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The Evolution of Drones From Military to Hobby Commercial

Nowadays, drone applications can be found in almost every aspect of our lives. But before they became the worldwide phenom they are today, drones were once a reserve of the military. The Evolution of Drones From Military to Hobby Commercial Thanks to continuous technological advancements and the downward revision of prices, drones have become an

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Reasons Why Hybrid Working Model is Gaining Popularity

Everyone is buzzing about hybrid work schedules now that companies are calling their employees back to the office, but many questions remain. Reasons Why Hybrid Working Model is Gaining Popularity Some people have been working in-person full time for decades and reject the transition out of fear of change. Some fear that workers will get

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Alexa model

How to Reset Amazon Firestick

Firesticks are incredible devices designed to help users stream online content. How to Reset Amazon Firestick The tech behind Firestick enables one to upload apps and enjoy movies, TV shows, music, live TV, and more. This the best alternative for cable TV, and it’s highly embraced globally. However, the gadgets sometimes misbehave if there are

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How has the Internet Changed The World Forever?

The Internet has touched our lives positively and negatively. Due to the development in this sector in the last few years, social evolution has wholly taken place. How the Internet Has Changed The World  The changes are entirely irreplaceable because the internet has scrawled into the list of essential social beings. Over the last few

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How Does LAN Messenger Help to Keep Social Distancing in an Office?

The global health crisis has affected jobs worldwide and vastly reduced office interactions. Most employees have resorted to working from home to uphold public health. Ways LAN Messenger Helps to Keep Social Distancing in an Office? Though a viable option in dealing with the new normal, remote working presents its own set of challenges. It

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Roblox going public

Roblox Is The Hottest Game and IPO Around

Roblox (RBLX) Stock IPO – Here’s What Investors Need To Know In February 2021, the company postponed the Roblox IPO. And instead, they chose the direct listing route.  Later on March 10, 2021, Roblox IPO direct listing went live under the name of RBLX. Roblox IPO stock had a suggested price point of $45 a

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Gaming Entertainment Industry

Importance of Gaming Entertainment & Why It Will Take Over

7 Reasons Why Video Gaming Will Take Over The Video media industry is declining in value for a decade. In stark contrast, the video gaming industry is growing at a rate of 15 to 25 percent annually. Why are big media content companies spending an unprecedented amount of cash on increasing their exposure to the

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What is the Metaverse, and Are You Ready For Its Arrival?

Are You Ready For The Metaverse? Imagine you are walking down the street, returning home after a long day, and all of a sudden remember a product you need. All of a sudden, a vending machine appears out of thin air. You punch a few buttons, and the product arrives at your home before you

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Toronto eSports Arena

OverActive Media Announces US$500M Toronto eSports Arena

New Addition to Toronto eSports Venues is $500M PS5-Lookalike The future of gaming is bright. The world is witnessing the rise of the next generation of esports venues. New projects are being developed in convention centers, shopping malls, and tech campuses all over the world. Toronto, which already hosts several esports events throughout the year,

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