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charge a mobile phone quickly

How to Charge a Mobile Phone Quickly Using a Computer USB

In case you didn’t know, the USB connector has seemingly evolved at the speed of light! Computers either have USB 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 ports, and new specifications are released almost every year. So, the USB is an ever-developing piece of technology, and we most commonly use it to charge our mobile devices. They just recently

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11 Best Video Downloading Apps for Android

We all love to watch our favorite videos. Sometimes, we come across videos that we want to watch over and over again! However, problems can arise if you’re not always able to access the internet or have previously installed any video downloading apps. Video downloaders are essential when you are using an Android device. Luckily,

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8 Surefire Methods to Convert a GIF to Video for Instagram

Do you want to post a video on Instagram, but that video is currently in GIF format? Don’t fret—there is a solution to this! It’s super simple to post GIFs on Instagram, even though the GIF format is technically incompatible. To circumvent this, did you know that you can convert animated GIFs into videos? Yes!

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wi-fi password cracker

7 Best Wi-Fi Password Cracker Software Tools for Windows

For many, an internet connection is the most basic of human necessities – for some, maybe even more important than food and water (I’m kidding, of course). With the ever-increasing use of the internet and devices like smartphones and other gadgets, almost everything is available in digital form. In this article, I will share the

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View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords

How To Find Wi-Fi Password On Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

We all know that WiFi passwords are widely used to protect wireless networks around the world.  They prevent unauthorized access or damage to computers using wireless networks. The risks to users of wireless technology have increased as the service has become more popular. There were relatively few dangers when they first introduced wireless technology. As

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How to Set Any Song as Jio Caller Tune Song for Free

Are you a JIO user? Do you want to set your favorite song as your caller tune for free? If so, you’re in the right place. This article will explain how to set any song as your Jio caller tune free of cost. Scroll down for the full set of instructions. Set any song as

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recover a deleted file

How to Recover a Deleted File on Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8, and Vista

It’s so frustrating when you accidentally delete some files or content absent-mindedly. Maybe you’ve just realized the importance of a deleted file, and you’re searching for a way to get that file back—or at least part of it! Today, I’ll show you a trick to recover a “permanently” deleted file without using any external software.

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add pattern lock to phone

How to Add Pattern Lock To Your Android and Apple Smartphone

Our smartphones safeguard heaps of personal data, like text messages, emails, apps, music, pictures, and more. We’re walking around with our lives in our pockets! And as nifty as that is, it also presents some potential security risks. So how do you secure your phone? One method is called Pattern Lock. Pattern Lock prevents people

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Top 7 Apps of Android Keyloggers

7 Best Android Keylogger Apps in 2021 (no-Root, Hidden)

If you want to monitor someone’s online activities and keystrokes, you need a reliable keylogger. All the activities in a keylogger take place in the background, and it is the simplest way to check on kids and staff members. Android keyloggers come as fully-fledged online surveillance apps. These can spy on anything from pictures, calls, text

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