10 Must-Have Selfie Apps for Effects and Stickers Enthusiasts

10 Must-Have Selfie Apps for Effects and Stickers Enthusiasts

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Hey, readers! Today I came up with an awesome article regarding selfies applications. Yes! The article is about the best 10 applications to take selfies with effects and stickers.

Now, you can take your selfies with extra add-on features and numerous options. These 10 applications are best to take selfies with different types of effects and have the option to add stickers too. So, let us start our selfie feast with these android selfie applications #SelfieGola.

Best 10 Applications to take effect on selfies with Android

Along with the above, all these applications selfies also come with options to share photos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email or through instant messaging applications. In any case, they are an excellent choice for users who love to take pictures and customize them. Take a look at the list we have prepared.

1. Cozy Camera

Looking for an application to take selfies with effects and stickers? Want to make videos with pictures and music? Do you like moving pictures? If you answered yes to all these questions then Cozy Camera is the right application for you. Look what you can do with it:

  • You can take selfies filters in real time, with the front or rear camera
  • It supports 4x zoom and four capture modes, including GIF and Touch Shot
  • It comes with timer 3-10 seconds and the option to use flash
  • You can take pictures with resolution up to 3264 x 2448 pixels (4: 3)
  • You can use images gallery and edit them with filters, effects, and stickers
  • Also, you can make videos with pictures and background music
  • You can make moving GIF images

2. Best selfie Camera

No doubt this is one of the best applications for selfies with effects and stickers on Android. It comes loaded with lots of resources to decorate and create visually attractive photos. Its features include:
best selfie cam

  • 125 filters for photos that can be applied in real time
  • Ability to take pictures with mirror effect
  • A lot of stickers to decorate photos
  • Timer function to take photos at the right time
  • You can upload photos to Instagram clipping
  • Easily can be shared on social networks selfies

3. Bright Cam

This application comes with a ton of stickers, filters and effects that you can use to customize your photos easily. This can be optimized to make the best selfies and share them on social networks. Among the highlights are:

  • Filters and effects in real time
  • Selfies timer to take at the right time
  • Vignette effect, effects of beauty and blur
  • Ability to add frames and borders to photos
  • Multiple different stickers to decorate photos
  • Personalized text, crop tool and tool to rotate

4. Aillis

Formerly known as LINE Camera, this application has been renovated with a new name and have added a lot of filters and stickers to make selfies through Android smartphone. Even it works as an application for collages and you can also paint on photos. Other important aspects include:

  • Shop for stickers and frames free download
  • Ability to customize the user interface
  • You can take photos with filters and stickers in real time
  • It supports rear camera and capture photos with flash
  • Timer 3, 5 to 10 seconds
  • Functions to invest, adjust, rotate or crop taken selfies
  • Beauty and automatic correction mode
  • Adjustment tools for brightness, saturation, vignette blur
  • You can add a custom text color and font

5. YouCam Perfect – selfie Cam

This is a specially optimized application for retouching and embellishing photos from a lot of tools to correct and eliminate skin imperfections. Among the highlights we can mention:

  • Filters and effects in real time to take selfies both front or rear camera
  • Integrated photo editor for working with images from the gallery
  • Tools to soften the skin, enlarge the eyes, remove dark circles, etc.
  • Color adjustments, saturation, HDR, bullets and white balance
  • Multiple frames and scenes to decorate photos
  • Magical brushes, custom text and different types of blur
  • You can also create collages with pictures and choose the quality of the same

6. BeautyCam

With this application, you can make Android selfies with effects, also lets you create a video selfie which you can also add effects to make it more attractive. It also comes with a section of beauty to enhance photos, correct imperfections, apply filters, etc. Other features include:

  • Different types of filters to selfies that can be applied in real time
  • Moving magical filters, including hearts, snow, fireflies, musical notes, etc.
  • Timer 3-6 seconds and automatic aspect ratio facelift
  • You can take pictures with the front camera or the back camera
  • Tools to lengthen the face, eyes, improve skin tone, teeth whitening
  • Auto retouch, crop and rotate images
  • Section with videos beauty tips
  • Support for Flash and Zoom Display

7. SelfMe selfie Camera

This application gives you the perfect combination of stickers and filters for Android selfies instantly. Not only that, it also includes an option that allows you to create collages with photos and also add frames to decorate your pictures even more. Its most important features include:

  • You can take selfies with the front camera and the rear camera
  • You can take the volume selfies
  • It includes timer 0-15 seconds and collage mode
  • You can use images from the gallery
  • The pictures are automatically saved
  • You can apply effects and frames, plus overlays
  • It comes with a lot of free stickers
  • It includes adjustments for brightness, saturation, contrast
  • Beauty comes with tools to correct imperfections, adjust the skin tone, eliminate dark circles, enlarge the eyes, face and slimming

8. DecoPic

No doubt this is also one of the best applications to take selfies with effects and stickers, very popular among teenagers who like to decorate and customize your photos. It comes with many stickers and photo frames, even you can add your own text and paint directly on images. Its main features are:

  • Timer 5-20 seconds to take selfies at the right time
  • You can take pictures with both the rear camera as the front camera
  • There are multiple templates of different themes to decorate your photos instantly
  • You can use filters, frames, stickers and add custom text
  • You can directly share your selfies in social networks

9. FotoRus

We could say that this is an all-in-one as well as allowing us to take pictures with effects and stickers also includes options to create a collage, add frames, retouch and to correct skin imperfections. Other features include:

  • More than 100 templates for creating collages with photos
  • Ability to adjust the brightness, remove stains and adjust the skin tone
  • It includes tools to eliminate dark circles, making larger eyes, thin nose, etc.
  • It also has overlays and light effects
  • You can add text, frames, background colors and dialogue bubbles

10. InstaCam – Camera for selfie

This application is great if you like taking pictures with filters created from effects, including effects can be applied to photos in real time. In addition, the user interface is very elegant, with all major options accessible from the bottom. In addition:

  • You can take pictures with the camera or load an image from the gallery
  • It includes a timer to take a picture at the right time
  • You can apply filters at random and enable or disable flash
  • It includes sliders to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation
  • You can add custom text, frames, and social sharing
  • You can use the rear camera or front camera

That’s all folks. This is all about the 10 best applications to take effect on selfies with Android smartphone. These include best tools such as effects, stickers, themes, collages, etc. With these 10 apps start #SelfieGola right now. If you know any other best android apps to take selfies let us know in your comments below.
Happy #SelfieGola !