Best Laptop to Buy in Singapore for Remote Work

Best Laptop to Buy in Singapore for Remote Work

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Working remotely or from home comes with several hassles, from poor network to connectivity issues and needing a powerful laptop.

Best Laptop to Buy in Singapore for Remote Work

However, finding the best work-from-home laptop is daunting as several brands claim to deliver the best when working from home. The best work-from-home laptop is an essential investment as more experts are adjusting to working remotely.

Work from home laptops should be relatively portable, versatile, powerful, and robust security systems. Generally, the best work-from-home laptop is what you need, especially when dealing with sensitive files.

Regardless of what you are looking for in a work-from-home laptop, Razerbook got you covered.

Razerbook is one of the performing ultrabooks that guarantee you optimum performance. This laptop is a fecundity substation with an ultra-thin design and high-performance hardware.

Its 13.4 bezel layout is developed to deliver uncompromising versatility. The Razer Book laptop features a unique battery life of more than ten hours, keeping you working at your own pace.

With this laptop, you can conveniently and efficiently multitask with focus and responsiveness, thanks to the Razer Book’s 11th generation intel features.

Features of the Razer Book

More Screen State to Keep On the Eye

The eye can see, fixate and filter to perfection even the trivial details. So, the Razer Book is specially designed to maximize optical clarity without compromising portability or weight.

It brings productivity into plain view with its 13.4-inch display, 16:10 viewpoint ratio, and tiny four-sided bezels to keep you concentrated on your work.


Razer Book comes with responsive assistance that will keep with your efficient work habits and multifaceted lifestyle, whether you want to toggle between several excel sheets, find a document, or respond to multiple requests at a go.

With the agility and speed of the Intel ® Evo® platform, this laptop features an instant wake and resume with a modern standby. Moreover, it is harmonized, tested, and confirmed to deliver at any time and place.

Slim and Sleek

Experts at Unslider say, With this laptop, you can skip between your working places from your home office to the living or garden without worry. Its exceptional craftsmanship and ultra-lightweight model make it your ideal companion designed with ultimate productivity in mind.

a lady in front of a laptop

Fast and Universal Connectivity

The machine uses thunderbolt 4 technology which makes its connectivity swift and universal. With this work-from-home laptop, you won’t have to carry a dongle, thanks to its full-capacity HDMI 2.0 port.

Rather than adapting to its elements, the Razer Book laptop prepares you to react to life.

Precise Sound

The laptop features a precise sound that lets you listen to music as if you are in a workshop.

Its THX® spatial audio brings advanced 7.1 sound to your computer with a high accuracy level that can turn any audio, scene, or soundtrack into a genuinely remarkable thing.

Faster and Passwordless Way of Unlocking

The laptop uses Windows Hello, a feature that uses your face or pin to unlock. It is fast and secure to unlock your device.


You don’t need to struggle while working at home because of an inconvenient laptop in this millennial era. Bring your performance to productivity with the New Razer Book laptop.


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