7 Best Ways to Use Your Second Old Mobile

7 Best Ways to Use Your Second Old Mobile

Did you buy a brand new mobile? Then what about the old mobile that you are using so far? To the garbage? No, not so fast. That mobile could still have a second life ahead and could help you to replace other devices that do not work as well or can just replace the work of other devices which you no need to buy. You will be amazed by these 7 best uses that your old mobile could actually do without any efforts.


7 Best Ways to Use Your Second Old Mobile

Let us see all the possible ways where we can use our second mobile.

1. Second telephone

I start with the most obvious one, but it has saved me more than once: leaving it in a drawer as a substitute telephone. Not only it will serve you when your main phone breaks or you have to take it to repair, but it can also be useful to take with you to the places where you do not want to go with your new phone for what might happen to you (for example, the beach or a party, where there can be more danger).

2. Remote control


You are on the couch, you move and the remote control falls to the ground, breaking on one side and not working. Do you want to buy a new one? Not exactly: you can use your old smartphone. If it is an Android with IR (infrared), there are applications, such as Smart IR Remote Anymote, that turn your phone into a universal remote control.

If your phone does not have this feature, do not worry, since there are many other options.  The manufacturers themselves offer applications. For example, this is LG’s and this one’s Samsung’s. Search the relative application in the store that is created by your manufacturer and see if your TV is compatible.

If you are looking for any particular model, let us them in the below comment sections and we will get back to you and will let you know the applications you want.

3. Music in the car

I confess another of my favourite uses for an old smartphone that is listening to music in the car. If your vehicle is relatively recent, it surely includes a USB port to which you can connect it. If not, your radio may include it. You can plug in your phone and, yeah, listen to all the music that you want.

However, using the secondary telephone has another added advantage. That is in the event you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to the car (consult your model if possible), you can directly send the music streaming services such as Spotify to the sound system of your vehicle. If you have several playlists to listen to offline, forget about always listening to the same music!

In this way, you can save your main phone battery so that you don’t need to wait for your mobile charge.

4. Surveillance camera

Would you like to know what your pets do when you’re not at home? With a baby monitor is it not enough and you want to add another? Or would you just relax with a security camera in your house? There is a fairly homemade but effective solution. You can turn your second old mobile into a surveillance camera, thanks to its ability to record video and connect to WiFi networks.

If you have an Android phone, SmartCam can be a good option once you set it up on your mobile and computer that is it. Follow the instructions in the application and you are done. EpocCam is one of the best-known apps for iOS for this purpose, and its basic version is also available for free.

Seven applications to turn your mobile into a surveillance camera

5. Alarm clock


Yes, you can set alarms throughout your life so that it is your phone that wakes you up in the morning, but would not you like something more complete? Something that, after all, was like a traditional alarm clock? Well, look for support for your phone and use Kaloer Clock (more complete), Night Clock (very simple) or any of the Android apps available for this purpose.

6. VoIP phone

If you do not have a fixed phone at your home or if you have it but want to opt for cheaper rates, VoIP (voice over IP, come on, a phone line that works over the Internet) may be the solution. In this case, we have to get a VoIP phone, but you can also use your old smartphone. The best? That you do not need a SIM card or a number or anything: connecting it to your WiFi network is enough.

Several services offer you this possibility, although Skype is one of the easiest apps to use. If you sign up, you can contract voice bonuses (for example, you have a 120-minute landline and mobile phone calls for 300 rupees per month) that allow you to make calls to landlines or mobile phones. In some countries they even allow you to have your own telephone number, although we have to wait to spread it around all the countries.

7. Miniature arcade machine


I will conclude this list with one of the most original uses that you could give to your old smartphone: turn it into an arcade machine like the ones from before in miniature! The first thing you have to do is look for emulators from old consoles. There are hundreds in the app stores, and here I would recommend you to be careful with the ones you install (always read the reviews and get informed to avoid disappointment).  Either that or resort to some of the complete compilations that are usually found online.

If you know little, you can always buy an accessory like the iCade Jr(compatible with iOS) and turn your phone into a mini-recreational. Not only you can play like in the old days, but also you can show off in front of your friends. Lol. It looks very cool! Isn’t it? Another solution is to opt for some of the controls for Android smartphones that are available in the market, such as the Mad Catz. Almost as if you were playing on the console!

And if you want to get rid of it … donate it!


If you’re finally not going to use it, another option is to donate your mobile to some of the associations that accept them. For example, Amnesty International accepts both mobiles that function has broken or broken mobiles. In the case that they can still be used, they reuse the terminals to raise funds or send them to disadvantaged countries. If not, they automatically recycle their components respecting the environment.

In this way, we can use our second old mobile. Awesome isn’t it? I hope these 7 best uses for your second mobile will help you to use your mobile more productively.

If you are facing any issues in any of the above methods, let us know them in the below comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your issues.

Would you like to add any other important methods to this article? Then write them to us and we will include them in the next update once verification is done.

Of all 7 uses, which one you liked the most to use for your old mobile?


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