How to Use a CDN Bandwidth Calculator to Estimate Hosting Bandwidth Usage

How to Use a CDN Bandwidth Calculator to Estimate Hosting Bandwidth Usage

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This article will help you understand how to use a CDN bandwidth calculator. After reading, we hope you will be able to estimate hosting bandwidth usage for your site and what you should look for when vetting CDN providers.

When choosing the best service provider for your website, one of the most important factors is the bandwidth needed. This is the amount of data transferred from the CDN to the user. And because you are after site traffic and want many people to visit your website, you need a lot of bandwidth to ensure all your visitors have a better experience.

Why do I Need a lot of CDN Bandwidth?

It is easy to show you why a CDN bandwidth calculator is essential if you understand why you need a lot of bandwidth. There are three main reasons why you need a lot of bandwidth. For starters, you can send your website to many people, especially if you have many pictures and videos.

The chances of your site crashing will be minimal because you have enough bandwidth to support many visitors. Finally, choosing a package with sufficient bandwidth is crucial because your visitors can view more pages you create.

How is Usage Cost Calculated?

CDN usage is often calculated by either a pay-as-you-go model or an estimated monthly bandwidth cost. Service providers have different pricing packages from others, including add-on features like image compression to optimize your usage. Consider this when considering the best CDN service provider for your website.

Besides, providers have different factors they consider when creating their pricing models. Their priority lists include traffic, delivery destination, and live streaming.

How to Calculate CDN Bandwidth

If you are just launching your website, you don’t need a CDN bandwidth calculator because you don’t have many visitors. On the other hand, if you have a large audience, you should know how much CDN bandwidth you need for your website. Calculating your bandwidth lets you know how much you need to pay and maintain stable website performance.

To calculate, you need to:

  1. Know the average number of page views per visitor.
  2. Check the number of monthly visitors your site gets.
  3. Know the average webpage size on your website.

Once you have all these numbers, multiply the figures to get your website bandwidth.

Website bandwidth = average page views x monthly web visitors x average web page size

This calculation should help you estimate your future bandwidth requirements.

Most service providers have a CDN bandwidth calculator that lets you calculate your bandwidth usage. There are metered and unmetered bandwidth plans that you can consider. These plans have strict limitations (metered) and others that do not restrict (unmetered) your bandwidth. Both of these plans have their advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to consider one that meets all your requirements and helps you pay a fair amount of CDN bandwidth fees within your budget.