A Blogger Clearly Explained about Why Narendra Modi Shown Up for “Criminals List” in Google Images

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PM Narendra modi is trending on Google search images as he is shown up for “Top Criminals list”, “Top 10 criminals in India”, etc.

Why Narendra Modi Seen in “Criminals List” in Google Images: Explained

This is all happened just because of the article which is written at DNAindia.com. But, How? For this question, A blogger Clearly Explained about Why Narendra Modi Shown Up for “Criminals List” keywords in Google Images. For a common user who searches in Google will have misconceptions regarding this issue. Atlast the reason behind the PM Modi is revealed by an Young Blogger who explained about this issue with an clear video. See the video as follows.
blogger explains why narendra modi shown up for criminal keyword

Google is not a human being, it’s a Robot. There are set of algorithms which automatically scans a web page and shows the best possible results. As this is not a manual verification process sometimes you don’t get relevant results. Sometimes they shows best results and sometimes they fail to show good results. The main cause for the PM Modi images shown in Google search was DNAindia.com. When you visit the page where the image shown in the video. DNA India wrote an article regarding “Will ask SC to set up special courts to deal with politicians with criminal backgrounds: Narendra Modi”, used PM Modi’s image as featured image and given an alternative text. There is a major algorithm in Google that searches for the keyword and show up the best possible results. So, when you search for the criminal in that particular article you can find lots of different forms of keywords including criminal as the main keyword. Due to this the algorithm automatically pulled PM Modi image when some one search top criminals, top criminals in India as dna India has the word India. – Said by “Indian Blogger

top 10 criminals
Reason Behind Why PM Modi is showing up for the keyword “Criminal” – Clearly shown up by a Blogger

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Why Narendra Modi Photo is showing up when someone searches for “Top 10 Criminals” in Google?