Best Microsoft Products for Students

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The college students belong to those who seem to be always in the know regarding all the latest technology tricks, which makes them the most important target audience among such giants like Microsoft.

Best Microsoft Products for Students to Install this School Year 2021

Starting with the Office 365 Suite that almost every modern learner is familiar with to Surface or Windows Mixed Reality unique educational approach, Microsoft offers competitive solutions.

Regardless of one’s academic objectives, even Microsoft’s Windows 10 Education is a great starting point that can cover the majority of educational needs.

As always, before installing anything, remember to check that you are dealing with a trusted source, and take some time to check 27 of the best personal safety apps for your smartphone. Do not forget that safety comes first!

The Best Microsoft Products For Students to Consider

Microsoft is quite popular since more than half of modern students are running Windows OS, yet the company also works hard to provide students with innovative products with an attitude.

  • Azure

If you would like to explore the world where helpful apps and bots are designed, you can create your free Azure account. You do not even have to pay – simply confirm your school’s email and start. You also receive a $100 credit with a plethora of free developer tools. You can explore it all from AI to the building of apps in Visual Studio.

Moreover, you can also learn how to improve Microsoft Office 365 and add several custom features. Even if you do not have any prior background, you can use Azure as the start of your professional career.

It will also help you to learn the most valid method to pass Certbol Microsoft MS-101 Exam if you want to move further. Remember that Microsoft also offers various certification and exam options for recent high school graduates who join the program.

  • Microsoft Ai Editor

While it won’t provide you with a perfect college assignment, it will highlight those parts that need stylistic improvements and will assist with the use of inclusive language and challenges like split infinitives.

In terms of getting your text perfect, one should exchange AI for some research to determine which essay writing service is the best for either proofreading or getting rid of your weak thesis.

As for the rest, Microsoft’s solution is quite helpful when you need to polish your text and receive intelligent suggestions based on the millions of text assignments.

  • Microsoft Surface

These series of touchscreen-based personal computers are more than just tools with a different form factor because they also represent interactive whiteboard assistants that have all the technical capabilities of MS OS. You can choose Surface Laptop for a traditional experience or turn to a more futuristic and detachable Surface Pro.

It is a hybrid between a classical laptop and a tablet. The Surface Laptop is one of the best solutions for web designers and those who need to have it all on screen. Regardless of what you choose, it allows you to learn and study anywhere. Just remember to pick an ergonomic chair for your home office and learning purposes. By doing so, your back will enjoy these Microsoft solutions even more!

  • Microsoft HoloLens

Even if you are not a Star Trek aficionado, take time to learn that Microsoft is one of the corporations that help to create amazing 3D experiences. The benefits of augmented reality became quite popular in education, especially when dealing with design courses, project management, and collaboration courses.

Even if you take a quick look at the latest Windows OS updates, you will notice that interaction is the primary aspect of Microsoft’s agenda.

  • One Note

Do not mix it with the popular Evernote app for students as it works differently by offering a collaboration platform for students. You can create a personal workspace, content library, and templates for team projects. You can add pictures, handwritten notes, audio comments, and more to make things look vivid and interactive. When you receive something like that from your college professor, it always looks accessible.

  • Sway

Regardless if you are majoring in Journalism or study Mechanical Engineering, Microsoft offers a powerful interactive software product that allows you to create stories and presentations with the help of images, text, videos, audio, and all kinds of media. Unlike PowerPoint, you can create something that will look like a movie or a special campaign that will include all the multimedia elements. The vast array of custom options will help you to design your story in the best way possible.

  • Minecraft Education

What makes Microsoft products special is that they are constantly expanding their target base. The company did not forget about the younger students by offering the Minecraft Education Edition.

The game is a bit modified as it helps to promote creativity and increase problem-solving skills based on popular school subjects. It makes Minecraft even more essential for middle school learners.

Taking the popularity of Minecraft, Microsoft helped connect it with schools and education.

School Data Sync Feature

people at the stadium


As a rule, you might be required to have certain Microsoft applications already installed by your college, which won’t be problematic for any academic scenario. What sets the list of products by Microsoft apart is their high standardization that makes it possible to export your documents seamlessly by using their School Data Sync system. It helps to share your information with the college professors and school teachers with the help of a single sign-on session.

You do not even have to install any additional platforms! Just export your documents by using Microsoft’s clever synchronization system. When you add an extensive customization template for your particular academic environment, it is hard to ignore.

Summing things up, one can safely confirm that Microsoft has already made a significant contribution to the lives of both students and educators!


As an educator with a linguistic background, Elizabeth constantly explores everything related to technology and education. Her posts offer interesting ideas and helpful tips. Follow Elizabeth to learn something new and get inspired.

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