Is Buying a Refurbished iPhone 11 Better Than Purchasing a New One?

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Apple recently released its latest iPhone 11. With so many features and new updates, it’s hard to know if buying a refurbished phone is worth the money or not. We will discuss seven reasons why you should buy a refurbished iPhone 11 instead of a new one.

1. You Save Big Bucks by Going With a Refurbished iPhone 11

When you purchase a refurbished iPhone 11, you save a ton of money over getting a brand new one. Why? Most refurbished phones are returned because they were either defective or the owner wanted something different.

That means the device almost always has some defect, but it is usually not enough for Apple to refuse its return. Because of this, refurbished iPhones 11 can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a brand new iPhone 11.

2. You Get the Same iPhone 11 Experience

When you buy refurbished iPhone 11, you get the same exact phone as to when it was released! There is no downgrading when buying refurbished, and you can experience everything the iPhone 11 has to offer.

All of the same features are there, along with all of the original specs. So, you will still have access to Face ID, Wireless Charging, Waterproofing, the A12 Bionic Chip, and more.

3. You Get the Same Warranty as When It Was New

When you purchase a refurbished iPhone 11, you get the same warranty as you would if you were to buy the phone brand new.

Just like with any other Apple product, if there is anything wrong with your device within the warranty period, Apple will fix it at no cost for you!

That means that your refurbished iPhone 11 could be covered for up to one year, and you won’t have to worry about paying a single penny.

4.  You Get the Same Support as When It Was New

When you purchase a refurbished iPhone 11, you get the exact same support as you would with a new device.

This means that you can call and talk with Apple support at any time and you’ll have access to the all necessary support functions.

This also means that with your refurbished iPhone11, you get the same limited warranty, which may be up to one year, depending on your model. Apple will fix any problems you experience for free during this time.

5. Refurbished Iphones Are Environmentally Better

When you purchase a refurbished iPhone instead of a brand new one, you are helping the environment! That’s because the manufacturing process of the iPhone 11 emitted 67 million tons of greenhouse gases.

This is a serious issue as we surround ourselves with the upgrades of more and more electronics and it continues to grow into an even bigger problem.

Fortunately, buying refurbished helps to reduce this number and lessen its impact on our planet.

6. You Can Sell or Trade Your Refurbished Phone for a Higher Price

When you purchase a refurbished phone, it’s not unusual to find that you can sell your refurbished iPhone 11 for a higher price than what you originally paid.

That’s because there is nothing wrong with it. But because the iPhone 11 was returned, it means that Apple no longer sells it as “new.”

This means that you can capitalize off the fact that someone else has returned it and sell or trade your refurbished iPhone 11 for top dollar.

7. Refurbished Phones Are in Like New Condition

When you purchase a refurbished iPhone 11, it will be in “like new” condition. This means that there is very little wear and tear on the phone, so it’s almost as if you’re getting a brand new phone for a fraction of the price!

Many people also purchase a refurbished phone because they want to switch carriers and can’t do so if their device is not activated. Buying refurbished saves them this headache as it will already be activated upon purchase.

So Is It Worth Buying a Refurbished iPhone 11?

After reading this article, you should have a better idea of why purchasing a refurbished iPhone 11 is the best choice.

By purchasing a refurbished phone, you will save money and enjoy the same features and support that you would get with a brand new device.

Not to mention, the great environmental difference that buying a refurbished iPhone11 makes! If you want to save money and still enjoy owning an iPhone, we highly recommend buying a refurbished one!


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