Best WordPress Plugins To Take Complete Backup Of Your Website

Best WordPress Plugins To Take Complete Backup Of Your Website

Best WordPress Plugins To Take Complete Backup Of Your Website

Best WordPress Plugins To Take Complete Backup Of Your Website: First, let’s see what is the meaning of Backup. Backup simply means saving a copy of your website on a particular date and then keeping it safe. Now, after you take a backup, let’s say you keep making changes to your website and one day your website suddenly stops working. What do you do in this situation? How do you recover your website? If you have a backup, you just have to restore that backup and your website will be working again.

Best WordPress Plugins To Take Complete Backup Of Your Website

Now, after you restore the backup, your website will look exactly as it was when taking the backup. So, we highly recommend that you always take a backup of your website so that you never lose your work. So, this is how backup works. Let’s see how our website looks like, if you want to back up the WordPress website, you need to do three things. The first thing is to install the backup plugin on your website. So, to install the plugin, let’s go into the Dashboard.

And, the go-to plugins and click Add new. Now, search for a plugin called Updraft, and it will get this plugin now. This is the plugin, which we are going to use for Backup. So, to install this plugin, let’s click install now. Make sure to activate it once successfully installed. And, you can see here that the Plugin has been installed. So, once the plugin is installed, we can now take the backup. So, to take a backup, click Settings, and then click Backup now.

Now make sure all of these are selected and click backup now. That’s it, we have not to take a backup. Now, if we go to this tab here, – Existing Backup, you can see the Backup, which we just took. So, this is how you can take a Backup of your website. Now, how do you use this Backup? So, there are two situations where you might need to use your Desktop. Let’s take the first situation, let’s say by mistake you changed something on your website. And, you want to go back. Thus, you can use your backup to go back to previous times.

So, let’s go into the pages and let’s say, we delete the home page. now, if we go to the website, and click refresh, you can see that our homepage is gone. Now, if you want to destroy the home page, all you have to do is go to the updraft, click restore, and select the backup which you want to restore and hit the restore button again. Now, choose all the options here, and click restore to get back your website in the previous form. Now, if we go to our website, and click refresh, you can see that we have got our home page again. So, this is how you can use the backup to restore your website.

So, now you cannot always remember to take a backup every time. So, let’s say, you take a backup today and after two weeks of working on a website, your website crashes, you will lose all of the changes which were made during those two weeks. Right? So to avoid this, we can set up a schedule which will take a backup of a website at regular intervals. By doing this, our website content will always be backed up without having to backup manually. Let’s go to part 2 of this tutorial, where we see how to set up an automatic Backup.

So, to set up automatic Backup. Let’s click settings, under Updraft, and then let’s go to the settings tab. So, here we need to choose how often do you want to take the Backup. So, we recommend you chose weekly in both of these places and then set this option to four and four in both the columns. Now, this setting will take one backup every week. And, it will keep that backup for four weeks. So, this means, you will always have the backup for the last four weeks.

So, next, we need to chose where we want to store our backups. So, updraft gives you different places to store your back. Many of them are – Updraft Plus, FTP, S-3 Compatible, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, Amazon S3, SFTP/ SCP, DreamObjects, RackSpace Cloud Files, Google Cloud, Email, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive etc. We are going to proceed with Google Drive, for now, you can choose the go with any of your choice. After choosing that, scroll down and click Save. Now, as soon you click Save, Updraft will ask you to link your Google Account.

So that it can store the backups there. Updraft will ask you have selected a removable storage option which has an authorisation step to complete: (For you next step is to click on the anchor) – Follow this link to authorise access to your Google Drive account (you will not be able to back upto Google Drive Without It). And, it will ask you to sign in to your Google Account. So, we will click here, now Google will ask for your confirmation. So, let’s click allow.Best WordPress Plugins To Take Complete Backup Of Your Website

And, it will take you to this page. So, now let’s click complete to finish the linking and exhausting the setup. And, now Google Drive account will be linked to the updraft. That means, all your backups will be safely saved to your Google Drive this way. Even after reading this in-depth guide on Best WordPress Plugins To Take Complete Backup Of Your Website, still if you have any questions related to Best WordPress Plugins To Take Complete Backup Of Your Website, just make sure to let us know in the comment box below.

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