cool whatsapp group names

Hundreds of Cool WhatsApp Group Names for Friends and Family

WhatsApp is the most widespread instant messaging app in all corners of the world. Who doesn’t like WhatsApp? It’s no question that WhatsApp has gained immense popularity worldwide due to its unique features and polished interface. It’s common knowledge that WhatsApp is the best messenger app compared to other popular platforms. The app’s most remarkable

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vaccines in canada

Covid-19 Vaccine Production in Canada and the Trudeau Government

I have been closely following the Covid vaccine issue in Canada and felt compelled to write about it. All of the vaccines for the H1N1 pandemic in 2009 were produced in the GSK vaccine factory in  Quebec City. The campaign, although there were a few glitches, was a  tremendous success. The vaccine was developed, rolled

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set up a sonos speaker

How to Set Up a Sonos Speaker with Airplay and HomeKit

Sonos now supports AirPlay 2 and Siri, so the speakers can now play a role in your smart home with HomeKit. Here’s how you set up a Sonos speaker with HomeKit and AirPlay 2 support. How to Set Up a Sonos Speaker with Airplay and HomeKit Install the Sonos AirPlay 2 update Yesterday, Sonos released

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pokemon go download

Pokemon Go for iOS/Android – Download Install and Play

Pokemon Go was created by Niantic Inc., a San Francisco spinoff of Google parent Alphabet Inc. that previously became known for a similar augmented-reality game called “Ingress.” Pokemon was most probably the biggest addiction we all had as kids in the late 1990s. Well, after a few years lying relatively low, the Nintendo – is

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internet of things

Internet of Things in Business: What does it bring to the Table?

In today’s connected world, almost every aspect of our lives relies on data. From monitoring daily workouts to forecasting sales, data holds great importance without any doubt. Even our smartphones and smartwatches collect data to know our location, our buying behaviors, and daily activities. It wouldn’t have been possible without the internet. As long as

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download youtube videos with workflow

Download YouTube Videos with Workflow in iPhone

In previous articles, we explained how, through a simple process,  you can download YouTube videos directly to your iPhone or other iOS devices. In that article, we used the Documents app, which allows us to manage the download via an integrated browser. We’ve had many inquiries from readers asking us if it’s possible to easily

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Best Entrance Exams Sources in India

The education system in India is fast developing and educational institutes and various government departments conduct different types of exams in India to select the ideal candidates. Entrance examinations differ depending upon the type of fields such as Engineering Entrance Examinations, Medical Exams in India, Science / IT Exams, Management Exams, Law Exams, Film and Television

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How to Create and Manage Your Online Business with WixStores

Nearly everyone has a web presence these days, making it important to stand out. WixStores is a platform that offers a powerful online store builder along with hosting in one convenient location. You can also build your website with It’s easy to purchase your own custom domain for your Wix website. It is perfect

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