looking to put a screen protector on your iPhone 6/6s, here are the best (and coolest) iPhone 6/ 6s screen protectors that you can buy.

1. Sir Lancelot’s Armor Holy Grail


Sir Lancelot’s Armor Holy Grail is a tempered-glass screen protector that will protect your phone screen from scratches and be shattering. However, this doesn’t mean that the screen protector itself is immune from scratching or breaking, but it is made of hard, thick glass so it’s less likely to scratch than PET film screen protectors are.
The Holy Grail only has adhesive on the colored portion, which means that you won’t have to worry about bubbles in between it and the surface of your phone. It also connects firmly without leaving a residue behind.

  • Compatibility: The best part is that this classy iPhone 6/6s screen protector won’t get in the way – it has a smooth finish and looks like it’s part of the phone.


  • PROS – This silky-smooth iPhone 6 screen protector is made of tempered glass that has a hardness level of 9H, which makes it one of the hardest screen protectors available. Additionally, it’s 0.4mm thick. The adhesive is only under the color portion of the protector, so it won’t leave any bubbles on your screen.
  • CONS – The Home button feels sunken in because the iPhone screen protector is a little thick.
  • VERDICT – You’ll be impressed with how nice this screen protector feels under your fingers. Although this screen protector can still be scratched, it will do an excellent job at protecting the iPhone screen underneath.



ZAGG invisibleSHIELD has a sturdy design that can withstand a variety of calamities. It will also look professional because ZAGG will install it for you. Although this iPhone screen protector may begin to peel up in time, ZAGG will replace it without a hassle.

  • Compatible with iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s


  • PROS / This iPhone screen protector can withstand a variety of dangerous situations for a screen without penetrating the shield. Some of these calamities include being grazed by an arrow, falling on a bed of nails, withstanding a blast of fire and holding up under a small explosion.
  • CONS / The invisibleSHIELD has a slightly rubbery feel to it and holds on to oils a little more than other iPhone screen protectors we reviewed.
  • VERDICT / You can use this product on your iPhone without worrying about spending a lot to replace it.

3.Tech Armor Ultra Clear Ballistic Glass


Compatible with iPhone 6 / iPhone 6sThe Tech Armor Ultra Clear Ballistic Glass iPhone 6 screen protector gives full clarity for your iPhone screen. This shield is not impenetrable, but it is difficult to scratch or damage. It should stand up to any normal bumps, drops, scrapes and pocket tussles. This iPhone screen protector is easy to apply and comes with all the necessary tools and directions to do so. It’s a decent product to protect your iPhone screen and to help it last for as long as you need it.


  • PROS / Tech Armor Ultra Clear Ballistic Glass gives you a durable, clear surface that lets your iPhone 6 respond perfectly to your touch; it’s difficult to scratch or damage this shield, which makes it great for protecting your iPhone.
  • CONS / This iPhone 6 screen protector does not have a lifetime warranty or live chat for customer support.
  • VERDICT / The Tech Armor Ultra Clear Ballistic Glass screen protector allows full touch functionality with no distortion of your iPhone’s screen. It is a good product to protect your iPhone.

4. Spigen GLAS.tR SLIM HD


The GLAS.tR SLIM™ tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 6s is more than meets the eye. The rounded edges offer comfort in the hand and compatibility with Spigen cases, all while retaining the original touchscreen experience for extreme clarity that protects.

  • Compatible with iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s


  • 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Rounded edges help avoid chipped/sharp sides
  • Extreme Clarity provides original screen brightness
  • Oleophobic coating helps resist oils and fingerprints

5. Moshi iVisor XT


iVisor XT is a crystal clear screen protector that provides complete edge-to-edge protection for your iPhone 6 Plus curved screen. Unlike other screen protectors that require a tedious installation process, iVisor’s can be applied in seconds and is 100% bubble-free. A multi-layer design ensures optimal touch sensitivity, absolute clarity, and full edge-to-edge screen protection. iVisor XT is surface treated for enhanced scratch protection.

  • Compatible with iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s


  • Complete edge-to-edge protection with a precision-tooled curved bezel.
  • 100% bubble free guaranteed. Installation takes only seconds!
  • High transparency and unparalleled clarity.
  • iVisor can be cleaned and reapplied.
  • Hardened surface treatment for enhanced scratch protection.

So, that’s all for you tech lovers today. Hope you enjoyed the article by knowing ” Best screen protectors or screen guards or tempered glass for iPhone 6/6s”. Stayed tuned to for more interesting and useful stuff every day.