How Will a Certificate III in Community Services Improve Your Job Chances?

How Will a Certificate III in Community Services Improve Your Job Chances?

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You may have the best education to your credit, but it will mean nothing if you cannot secure a job that matches your expectations and skill sets. One of the reasons most individuals find it difficult to bag a job of their choice is that they possess limited or no skills.

If you are someone residing in Australia, you can acquire advanced skills by signing up for certificate III. A part of Australia’s vocational education and training system, this certificate can help you secure an attractive job offer and improve your career prospects in due course of time.

If you are looking forward to having a rewarding career where you can work closely with people struggling with different issues and help them get back on their feet, joining a community services role should be the best fit for you.

Most importantly, Cert 3 community services will allow you to work in roles like that of a recreational activities worker, a youth worker, or a welfare support worker. Not to forget, this certificate will also improve your overall job chances.

Let us have a look at how having a Certificate III in Community Services could improve job prospects.

1. Opening up of skill-based avenues:

A fine line differentiates an unskilled employee from a skilled one. As a skilled employee, you can enter 200+ job roles ranging from openings in the healthcare sector to accountancy, construction, and even childcare, for that matter.

If you wish to acquire a job in any of these industries, you will have to produce proof of skill, which is something that certificate III will help you with.

You can beat the competition and secure a community services job or job in any of the above segments once you decide to work in clearing the qualification level.

2. Broadened Knowledge and Skills:

You may undoubtedly have a strong academic background with qualifications that highlight your positive ranking throughout school and University. However, once you step into the professional working world, grades on your report card will stop matter.

The only thing that would matter is how well you perform on the job and what life skills you bring along. For instance, when working in the financial sector, you will have to make crucial decisions, foresee the near future, be prompt in solving problems that may have a huge financial impact, ensure strong vertical and horizontal communication, and where and when necessary, be a good leader.

All such skills and relevant knowledge is what you grasp as a part of your cert 3 community services/any other sector preparations. With this feather in your hat, it will become easy for you to get your next job.

3. Who is eligible for Certificate III?

Now that you know certificate 3 can lead you to the job of your choice, you would want to determine the eligibility criteria for signing up for the said job.

All that is required is your ability to hold decent expertise in spoken and written English. Even if you do not possess this skill immediately, you can work on developing the same throughout the program.

If you face any monetary constraints, you can avail of funding facilities to get through this level. With community services per se, you may have to fulfil additional, pre-decided state-level criteria.

Final Words:

All this while, if you have been living under the pressure of not finding a job that best matches your requirements, it is time for you to halt, take a deep breath, and carry out a quick analysis of the “why” behind you not finding a job you desire.

When you do so, you will come to understand that you lack the necessary level of knowledge and skills that can help you bag your dream job. Once you become aware of your limitations, you can start taking steps to redress these shortcomings.

One of the first action points would be to sign up for certificate III. With a certificate in community service, you will be able to give back to society and make your way to your next desired job.

It is time you stop making plans and get into the shoes of taking timely and outcome-oriented action.