Gaming Entertainment Industry

Importance of Gaming Entertainment & Why It Will Take Over

7 Reasons Why Video Gaming Will Take Over The Video media industry is declining in value for a decade. In stark contrast, the video gaming industry is growing at a rate of 15 to 25 percent annually. Why are big media content companies spending an unprecedented amount of cash on increasing their exposure to the

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What is the Metaverse, and Are You Ready For Its Arrival?

Are You Ready For The Metaverse? Imagine you are walking down the street, returning home after a long day, and all of a sudden remember a product you need. All of a sudden, a vending machine appears out of thin air. You punch a few buttons, and the product arrives at your home before you

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Toronto eSports Arena

OverActive Media Announces US$500M Toronto eSports Arena

New Addition to Toronto eSports Venues is $500M PS5-Lookalike The future of gaming is bright. The world is witnessing the rise of the next generation of esports venues. New projects are being developed in convention centers, shopping malls, and tech campuses all over the world. Toronto, which already hosts several esports events throughout the year,

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girl using tablet

5 Steps to Build A Strong Career In Tech

The digital tech business is a business that offers some digital technical service, products, platform, hardware, or heavily depends on it, as its prime source of income. The tech industry is ultra-wide, and that’s why it’s so appealing to many individuals coming from different fields of expertise. 5 Steps to Build A Strong Career In

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Track Lost Phone

7 Easy Fixes To Track a Lost Android Phone

Picture this on a hot summer evening, you’re making your way back home after running errands. Tired and frustrated, you pat your pockets for the keys to unlock your door. You enter your house and place your belongings on the counter. All but one. Your heart sinks, and panic hits you as you can’t find

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Google Gravity Tricks

23 Google Gravity Tricks That Will Astonish You

It is well-known that Google is one of the most popular search engines used by millions of users worldwide. Google has loads of cool and interesting things for its users, and Google Gravity tricks are some good examples. Google offers a range of niche features to entertain you, and by using them you can dazzle

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IT specialist

Cisco Certification: 5 Tips For Success

The Cisco certification plays a crucial role in boosting an individual’s IT networking career. This certification helps IT, professionals, to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the networking domain. Cisco Certification: 5 Tips For Success Cisco is one of the most renowned and reputed names globally that offers fantastic features for carrying out business operations

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The 15 Best Apps that Pay You to Walk in 2021

Hi again, AllToppers! Welcome back. Today, we have yet another way for you to make some money on the side—our favorite pastime! But this time, earning money has never been so simple. That’s right, if you’ve read the title, you already know that there are apps that pay you to walk, literally! There are lots

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Top 5 Ways RFID Is Changing Entertainment Sector For Better In 2021

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is an advanced technology to remove the barcodes in library applications. Top 5 Ways RFID Is Changing Entertainment Sector For Better In 2021 This contactless technology does not require the line of sight. This advanced technology will fuel the retail, healthcare, food safety, entertainment, and other sectors’ rapid growth. RFID:

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