Top 5 WordPress Plugins List To Build A Better WP Blog

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Hi, Alltop9 readers, I am back! let’s get straight to the post.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins List To Build A Better WP Blog: Tools Revealed

We all know that WordPress is fully customizable if you installed the WP blog in a third party hosting rather than using WordPress own hosting (like but you can buy the hosting from WordPress but it’s kind of cost you more bucks, so in short I can say that with third-party hosting you will get unlimited possibilities like installing the best plugins to fully customize your blog, and make it an SEO friendly, and today I will give you top 5 WordPress Plugins list that every WordPress user must install to make a better WordPress blog. so my list goes like this I am going to divide the plugins list into two categories, one is based on Content and the other one is based on site, firstly we are going to concentrate on content based WordPress plugins (SEO, sharing) and then site based WordPress plugins (cache, mobile view, security).

top 5 wordpress plugins list

1. WordPress SEO Plugins

The first preference I am giving to SEO plugins, as SEO determines the ranking of articles, based on keyword density (we are talking about on-page SEO), so, the best plugins for SEO are:

  • WP FULL SEO ( Paid one )
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast (free one with all the features including sitemaps)
  • All in One SEO (free version is fine) SEO friendly images (needed to automatically edit the ALT tags in the images)

2. WordPress Sharing Plugins

The next preference we are giving to sharing plugins, and whether your content is rich or with good quality, but it won’t matter if someone read it and know about it, so sharing to social networks plays a major role, so here are the sharing plugins, where some plugins will auto-post to social networks, and some plugins will give the sharing buttons, so users can share them.

  • Shareaholic (sharing buttons+ related posts, we should definitely need related posts, so users will read the related articles, that will increase the page views and page visit per user)
  • AA’s Digg Alternative (floating social share bar at the left side, loads based on speed of the site, and fully optimized based on speed of the site)
  • JetPack by WordPress (have the option to publicize your content to your social networks automatically when you publish the content)

3. WordPress Cache Plugins

The next preference is making the pages load fastly and minify the scripts etc, yes I am talking about the cache plugins, we can make the site load faster rather than using the CDN, so here are the best plugins for caching the site.

  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Super Cache
  • WP (for optimizing the images uploaded on your site, it will automatically reduce the size of the images)
  • JetPack by WordPress (have an option, to load the images from WordPress server)

4. WordPress Security Plugins

Next thing is we need to protect our WordPress blog from threats, hackers, from malicious comments, for that we need some security plugins, so here are the list of best security plugins.
  • Wordfense Security
  • BulletProof Security
  • iThemes Security ( Formerly Better WP Security )

5. WordPress Mobile Plugins

The Next thing is mobile viewability, it plays a major role, because the users are tending towards the growing technology like better smartphones, tablets etc rather than sticking to the old tech gadgets like desktops, laptops etc, and this number is increasing day by day, although you use a responsive theme, it won’t be much mobile friendly because of unwanted scripts, widgets running on the blog, and this will create hectic problems for users visiting through mobiles, so let’s check out the best plugins that will optimise the blog for mobile.

  • WP touch Pro ( Paid version is better)
  • WP Smart Mobile
  • Jetpack by WordPress ( Have mobile theme)

These are the Top 5 WordPress Plugins list to build a better WordPress Blog. If any other Plugins are best to you, give your valuable words in the comment session.