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Amazing Facts About Facebook

These are the 98 Facts that Facebook Knows About You

There are a lot of things said about Mark Zuckerberg’s Social network Facebook and its privacy. Do you really know what Facebook knows about you? To get rid of all these doubts, today I will reveal the 98 facts that Facebook knows about you. A few months ago WhatsApp announced that it would share our data

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4 Ways in Which Infographics Improve Your SEO Strategy

Today we bring you a good handful of reasons to bet on the infographics in your blog or website in order to improve your SEO strategy. In addition, we tell you how to optimize each chart for better results. Every year we see a lot of new SEO positioning  – from the rise of voice search and the importance of local

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Personal Comments on Social Media

How to Deal with Negative Comments about your Business in Social Media Sites

Feedback from your consumers on social networks can be potentially harmful. In this article, we will teach you about how to handle and take advantage of negative comments about your business. Social networks offer a comfortable and effective way to promote your business. However, anonymity feeds the bravery of users causing the Internet to be a space where

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WhatsApp Pay Works

How To: Perform Safe Payments in WhatsApp

It seems that WhatsApp could soon add the possibility of making payments through the application.  Now, considering that it is actually an application designed to chat with our friends through text messages, video calls, and more. How payments will work in WhatsApp application? Let us see in the below article –   Perform Payments in

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How to do these 5 Things that Facebook Does Not Let You Perform

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks and that have more active users have every month. However, there are many things that Mark Zuckerberg’s social network does not allow us to do natively. Among many things, for example, Facebook does not allow us to save conversations of Facebook Messenger in our computer. However, with certain

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Instagram Stories

How to Download Instagram Stories from Other People or Friends

You will no longer have to take more screenshots to save the stories of your friends. You can download and save Instagram stories from other people with the help of this application. Upload photos to Instagram from PC/Laptop without using Third party Apps The stories of Instagram have become one more method to tell the world what we

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Social Network Trends for 2018 That Your Business Should Follow

Currently, Facebook has the amazing number of users almost like 2 billion, which is a quarter of the world’s population. To give you a more visual idea, the number of profiles created in what can undoubtedly be the most powerful social network exceeds the total population of India and the United States together. How to Deal with

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