Best 10 mobile messaging apps to replace SMS on your smartphone

Best 10 mobile messaging apps to replace SMS on your smartphone

We know that SMS has become very passe for many 3.owners overall worldwide. But, very sure everyone uses it, but there is a slew of apps that go beyond it, offering easy multimedia functions, video calls, group calls, group chats, SMS, gaming and much more. The main importance is given to SMS i.e., messages to our friends which makes easy communication to everyone. So, in this article, I am going to list the best 10 mobile messaging apps to replace SMS on your smartphone. Here, it goes on


1. WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is a famous and very easy messaging app for our smartphone. As now Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion. This service is free of cost. It is able to send messages, audios, videos and many other features.
Additional Stuff about WhatsApp:

2. GroupMe:

GroupMe is dedicated to a group messaging app for smartphones. Users can share different types of multimedia such as text chats, photos, videos, etc. This best mobile messaging app is owned by Skype.

3. Line:

The line is the best messaging app that is born in Japan of Korean Internet firm. This is quite free, but for virtual content such as stickers, in-app purchases within games and sign up for getting updates from your favourite brand – you need to spend some money. This is also the best app in providing messages, group chats, make voice/video calls, etc.

4. WeChat:

WeChat is also a famous app with millions of users. As other apps works, this also works in the same way which provides text messages, video/audio, etc.

5. Kakao Talk:

Kakao Talk is another best app from Asia. It helps in the best selection of games on a messaging app, in our opinion and also includes all usual chat features.

6. Message Me:

Relatively Message Me is a new addition in 2013. Message Me is a free app that brings many features from Asian apps into a service. This helps in sending messages, images, doodles and also videos. And can also share their location, stickers and music.

7. Kik Messenger:

Kik is one of the best messenger apps which is famous all over the teens. This is quite a free app which has many best features. Kik never requires any phone number, just an email id is required to signup. This made teens to use more. This is accepted in iPods, tablets, and many devices which don’t require of SIM card.

8. Tango:

Tango made a burst on the scene as a mobile video chat app and that remains the experience as the central today. And also includes voice calls, games and desktop client.

9. Cubie:

Cubie is just like a designing app. This app focus on drawing, i.e., users can send doodles to each other from inside the app and it also includes boat-load of other features. Voice calls, voice messages, location sharing, text messages, stickers, Youtube widget and many more.

10. Maaii:

Maaii is also the best app which replaces SMS on your smartphone. It is a Skype-meets-chat app which provides users in making regular calls to telephone as well as they enjoy free calls to fellow Maaii users. You can buy credit or earn it by completing the tasks within the app.

Last Words:

These are the best 10 mobile messaging apps to replace SMS on your smartphone. Apart from this, there are many other apps which act as these apps which are very good in use.
If you know any other app other than the above list, write them in the below comments. We will include those apps in our list in the next update.
Which app do you use most to interact with your friends?


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