Hack a Facebook using a Phone Number

How to Hack a Facebook Account with Just a Phone Number

How does one hack a Facebook account? That’s a burning question that seemingly everyone wants to know on the internet. Everyone has been requesting this one! Recently, a team of security researchers from Positive Technologies found that as long as someone has the phone number associated with a Facebook account, they can actually take full

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Gmail and Outlook

3 Easy Steps on How to Transfer Contacts From Gmail to Outlook

Although Gmail is almost all over the place, it is by no means the only mail service we can use. Outlook and Exchange are equally popular, and Outlook is installed on most personal computers, as it comes as an add-on to Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Before Android’s rise as a mobile device operating system (with

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SEO Tools for Ranking

50 of the Best FREE SEO Tools to Increase Blog Rankings

Which tool is best for SEO? I want to give you a go-to collection of the top free SEO tools. I will describe 50 of the best free tools regarding SEO positioning, ultimately, to help you optimize your blog to achieve a more significant position on the web. By using all these tools, you can keep your blog/website

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iPhone Emergency SOS

How to Configure iOS 11 Emergency Button on Your iPhone

One of the best features of iOS 11, the new operating system of the Apple operating system is the Emergency button. This is a feature that you will probably use very rarely, but you should configure it for safety purposes. The emergency button on iOS 11, Emergency SOS, will only be used in the situations like

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Cool Notepad Tricks

15 of the Best Notepad Tricks, Hacks and Commands

It’s no secret that computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, have become the most essential and basic amenities for almost everyone with a computer, laptop, or mobile device. Usually, people purchase a computer or a laptop for handling some educational or professional work. One of the amazing things about Microsoft Windows is that it helps you write,

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Best Free Offline GPS Apps

7 of the Best Offline GPS Maps for Android and iOS in 2021

Are you going on holiday, perhaps, or simply trying to travel with maps on your smartphone? Now you’re asking yourself the question … can I use maps without the internet? What if your data balance is low and you can’t recharge it straight away? Or, like what happened to me – we were traveling throughout

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